Andrea Kelly Ties The Knot W/ Barber Brian McKee…


Andrea Kelly may be a fixed figure on “Hollywood Exes”, but the former Mrs. R Kelly is now hitched to another! Don’t believe me… Just ask Nicole Murphy and Mayte Garcia, who were both members of Andrea’s bridal party.

“We’ll likely be seeing the wedding once Season 3 of Hollywood Exes returns to VH1 on April 30th.”

Before they jumped the broom, sources say.. Andrea, 39, “had been dating 36 year old barber, Brian McKee.” Despite word of the pair’s previously reported March 12th wedding date, reports reveal they really exchanged their nuptials on March 6th.



  1. No one should bear the burden of another’s happiness. Be responsible for your own.

      • This is not the same guy. She met this fool a year ago and moved him into her house because he did not have one.

      • This is not the same guy. She met this fool a year ago and moved into her house because he did not have one.

      • Said he didn’t go on his flight? Left with her instead i think. Didn’t go to Chicago. Crazy azz. He knew she was desperate. She prolly told him she was so and so ex and on a reality show! He saw her expensive Jewelery!


    • Good call. I didn’t notice because I was too distracted by the little girl in the red lipstick looking like a harlot. Parental fail.

      • OMG..I JUST CANT red lipstick is NOW the devils work huh…wow what a hood rat mentality

        • Judy JESTON:

          Sweetie, you must be new. Not sure why you attached your comment to my thread, but let this day be a lesson for you. Children shouldn’t wear makeup, more or less red lipstick. It is a very harsh, mature color.

          The “hood rat” is the one who thinks that child looks appropriate, especially for a wedding. Now run back to the city dump.

          • Your thread…that is scary.. Lmao..anybody who is concerned about the color on a young girls lips VS the quality of her education or manners have obviously already been dumped on by Ignorance throughout life so chile please your useless attempt to sound educated only makes you appear judgmental so tired of reading such petty comments from DUMMED DOWN black folks ..they stay making silly azz and judgmental comments on social media and do very little to change their conditions…young black girls have much more pressing issues than the color of their freaking lipstick BUT useless black folks like you will spend so much idle time looking for faults within the community while doing NOTHING to solve it so do what you do best and TYPE about the issues from your pathetic view of the world…FOH dummy bear

            • ****grabbing popcorn and coke waiting for the flame of fire which is forthcoming******

              RUN JUDY RUN

            • Honey, please. I pray for your children if you’re a parent. For starters, this woman has a TG child who is only 13-years-old and she is supporting such behavior. I’m not sure how old the girl is in the blue dress, but she doesn’t look much older than her sister. There is such a thing as being AGE APPROPRIATE.

              When I saw this child in red lipstick, it reminded me of my manicurist that I had in Jr. High who refused to allow me to wear red nail polish. She considered it too mature for a little girl. Her name is Rose. To this day, I still mention Rose and thank God for the people in my life who, rather than preyed upon me, PROTECTED ME.

              I look at girls and the lengths of their skirts and dresses today. Many of their dresses are too short and skin bearing, aka inappropriate for children. I took headshots when I was younger. The photographer instructed me to never raise my skirt above my knee. He told me that, maybe if I was 18 or over, I could raise it slightly above my knee, but not to hike my skirt up, in essence. Yet another of the many awesome people in my life who were looking out for me.

              Not sure which planet you live on Judy, but the planet I’ve been living on is full of sick, sad people. It wasn’t always that way. There are grown men who would look at that girl and imagine despicable things about her based on her appearance. I made my comment because these kids’ father is too busy being a pedo and their mom is too busy busting it open to attend to the kids and see they are protected and appropriately dressed.

              Anyone else can disagree. IDGAF. I made my statement and I stand by it. Ignorance is bliss, which is why ignorant people find humor in child neglect. Fin.

            • Love it! People are always worried about the wrong thing with SOMEONE ELSES CHILD!..

          • You don’t call someone’s child a hoodrat or say that they have hoodrat mentality somethings should just be kept to yourself especially not knowing how it could mentally affect a child some people just don’t think.children and mothers are off limits no matter the circumstances. Maybe it’s just me

            • I really wish people would not talk about those kids. They are probably dealing with a lot. I just hope all three make it to 18 safely so they can control their own lives. I wish all three happiness. As for the parents, I don’t care.

      • Forget the girl with the red lipstick. Notice the dude in the white suit in the background looking all inconspicuous! LOL What’s his deal??

      • Love Dra! But this dude appears to be really zesty! Now we all know Stevie can see this is something that makes you go Er Rah? What’s really going on?
        They both look amazing on the photo! Like two girlfriends!

      • I know I know I’m getting all Dr. Freud up in here, but what would make two little girls go in two opposite directions of sexualizing themselves to the max? One is trying to look like a grown ass vamp, and one is looking like a dude.
        Y’all there’s some very strange tea a’brewing here.

        • The fruit doesn’t fall very far from the tree.

          Don’t believe me,

          Ask Magic Johnson

        • Thank you, both Anons. I know I’m not here making isht up. Anyone will a good optometrist and/or good eyes can see multiple issues with the content of those photos.

    • Yeah I peeped that. Not familiar with her children, don’t watch the show, so I thought it was her son. Was wondering why she straightened or relax her son’s hair.

    • Robert and Dream have two daughters and a son. I googled R Kelly’s children and that’s the information that repeatedly came up.

    • umm whoa! am just as confused as U are..I could have swore R.Kelly and Andrea had 2 GIRLS and 1 BOY.. hollywierd strikes again..she needs to take her kids and run far, far away before they become as brain dead & damages as every other kids with a “famous/celebrity” parent..I say famous/celebrity in quotes loosely because the inDUSTry is as fake and phony as a $3 U.S. bill…

    • OMG I completely missed that. It didn’t even register that there should be two girls in the pic.

      Oh this is very very strange.

      Especially when you think about what could make a lil sista want to deny her feminine nature and be a boy. That’s all I’ll say because I’m just speculating.

          • ….you know we’re right, and this is the one rare time as a woman..being wrong would be welcomed. I often wondered about his daughters but always told myself not his own…. #RKELLYISASICKFUCK #MAMASDONTGETAPASS #SHELIVEDINDENIAL #ITCANNOLONGERBEDENIED #ITALWAYSCOMESTOTHELIGHT #PROTECTTHEBABIESANDNOTYOUROWNHEARTS

  2. The young lady in the suit is R Kelly and Andreas 13 yr old daughter. Her transgender name is Lans and she just recently came out. According to her ask/fm pg the only ppl that know is her mom and her sister Joann which is the young lady in the pic with the red lipstick. Daddy doesn’t know about it.

    • Well daddy is going to find out now, well once someone reads it to him. Happy for Andrea, wish her well.

    • LMAO you sound so stupid …you actually think you know more than R Kelly…do you really think that he just saw her looking like a dude AND NEVER TOOK NOTICE ..WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE

      • But why she wanna dick in the first place?? Did daddy play with her and make her hate the idea of being a little girl? I’m just asking.

        There sure is precedence for this kind of action.

        • Did your dad play with you, bitter bitch? How stupid of you to assume that she’s transgender for other reasons. You must be one of those old ass people who think all gay people have had a change of heart when they children for other reasons. It’s 2014, idiot! Gay and transgender people are alive and well!

      • These comments about a child whatever her sexual orientation is or however she looks is disturbing? Get it together! This thread is about R Kelly’s ex wife Andrea getting remarried! I wish her well but I will say this.I sure hope that she was at least intelligent enough to get a prenup..especially to a man who has entertainment ambitions of his own! That would be the very smart thing to do, because when its all is love, but when /if loves goes sour like milk..its a whole other story! Love with your heart but always THINK WITH YOUR HEAD!

    • and how in the hell do you know?…if the daddy doesn’t know?…oh wait…you are the daddy right?

  3. I hope this time she married a real man. She deserves it after marrying a known pedophile.

      • Obviously she got crap judgement! And this time shows no better! Meeting dude in airport? Dude wants her $$$ obviously SMH she got a FUKIN man horse face! Palease. And she said he’s good for her kids! No man should meet your kids YOU JUST DONE MET! SHE HAS SHIT FO BRAINS!


      • I’m with you Chris. I really like Drea a lot, but I also question why she would hook up and have kids with him way back when.

          • No, she wasn’t, idiot. She was around the same age as R. Kelly!!! She turned 40 this year and they got married in 1995 when she was 21. They met when she was 19/20 and R. Kelly was 24/25.



  5. I’m sure Kelly is somewhere pissed after hearing about this.Dude didn’t want to be.with Drea or without her.

  6. Those kids is ummmm…never mind R.kelly IS their father could be why his oldest daughter has rejected her femininity

  7. Love Dra! But this dude appears to be really zesty! Now we all know Stevie can see this is something that makes you go Er Rah? What’s really going on?

    • He gon do wat yall females do to male athletes and celebs. Stick around two and make a name fo hisself then take half. Feel good dont it?

      • y’all females? So according to your logic all females do this? Grow a brain… If you can’t gow one buy one.F*ck your generalizations. SOme women actually are educated and employed and support themselves. Everyone isn’t looking for a man to use for money. Maybe you should choose better!

  8. Look, this family is about ten times of messed up, BUT what’s done s done. I hope that we are all wrong about her new hubby and that she finally has found love and it works out for all of them. Drea has definitely made some mistakes, but she is clearly a good person, and you can’t help but hope for her happiness.

    Now back to Fairytale Land. lol

  9. Good for Drea. She’s seems to be a very sweet person and she looks really happy. And he looks happy enough to ALMOST kill my suspicion that he’s just using her for a come up. So congrats to her/them. Its beautiful when people find their one true love.

  10. Are you guys sure that’s a lil girl in the pant suit& if so, I wonder is that why he said I’m tryna love my kids in his song; SHUT UP on the new BLACK PANTIES ALBUM

  11. Can’t help but to ponder if he’s using her ‘celebrity’ to come up?!?…..

  12. Ummmm if this is actually true her husband Brian McKee is a cheating husband. I know for a fact he’s been seeing my homegirl for a while now. I told my girl something didn’t seem right.

    • Hope your homegirl don’t think she isthe only one. There are lots women, lots of lies and serious issues. It will come out when the new season starts.

      • shit that was what I was afraid of

        any dude that pretty is either gay or he is like a Venus fly trap for women

        either way they’re all more trouble than they’re worth

        find a man who’s attractive enough to turn you on, but not so pretty that every woman wants a piece of him

        • That’s why i don’t like great looking men lol why do it want one all women want? Fuck that. Ugly ones tha best. They grateful and do all u want lol

      • Interesting you say that because I’ve heard that he’s into WHITE WOMEN and is indeed still seeing other women. This marriage is for the show. It’s not real!!

        • She better get out while she can before he starts asking her for money, but he probably get money from his new wife now. He probably telling her it’s not real, but best believe he is not leaving any money.

  13. Wow Drea, that was quick! I say one life to live so enjoy it and I hope a “Prenup” is in place. Beautiful pic of both of them.

  14. First off, I know Brian McKee and he is 39 years old, not 36. And second, she is not his type so it’s obvious he married her for the opportunity. Brian has always dated girls that look more like Mayte. Third, she must really be in love with him, he has no money plus his penis is very small. I know from personal experience.

    • Not too many women with a job don’t know him. I was wondering when someone would tell his real age.

  15. He does have a small penis and she looks like a man. Obviously he’s a broke ass dude trying to use anyone in his path to make it in Hollywood.

  16. Drea just wrote on twitter how he always smells good and makes her panties melt so his small peen must be serving her right lol

  17. She needs to stop. That’s real classy coming from a woman with two teenaged daughters and a son, who already have to deal with their father singing about panties, now have to deal with their mother talking about panties in public. Anyone who has seen them together can see he wants nothing to do with her panties. Maybe Mayte or Jessica’s panties, but not hers unless he is paid.

  18. Omg…how are y’all performing a psychosocial analysis of these children based on a damn photo..gender identity? Hypersexuality? GTFOH.

  19. I can’t believe some of you are on here talking about A CHILD. It’s one thing to have an opinion and it’s another to judge someone who is different and identifies in a way you don’t understand. I am not trans but i know it’s not am easy thing to come to terms with. Rejecting femininity? It may be she never was feminine. And it has nothing to do with the parents or their ability to parent. Ignorance (not being informed) is fine but the narrow minded cattiness is too much to bear.

  20. R. Kelly owes me and the rest of the public some answers. I just Googled that family and those poor, innocent children look like they are not cared for and their father is the “fabulous” R. Kelly.

  21. why it seem as if she be getting the ones that look gay tho with loads of sugar in their tank? remember the dude she dated on the show, think he, too, was a barber as well, and he looked so spicy-looking, talked sweet and looked sugary too. but o well, hope this one makes her happy because the *gaydar senses* are going totally haywire with this one too.


  23. This y is from Columbus,OH and he cut my son’s hair at his shop for awhile. He is so fine! He looks exactly the same in person.

    • I met him on a flight to LAX. He was super nice, but mentioned he was moving to LA to film a reality show, and that he was trying to get into acting. I presume there is a contract do not disclose, but he told a bit much considering….cuz if the show wasnt scripted wouldnt he have said I just got married or Im moving to LA? Not im going to film a reality tv show? Just thinking out loud. Small world. I was his flight attendant. He was listening to Tamar’s Love and War, and just talked about being from Chicago, music, and moving to LA. Seemed normal and nice. Sp hopefully LA or TV doesnt change him.

      Good luck Andrea.

      • According to a number of women posting pictures and text from him he is a user. He probably did not tell you he was married because he was probably going to try to add you to the list of women now outing him on twitter with pictures of posts saying they are in relationships with him. I hate to see people lie and use.

    • Same here. I didnt know what the other comments were about. I kept looking back at the photo like “where do they see another girl?” Then I figured it out. I dont know. Smh. I just hope the kids are good in mind and spirit, but I wonder.

  24. So, just because the man is a barber means that he is not sincere and that she really shouldn’t love him? The happiness that showed on her face during the show was a better look than she has had the entire series. Wish her well and move on after being married to a known child molestor she deserves to be happy with whomever she chooses. Not like she needs money anyway.

  25. This dude done cone out and said shit was fake.He was f*cking a girl in LA as well as the bay. He deserves to be exed. 40yr old looser.asking girls to pay him $.

  26. There is a Lady at my job that said that her niece may be the mother of his child, about 3 to 6 months old in Columbus Ohio.

  27. I heard he was fixed also, maybe she thought she would be on the come up also. Gullible Country Azz LOL

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