Porsha Williams Drops $1 Million on Mansion, Takes Shots at Kordell Stewart!

    porsha williams buys home

    Porsha Williams is done with depending on wealthy Africans to pay her bills

    The Real Housewives of Atlanta star just dropped $1.15 million to buy her first home since divorcing her ex-husband, Kordell Stewart.

    porsha williams buys home

    Following her divorce from Kordell, Porsha walked away with nothing. She has since landed a job on Dish Nation, she earned her peach back on RHOA, and she launched her hair extensions line called Naked Hair, as well as an undergarments line called Naked Lingerie.

    While posting the good news on her Instagram, Porsha took shots at Kordell by reciting the Beyoncé lyric, “Best revenge is your paper.”

    #PorshaWilliams making moves & being #petty ? Congrats!!

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    The house reportedly has 5 bedrooms, 5 full baths and 2 half baths. Her neighbor is NeNe Leakes, but that might not last considering the IRS is threatening to seize NeNe’s assets and properties over unpaid taxes totaling almost $1 million.

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    1. Attention black athletes and celebrities, this is what happens when you wife up or sport around a ain't shit bitch! Porscha (And Amber Rose) were broke down basic bitch. Now they got a little paper and some fame and they think their shit don't stink. Take this as a lesson black men and get with a black woman who already has something going for her. Leave these broke bitches alone!

      • Why knock their hustle? At least neither one is sitting around waiting for a hand out. They do both WORK…and should be able to be proud of their accomplishments. I say this and I'm not a fan of either woman.

    2. Good for her, I hope she doesn't lose it, like she did her Condominium she had before she married Kordella.. She lost that property due to back taxes not being paid.. SMH

    3. Is this the crazy bitch that thought the underground railroad was actually a real railroad? lol maaan that house is not payed for, she still has to pay years of mortgage and also property tax on that shiiiit, trust Kordell is gonna be laughing his ass of later on.. Porsha is not smart, she'll always be trynna jump on someone else bandwagon for a come up.. smh She may have run out of Africans to suck but she'll be looking for her next meal ticket pretty soon, the huxes always do.!!!!

    4. She needs to just keep doing her, by staying in her lane, "learn humility", and save that paper Chile!…Save save save! I can't express that enough because, the RHOA, is about done, ya heard! That show is hanging on by a thread!✌✌

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