Brad Pitt Under Investigation for Child Abuse

brad pitt child abuse

Things between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie just got even more messy. After it was reported that Angelina had filed for divorce, her camp leaked info that Brad’s weed and alcohol use was causing him to be extreme when it came to parenting their kids.

And now, it has been revealed that the actor is being investigated by Child Protective Services for of verbal and physical abuse against his six children. The LAPD was also said to be involved, but they denied those claims through a statement to USA Today. However, the FBI is investigating because the incident occurred while the plane was in-flight.

The incident occurred when Brad, Angelina and their kids were on a private jet and Brad got wasted during the flight. He went “wild” and started screaming and getting physical with the kids.

When the plane landed at 8 PM, Brad continued his rant on the tarmac, and tried to leave on one of the fuel trucks.

An anonymous person (Angie??) reported the incident. Both Brad and Angelina have already been interviewed and the kids are next up to be questioned.

“[Brad] takes the matter very seriously and says he did not commit any abuse of his children. It’s unfortunate that people involved are continuing to present him in the worst possible light.”

Brad has denied the allegations.

Angie is clearly out for blood. Do you think Brad regrets marrying this succubus yet?

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  1. He probably has lost his shit more than a few times six kids, three which are not even yours…shit more than a few men would turn to drinking and weed.

    And I know he was a pot head before, but six kids? Yeah, he was lighting up every chance he could.

      • Angelina is a modern day Mia Farrow!…Mia Farrow was married to Woody Allen! Wood Allen married and impregnated their adopted daughter, AKA he was f*cking the little girl the whole time! Mia adopted a bunch of rainbow children too! Easy access pedophile ring!..Woody Allen, and his "daughter wife" just recently adopted a little 11 year old Asian girl, coincidence, I think not!

        • Also, one of Mia Farrow's adopted kid, was just found dead in his car, two days ago, he was a paraplegic, or had cerebral palsy, but he was dead for a few days in that car!…It's funny how these women have so much in common, and are on the news at the same time!??? These devils are something else man!

    • Then what does that make him? Sick of the misogyny towards all women. Good men don't marry "psycho dyke witches" …. that means Brad is a psycho bisexual warlock, I mean really!!

  2. Angelina knows she's just as bad as brad with her crack habit, anorexia and perpetual married man hunting. Who the hell with that many kids doesn't have a drinking problem?! She's just vindictively throwing him under the bus for cheating. But anyway, like I said before I'm just waiting for Kanye's turn.

  3. If having a weed or alcohol problem was a crime in hollywood, no one would have custody of their kids.

    • This is straight bullshit!! So may drugs going around Hollywood. I KNOW I've been at parties and I was the ONLY one smoking weed – Everyone else was doing Ecstasy, Coke, Etc. Who doesnt go off on their kids from time to time? She probably lets them act wild and run around screaming!! This is just the revenge part of their breakup. Tell 'em why you're mad Boo…

    • Of course they don't. I feel sorry for black and Asian kids adopted by whites. Millions of dollars won't fix that.

      • True. I am sure that Maddox and Pax wold be much happier in the orphanages from which they were adopted.

        These are not like Madonna's son with living family. They were the abandoned children of dirt poor prostitutes in Cambodia and Vietnam.

  4. Non-biological kids get their asses kicked by step daddy on the regular and of course, killed often.

  5. Of course there were likely drugs involved, but it sounds like there's something more to this story. Of course this is a distraction and cover story in the media for Obama and congress meeting over the fate of handing over the internet to the UN this week and such. MK ULTRA trigger? It's also possible. If brad was abusive, it's also possible. I don't put shit past these sick, sociopathic f*cks in hollywood.

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