Bobbi Kristina Turns On Houstons’ For Nick ‘Mack’in’ Gordon


    No matter what Nick Gordon does, Bobbi Kris continues to back him. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Krissy’s cousin Gary.

    Not only has Nick taken to social media to air out the Houtons’ family biz, he dogged out a deceased Whitney… and even took to social media to tell Krissy’s Aunt to “eat d*ck”!!! But none of that seems to matter to Bobbi Kris, who continues to stand by her adopted brother.. turned drug buddy.. turned husband.

    Peep it:


    Are Nick and Krissy planning to take their wasted, wretched azz’s to ratchet reality TV? I don’t know, but it sure seems that why.


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    1. This girl is dumb as hell and i think she and nick were both in on Whitney’s murder.

    2. ‘I am a women of my word’

      ‘My mother built soldiers’

      Maybe her mother should’ve built her a voculabury to go along with it *shrugs*

    3. No different from plent of tweens who make mistakes with sorry men. At least she hasnt had a child with him like many sisters. Hope that she snaps put of it. I hate that he disrepects her family but I do believe that they are toxic people.

    4. What happened to all the folks that vowed to see after Bobbi kris after Whitney died like Tyler Perry and CeCe Winans. They need to take her under their wing and guide her she needs guidance.

      • tyler’s too busy trying on new dresses for whatever episode madea’s gonna do next.

      • If she won’t listen to the family she was raised with and have known her whole life (Gary, Pat, Cissy, and even Bobby) then what makes you think she will listen to anyone else? This girl only hears the lies those drugs and this devil Nick tells her.

      • People can’t make a GROWN UP do anything or see the truth. Sometimes good, hard experience is the only teacher. Hope she wakes up soon because Nick sounds dangerous.

    5. I really wish they’d keep their messy business to themselves. They post these things like they are so important and people actually give a fuk. Bobbi Kristina is such a disappointment that people are now done with her shenanigans.

    6. They need to put a foot up HER behind, symbolically speaking, of course. She refuses to be help. All of the love and resources in the world are there for her. They did a HORRIBE job raising this woman. She was spoiled rotten as a child and she’s immature and spoiled as an adult. It’s time for her to grow up and take responsibility for her life. And I know she’s still young but there are kids with a whole lot less and who have been through a whole lot more who got it together. She doesn’t even try.

    7. As Whitney once famously said…”Crack Is Whack.” She not right in the head. This sad all the way around. Whitney RIP, her daughter is in bed with kinfolk…Jerry Springer Ish!

      • bobbi and nick aren’t blood related.

        nobody in bobbi’s family ever said they were blood related we never heard of this dude til whit died.

        knowing whit and bobbi’s reps they were doing drugs and sharing each others men.

        whit was bragging about she was a cougar she could have sexed nick herself which was why nick called her mom.

    8. poor demons for Aunts, uncles and grandmas and a demon for a husband this point I think it is time for a bobby brown intervention because he appears to be the only one equipped to handle this loose cannon

      • drugs plus record industry spells chaos.

        bobbi was born in the lifestyle she didn’t choose it like bobby, whitney, Dionne and cissy did.

      • I doubt she’ll want to listen to her father, its amazing how manipulative people can become along with him and the drugs he’s played her emotions and that poor girl is lost. I feel for her I only hope she gets the help she needs because that Nick dude sounds like he’ll be her biggest downfall.

    9. nick needs to make a rap cd with bobbi singing the hooks.

      all this shit talking hes doing sounds like some schoolboy hip hop lyrics.

    10. Nick needs to sit he ass down somewhere or them folks will come for him! Mess around and come up missing!

    11. Bobbie waiting for his name to ring..then Ding.Ding Nick strikes out…#notgonnaendwell

      • I don’t see this as incest, but it does seem inappropriate. But BK clearly does not trust any Houstons or Browns, with good reason too, and think she is desperate for someone to hold on to.

        But as u said, it won’t end well.

        And when she loses that one anchor she has, I wouldn’t be surprised if she does something desperate.

    12. Omg!!! Where is Bobby, come get your daughter before she kills herself.. I don’t care what she says her grandmother says he need to get her away from that boy now!!

    13. I’m sure we all have a young relative who needs us. So screw these other peoples children

      • I don’t think Bobby is in such a great place to help BK. If the information I have been reading concerning Bobby he still has some addiction issues. He is an alcoholic. He is still dealing with that issue. This young woman will not listen to anyonesxcept maybe Nick. If what her family is saying about her new husband is true then its really a mess. The problems she was around as a child was as a result of poor decisions made by her parents This life is what she knows. Sadly, its only a matter of time. She will either get a grip or follow in her mother’s footsteps. She is doing what she was doing even while her mom was alive. It’s just come to the forefront since her mom has been dead.

    14. BobbiK and her Brother turned husband are both drug addicted and its a damn shame Bobby Brown isn’t in the picture. She is a lost girl high on drugs and dick.

    15. Pathetic..Bobbi Kris can’t be reached..and now that Nick has come up acting like a thug we all know how this is going to end. Inevitable. Little kids playing with guns and drugs…they both think the whole world is against them so it won’t take much before they blow….it’s gonna be epic and very very sad. I am disgusted by Nick’s tweets, he just told the entire world who he is. We all suspected he was a useless parasite, but now that he’s confirmed it himself all we can do is sit back, wait and watch. Grammy’s and Oscar’s Krissy? Oh honey, you got it twisted. From the outside it appears more like bullets and kilos honey…look around and maybe you’ll figure out where you really live. You have a world of opportunity staring you in the face and your just smoking it all away. Get a grip sister. Get rid of the bum and clean up your act. A lot of people have been through a lot worse and manage to pick up the pieces. Everyone loses their Mother. Everyone. it just happened sooner for you. It hurts, but you heal and move on.

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