SNL’s First Latina Cast Member Exposed for Racist Tweets

    melissa vaillasenor racist tweets

    Melissa Villaseñor was just hired as “Saturday Night Live’s” first Latina cast member, but the celebration for the show’s diversity was short-lived when Melissa’s racists tweets were exposed!

    The 28-year-old comedienne was put on blast by Twitter user Aura Bogado who noticed Melissa was going on a rampage and deleting nearly 2,000 past tweets in the past 5 days.

    Come to find out, Melissa had a lot to hide…but she wasn’t quick enough trying to delete her past, and Aura went through the comedienne’s account and captured her racists past.

    She even called Beyoncé a “waste of human flesh.” WTF?!

    melissa villasenor racist tweets 4

    melissa villasenor racist tweets 1

    melissa villasenor racist tweets 2

    melissa villasenor racist tweets

    After being called out for her tweets, Melissa put her account on private until she was done erasing all the evidence.

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    1. Who watches SNL?

      Anyway her face looks like backside of a baboon, maybe her skits will be just as horrific.

        • Okay! She's not cute at all! First of all, I've noticed that women with fair skin, and straight hair, automatically think that they're hot!…No bitches, not factual at all! Being that light, actually means that your ugliness is more profound, even at night bitch!.. Omg, and she hasn't even begun yet, but her big mouth, and stoopidity plagued her no name ass! Ole generic ass smut!

    2. Who is really surprised about a latina being anti black and how is calling bey a waste of flesh racist? Rude as hell but not racist. Why does she hate mexicans if shes latina? Don't they check these people's tweets before they hire them?!

    3. Latino is not a race.

      Fuck this manface bitch and any other Spanish speaker. They're even more disgusting than nonSpanish whites.

      And the black Spanish speakers make Clarence Thomas look like Malcolm X.

      • We know that…no one wants to name all the different shit they call themselves.

        It is just easier to lump all their asses under one term.

          • No it's not…..that was assigned to us to be called Black to mean everything negative. There is no such race as a Black race. Come on i thought everybody knew that by now.

    4. People need to know themselves. I don't have Twitter, cuz I know I jump to conclusions, come out my face wrong when I am extremely upset or agitated, and need to work on self-control. So, I know myself, I try to correct my faults and I stay away from things that would cause me trouble.

      This bitch didn't know that her tweets would one day catch up to her and bite her in the ass and she is in the entertainment business?

      Casting couches are custom made for dumb bitches like this.

    5. Nothing she said was as bad as what is said here every damn day.

      This place has really deteriorated.


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