Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys & Mashonda Tifere: Three’s A Crowd?


Swizz Beatz former wife of six-years, Mashonda Tifrere, seems to be taking a BIG one for the team — in an oh so public way. Recently released paparazzi pics reveal Mashonda joined Swizz Beatz — and his home-wrecker-turned current wifey, Alicia Keys — on a vacation to St. Barts.

Though sources say all of the producers kiddies were in tow… pictures say it all! Mashonda’s obviously appears uncomfortable as Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys swap spit on the beach, rather than take it to their room.

Don’t you agree???



  1. That’s just tacky! AK & SB have no respect whatsoever for anyone but themselves. And the ONLY reason Mashonda was there was to make sure her children were okay. Because you can’t just trust your children to ANYBODY. It doesn’t matter if it’s with your former spouse or not. It all boils down to the company that they keep, especially when you aren’t together anymore.

    • Right Ak just keeps making herself look worst in all of this. She has never cared about this womans relationship to her ex and child father I couldn’t be phony for these two Mthfker I just can’t.

  2. She’s sharing a lounge chair tho? There was nowhere else she wanted to be, like in another chair?

    • They are both in different chairs but are right beside each other and Ak back was turned to Mashonda. I am sure this is Swizz idea but sometimes you can’t follow other people lead.

  3. AK was nothing but a Come Up for Swizz Beats and Mashonda had very little chance.AK was the battle on name recognition alone.

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  4. I’m gonna give them all the benefit of the doubt and commend them for coming together for the kids. Sometimes we let our hurt feelings and anger get in the way of what’s really important. Best of luck to them all because this can work with adults willing to be adults.

  5. It’s good that they can be cordial and let the siblings vacation together but Mashonda needs to find her own space maybe a seat or two down. I’m on vacation too and I don’t want to see a PDA show from y’all. If she wasn’t there they wouldn’t even be doing all that

  6. All blackwomen don’t beef with each other, but, it’s still tacky to behave in that way. Alicia got Swiss the wrong way, so, she can’t win no matter what. He should have more respect for his ex-wife, just saying.

  7. These are things real women will do and put up with for their children. Good Mother. Don’t worry Karma will get them, its coming faster than you think. Wonder who paid for the trip. Probably AK, that’s why he is buttering her up. She Dumb. Ex-wife enjoy the trip and keep looking out for your children.

  8. I see nothing wrong with them all being on vacation together. My Aunts invite their ex-husbands and new wives on vacation and they have regular convo and get along very well. But all their kids are adults also. Even still this how it should be done.

      • If he was so paid, he should’ve kept his and Mashonda’s marital home from going into foreclosure and deteriorating. They had a beautiful home and he pissed it away. Alicia has bank.

        • Don’t forget about the Bentley he bought Mashonda that was also repossessed. It was common knowledge that Swizz was broke before he married AK and unbeknownst to the public Swizz and Ak had been a item for quite a few years before many became aware.

  9. STOP blaming that couple if they want to show affection that is their right ..they are married and that is what married couples do..If mashonda is feeling a certain type of way then she should not vacay with them

    • Bitch relax with that bullshit. If you made that comment in my presence i would have slapped the f*ck out of you.

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    • Yes they are married but so was Swizz and Mashonda was also still married when Alicia came in the relationship. You don’t get respect when you don’t give any. I would never not expect for them to be connected, imitate or close but it just seems a little cold to me but like Swizz said long ago he was on to the next one.

      • Please explain how that works when the EX chooses to participate …lol…yal acting like mashonda is so weak that she does not know any better

  10. mashondas singing career never really took off I barely remember her music.

    then mashonda was playing the sex route after the divorce posing half nude for king.

    doubt swizz and Alicia last long.

    • Mashonda had a Album that was released overseas about 10years ago.You can check it out as a Import Album on Amazon.

      • Mashonda was actually in the music industry before Swizz Beats.Home girl had a major liable deal when Swizz was her male groupie sleeping on her couch.

        • BA That’s what I like about this site. There are so many knowledgeable people such as yourself to drop their knowledge on those of us who missed something. Thanks.

          • No problem.I love HSK as well because we all learn from one another.Much Love.

  11. I don’t know about Mashonds but AK ain’t exactly strictly Dickly. It could be what you said. Mashonds might be trying to hang on by any means necessary. She understandably had a hard time getting past this whole ordeal when Swizz Beaks dirted her. But hopefully that ain’t the case. Hopefully Mashonds has more self love than this but I’m sure the happy couple would mind the scenario.

    • I don’t think that Mashonda is trying to stay with Swizz but I think if he is going to be this disrespectful then I would never come on another so called family trip especially consider how they both did her dirty. Swizz really seems like an azz in my opinion and AK has messed up her fanbase for life not being an empowered women. From what I see she has never acted like her actions was wrong and Swizz is just a man whore.

      • I agree, I don’t think Mashonda is down with that kind of thing. And AK has screwed up her fan base. I never really took to AK, she always seemed like she was a hooray wanna be. But never really dug her music but there are many that do so my opinion does not matter to her and that’s how it should be. But she has always pulled the wool over many peoples eyes. But she is just like all other Clive Davis prodigys You will eventually see some real disturbing behavior from anyone he signs. And swizz beaks is a real bitch for making that song talking shit about his “new boo” when he got with AK. that was a real hoe move.

  12. Swizz is purposely trying to tempt Mashonda with his actions.Dude also has become Jaded by his new found success and has forgotten about his days of being a struggle producer early on in his career and sleeping on MASHONDA’s couch when know on wanted to do business with him.How quickly some people forget.

  13. Mashonda held this bum nigga down when he had no deal and not a Pot2 Piss In and now look at the thanks she gets.Niggas will sell their sold for some Gold.

  14. Much love to my Hebrew Sis Mashonda for holding it together and throughout all the Tribulations remaining a class act.I know this has to hurt but After Ever Storm Theres A Rainbow!

  15. Actually she look like she’s chillin and don’t give a f*ck foreal! Way to go Mashonda for being a stand up women for the sake of your kids..

  16. What the hell happened to Alisha keys? She is nowhere near the beauty she used to be,she is a shadow of her former self…i guess being dirty will have that effect on you

    • When you sell your soul to Satan for fame and fortune there are demons attached to the deal and it takes a toll on how you look,think and act.

  17. That is because women help them to be no good. AK is a homewrecker and a scandalous bitch.

  18. Lawd give me strenght….I would have had to drag that beyotch to the ocean and dunked her ass for about 10 min.. Damn AK aint shit and neither is Swizz, I hope Mashonda had a man with her too, but I know she didn’t niggas can give it but cant take it, Swizz would not have went for her bringing another man on vaca. Ak should watch her back he got what he needed from her. Who knows Mashonda and Swizz might be getting it in on the DL. Swizz is a dirty dick mother sucker!!!

  19. Because Society enables bad men

    A man who is a Whore, Hoe, Thot, = Bachelor, never mind that he could be infecting women with diseases

    A woman who is a whore, hoe, thot = whore, hoe, thot that should be burned on a stake, not to mention that women are even worse than men when it comes to crucifying other women.

  20. A lot of you are being very immature and need to grow up!
    It’s called being an adult. These people have children in common and dwelling on the past does not help raise happy, successful adults at all!
    Are they supposed to hate each other forever? NOT!
    I regularly invite my stepkids Mom and her family to our family events all the time. They were not very nice to me in the beginning, but once everyone figured out I had the children’s best interest at heart. They let it go!
    The kids enjoyed having their Mom as part of the family (they live with me and the Hubby) and it made them respect and love me more!

    • cosign. it’s very adult and civilized behavior

      I couldn’t do it, but it is a sign of maturity.

      • It’s really sad that you think the “intelligent” thing to do would be to be mad forever. AK will be around her kid no matter what. Why not show the kids you can move on from mistakes and do what’s best for the family dynamic?
        They don’t have to be and more than likely won’t be best friends, but they can treat each other with respect and deal with each other. Grow up!

        • True but that would still make Mashonda the bigger person because he giving something that she never got from AK and Swizz

  21. I feel Mashonda. Its a hard sacrifice to go on vaca with your ex, his wife, and the CHILDREN. As a mother you want to be a part of your young ones fun and exciting experiences. You don’t want to miss anything that your children is a part of. Its how mothers are, well at least how I am as a mother. My ex’s wife is always around when our child has events. She really irks me, but my son is happy for his father. That’s all that matters. I don’t want my ex. But I need him to be a part of his son’s life. So I pray and bravely take on the sacrifice as a civilized mother who son’s interest are most important. I usually have a good time because my son is HAPPY.

    • See THIS is what I was saying above. It is the height of selflessness to put your children’s happiness above your own pride. t doesn’t mean you are a pitiful doormat in my opinion.
      Think about how painful this had to be for Mashonda, but watching her kids have a fab vacay with their daddy made it worthwhile for her. THAT’S mother’s love.

  22. I would hope that Mashonda isn’t still carrying a torch for Swizz and that she herself has moved on.Its been quite a few years and at the end of the day they are parents to a child and have to put his best interest first! Its not secret that him and Alicia are together.They have a child also. At some point you grow up and realize what really matters.I think media is probably trying to make something of nothing much! If she was that uncomfortable she shouldn’t have gone on vacation with them.

  23. People kill me with this magnanimous bullsh*t about being mature and putting the children’s feelings above all.

    I don’t think people should act like savages, but let’s keep it clear: Mashonda was Swizz’ WIFE, not his ho, baby mama or main bitch, his WIFE.

    He committed the ultimate betrayal by breaking the marriage bond with infidelity. The marriage bond, if undertaken in a religious or spiritual setting, is made by 3 entities, husband, wife and God.
    If the marriage bond is undertaken in a civil ceremony, it is a contract, making the act of adultery a breach of contract.

    To act like Swizz and Alicia’s behavior is okay, would be to teach children that what they did is okay and correct, which of course it was not.

    Especially Alicia, talkin’ all that sh*t about women’s empowerment, and she goes and her partial-joo azz destroys a black marriage.

    Alicia tore her drawers with a lot of female fans; don’t think Mashonda ain’t getting’ paid someway and her Alicia’s money ain’t takin’ care of Mashonda’s kid too.

  24. I’m curious to know why Mary J is giving a pass about being a Homewreaker and AK is not.Kendu was supposedly still married when he got with Mary,so what’s the difference?!

    • Mary J wasn’t talkin’ all that women’s solidarity and empowerment. She was hood ratchet, but talented, and we all somehow knew karma mixed with Kendu was gonna make her sing some real from the womb shit, LOL

  25. Hey KARMA IS A MOM!! WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND!!!Hold on Mashonda when AK and SB get theres it will be some stuff they can’t handle…AK is somthing elese…

  26. women are hypocrites all this crap about sticking together empowering women is a lie

    get your own men

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