Jay Z Sets Off Lyrical Bombs @ ‘Mrs. Drizzy’

Jay z versus Drake

As it stands, Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham hasn’t got a thing to say after Jigga called dude out as a girly-man. Just in case you haven’t been hipped… over the weekend — Jay Z dedicated eight-bars to Degrassi Boy, in response to his diss on Mr. Hova Carter.

Peep Jay’s featured verse in Jay Electronica’s “We Made It”:

“Sorry Mrs. Drizzy for so much art talk. Silly me, rappin’ ’bout s**t that I really bought — while these rappers rap about guns that they ain’t shot — and a bunch of other silly s**t that they ain’t got.”

That was in response to Drizzy’s mention of Jay Z, during part of a recent interview.

Buss it:

“It’s like Hov can’t drop bars these days without at least four art references,” Drake says in the article. ”I would love to collect [art] at some point, but I think the whole Rap/art world thing is getting kind of corny.”

Prior to that, Drake was believed to have made a reference to Jay Z and Kanye on “Im On One.”
“I’m just feelin’ like the throne is for the taking,” Drake raps on the track. ”Watch me take it.
Drake admits that he wasn’t in good graces with Kanye and Jay at one point. ”It was a lack of communication paired with natural competitiveness, competitiveness,” Drake says in the piece. “But those two are gods to me.”

Check out “We Made It” for yourself:


In his last interview with Rolling Stone Magazine Drake made a sideways comment about Jay Z being corny for always using art references in his raps.


  1. JayZ just needs to go ahead & give him the dick and be through with it, if he already hasn’t. Lol Because all of this back n forth sounds like maybe somebody got hurt over something one of them may’ve done to the other. That pick looks awkward as hell!

  2. Jay-Z and Beyonce need to respect the fact that what they say or do isn’t hot to everyone and move on.

    Jay-Z IS corny. He has abused the art and fashion references. Tom Ford has been a well known designer for nearly 20 years. Why rap about him now?!. Larry Gagosian has been around forever, too. Folks need to stop fronting.

    • Most younger people call older people corny anyway, so what’s the problem? In this day and age Jay would be considered the senior citizen in this rap game. Both he and his wife are corny as hell, but are desperately trying to remain apart of the cool club. They act like they would die if they weren’t rich and famous.

      • IDK what these lost kids today call older people other than “old.” I will say that folks will have a hard time finding authentic artists nowadays in any medium, especially if the artists are commercially successful. I am a huge fan of all things independent.

        • Independence in HipHop equals more money per CD sale,but Less commercial Notoriety. I think most rapper would prefer the spotlight above they’re independence.

  3. And Jay basically calling Drake counterfeit and fake is a joke when he and his wife has made millions upon millions by taking credit for other people’s creativity. Hell, I’ve even heard Jay has a Ghost Writer. If that ain’t fake…I don’t know what is.

  4. what planet are you guys on? someone calls you corny in the biggest music magazine in the world and you not supposed to respond? gtfo

  5. Drake aka Aubrey Graham is a pop star…He ain’t authentic hip-hop. Will always get slapped down no matter what.

  6. I need audio for that photo. What was he saying? Was this photoshopped bc the Carters look hella uncomfortable.

    • The Carters are used to people licking their ass, I think it startled them when Drake offered to LITERALLY lick their ass.


      I do think Jay took him up on the offer when Bey was not there.

  7. Drakes so fruity I can’t even look at this dude when he described Lil Wayne that ish made me feel sick, I can’t believe the man has the audacity to compare himself to ‘the light skinned Keith Sweat’ tf outta here.

  8. Drizzy’s that nigga is a f*g & everybody knows that shit including Jigga, so what the big deal here huh-huh am not even shocked.?

  9. that child resembles both.

    jigga is too big headed to raise another mans child.

    thats jay’z dna all the way now if you wanna question beyonce’s pregnacy thats another issue.

    • That child may not be Bey’s, but she is the spitting image of Jigga, so there can be no denying of his parentage. This is NOT like the MJ case where none of the kids look a bit like their “daddy”.

      • Yeah okay. Blanket looks just like Mike did before he started messin with his face. He has his eyes and nose. Look up Mike’s old pics and then Blanket’s. A HUGE resemblance. Now, Prince and Paris… uh… nah

  10. That’s right Drake! How dare Jay-Z talk about things that are cultural, mature and value that appreciates? That ain’t Hip Hop! Talking about art and artists are old and corny, you need to get on those new subjects like, liquor, clubbing, cars, designers that don’t like us, weed, strippers and guns. Now that’s current. Why the hell would we want to learn? We don’t learn, we shop! Who cares if your boss looks up to Jay Z, we better than that.

    • The irony of Telka’s comment is that Jay-Z is forever promoting liquor, sex, drugs, violence and misogyny. But I’m sleep.

      Speaking about museums or gallery owners doesn’t constitute teaching. If he was actually speaking about artists and their works, I’d gladly support hos endeavors. While everyone was hollering RE, I was screaming art. Only one of those things is still skyrocketing in value.

  11. A message from Jacky:

    HSK Clan:

    Jacky will update HSK tomorrow, March 26. Brotha needed a day off. Feel free to check him out on Twitter at @jackyjasper.

    Until then…

  12. What exactly are they fussing about?

    95% of all mainstream rappers are gay in 2014.

    If you are getting airplay on Corporate radio ad Television you must attend the mansion parties in order to prove yourself trustworthy.
    They all have to get popped in the butt at least once on camera in order to get on Viacom and Hot 97

  13. Well let’s see what he’s gonna say now that Tom Ford has called him out for wearing knock offs of his clothing and said he has no idea what the song is about and had to get his rap translator dictionary and is still clueless about the meaning of the song except to say He doesn’t do drugs rocking Tom Ford clothing is his high. I guess he’ll call him racist next like he did Cristal. And just because he had been in the game awhile don’tr get it twisted Jay is just as thirsty as a damn groupie. Believe that. And on top of that everytime you see Rhi rhi she’s with Drake

    • Tom Ford did not appreciate Jay-Z or that Tom Ford song one bit. Tom Ford designed an UGLASS (sic) t-shirt looking dress that is a caricature of the fake Tom Ford pieces Marcy Projects Revised had printed up in someone’s basement.

      But rappers are always rocking knockoffs. Louis Vuitton got in Rick Ross’ ass for rocking fake LV sunglasses. ROTFL.

      • It’s usually the ppl on credit card overload rocking the real ones. While ppl like Rick Ross investing his funds in Wingstops. Stop! Lol

        • Don’t hate the playa, hate the game. It’s not his problem your’re on contract lock, while he’s free to do and go as he pleases. Enjoy the frames tho, your gonna need them to hide the tears.

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