No Surveillance Footage Found in Kim K Robbery

kim kardashian surveillance video paris robbery

Kim K needs her diaper booty beat, because her Paris “robbery” is sounding more and more like a scam.

According to TMZ, police weren’t able to find any surveillance footage to identify the culprits of the reality TV star’s robbery and jewelry heist.

There was allegedly no surveillance video inside or outside where Kim was staying – which has been described as a hotel and sometimes identified as an apartment. I don’t know wtf to call it, so we’ll just call it an apartment for now.

The only video that’s available is police surveillance footage. But, the camera doesn’t face the front of the building so it didn’t capture the robbers in action…how convenient.

Police have “canvassed the area” looking for video from other nearby businesses, but they’ve found nothing.



    • THIS FAKE-ASS HOE IS LYING!!! THINK PEOPLE! Kanye West's hoe of a wife, gets robbed for $10M in jewels and CNN, MSNBC and any other major news outlets don't cover a single detail about it!!!??? THIS IS A PR STUNT!!! and to be honest, I feel like this hoe is flat-out insulting my/america's intelligence. Really bitch!? Now, the reports are, "No Surveillance Footage Found in Robbery." REALLY BITCH!?

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  1. Did she get all the players to sign off before she began filming the heist? Sounds like France didn't get paid if they aren't playing along with this.

  2. And what about the cameras that follow her around 24/7?? Looks like this bitch pulled a ryan lochte.

  3. She should really go to jail for this and the owner of the place should make a case on this you mean to tell me your Carma crew was on bathroom break why your ass is getting robbed take her to jail and make her an example of don't take things too far for attention.

    • Chris…

      You been overdue for that whoopin' I've been promising to give you.? You really asking for it now.

  4. What! Hood boogers not blaming the ILLUMINATI for this bull? Oh right, that's only when a black male f*cks up is the Illuminati responsible.

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  5. She's roping in the feminists even with the line "I thought they were gonna rape me". I really hate Ray J, Reggie bush, kanye & Anna wintour for making this whore happen.

  6. All that surgery turned her ass delusional. Maybe she shoulda got surgery done on her brain instead of that Ass….

  7. I believe this is all fake! This shit is just as fake as Kim K's ass! Her star power is fading so the KKK bitches and the queen bitch, Ryan Seacrest planned this f*cking hoax to receive worldwide publicity! What does hollywood and the NBA have in common? They're both fake and full of stupid white bitches who want attention!

  8. Duuuuuh and besides you ain't wigglin out no plastic ties AKA Zip Ties. Rope, maybe, zips no fukin way.

  9. We should have all seen something like this coming…. the show starts on October 23rd they always have some sort of a publicity stunt before their show starts…so predictable.

  10. IMO….The ring was a loner and she staged a heist to keep it. Their money is not as bountiful as they want people to think. one thing for sure this was no BURGLARY!!!

  11. Bullshit Scam for publicity. Come on no security and no cameras or surveillance no paparazzi and you in an apt by yourself with 10 million dollars worth of jewelry. FOH.

  12. Y'all, she think isn't getting publicity now, how about Rob and Chyna done picked out their daughter 's name! Talk about funny!????

  13. I NEVER believed this BS was true. Think. How in the hell would she get robbed at gunpoint unless ALL of her security was DOA OR MIA. Who got fired? Because surely if random folks were able to reach out and touch her like that somebody was sleeping on their job.

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