Mekhi Phifer Hit With IRS Tax Lien

mekhi phifer tax lien

Looks like the IRS still isn’t done with its audit of black celebrities, because actor Mekhi Phifer was just hit with a Federal tax lien!

According to The Jasmine Brand, the IRS filed the lien earlier this year, and the tax docs state the actor owes a grand total of $88,270 .

If Mekhi doesn’t settle the debt, you already know what’s about to happen! The government is ready and willing to seize his assets and property.

News of the lien comes just two years after Mekhi filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In his bankruptcy docs, he stated he had $67,701 in assets and $1,268,783 in liabilities. His average income was $0, but he stated he collects $2k from business’ and $150 in residual payments. His monthly liabilities at the time included over $1 million in back taxes, $4,500 in child support past due and over $20k to an accounting and law firm.

Let’s hope he can dig himself out of this hole, but judging by his past financial situation, it ain’t looking too good.


  1. This cat was on Punked screaming how rich he is, then Kevin Hart had the joke about him renting Disneyland out for the whole day for his daughter.

  2. If you pay uncle Sam first every time, then pay yourself and you lifestyle, this would never happen.

    • Thank you, but they are too busy being consumers of everything.. They definately don't save
      money they too busy at strip clubs and etc.. Somebody help this generation, because they are lost and they don't listen to good financial advise..on top of all he wrongs they do, the don't believe in God.. Black people needs to get back to the basic and regroup.. They need to make their money work for them, not spending money like its running water..

  3. Black folks need to turn off the TV and not be so impressionable with media in general.

    I still say CA is broke and with the Jhew accountants, this is no accident

    • CA is not broke, but we will be if facebook ever leaves this MF. They are the company that is keeping us afloat.

      We really need a useful budget Brown is so f*cking careless.

  4. I wonder why Mekhi doesn't get that Asian girl he was walking all around with at the party at his house to help him with his financial situation. He was skinning & grinning as if he had found gold.

  5. I guess "Ya gotta Fake it till ya make it" is not working any more.. stop trynna live like the Jonses and live according to your means people!!!!!! smh

  6. I guess being Black in Hollywood, is synonymous with being in financial, and spiritual ruins huh!…Smh! I guess all of the f*ck shit, isn't worth it after all!✌ ✌

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