Halle Berry Denies Letting Ric Flair Hit!

halle berry denies sex ric flair

After everyone was disgusted that Halle Berry would let former wrestler Ric Flair smash, the actress is denying all the claims.

Ric was asked on his radio show which celebs he had sex with, the only name he was willing to give up was Halle’s. He said they hooked up in Atlanta right after she divorced David Justice.

But according to TMZ, they reached out to Halle’s reps and they claim the actress has never even met Ric.

“There is NO truth to this! Halle has literally never even heard of him let alone met him!!!”

Halle is also said to be “deeply offended” by Ric’s statements.

Who do you believe?


  1. I agree with the 1st post. Sue the man. Let mfs know that displays of low class can and will be punished out here.

  2. When you do scenes like monsters ball sexscene .youv giving wm braving rights to your body. Same as these be doing ghetto gaggers as it stands now be are losing same as bm..bm getting shot.. Be his getting 4k. That's wartime mentality.. Kill the men ..humiliate the women.bw lost .

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      What else you got?

  3. I believe RIC. Halle is a ding bat ho whose time is up.

    • Halle must have pissed off a powerful hollywood executive. Ric Flair claims he f*cked Halle Berry in the nineties. Why is this being heavily reported and it happened twenty years ago? Usually shit like this is covered up, but every major gossip site is reporting it. Oh well, Halle has nobody to blame but herself. She chose to be the white man's sex slave, now it's coming back to haunt her! #TragicMulatto

  4. This is a wartype strategy to humiliate bw when u do sexscenes the likes of monstersball this is the outcome. Be future is bleek.ghettogaggers and the likes will comeback to hunt y'all. Same way that thug shit hunting bm now.I guess they have a right to Halley.. She made it that way..she's a known coke addict and loves anal ..ask DiCaprio

    • BM lost. When you do shit like marry sex workers (Kim K) you giving wm bragging rights to your malehood. Same as these down low males doing THUG HUNTERS as it stands now be losing the same as bm getting shot by white police. Black males be having sex with white men on thug hunters that's wartime mentality. Humiliate the males kill the males watch the rich males marry their women keep the money in the family of whites.

      What else you got?

  5. That's why you have lawyers. If someone is defaming my character, I would find time to clear my name. Ain't nobody that busy.

  6. Guys let me give you some information about black women in hollywood; They're all the same! They're all negro bed wenches! Halle Berry, Soledad O'Brien, Stacey Dash, Condoleeza Rice, Nia Long Vanessa Williams and dozens of other black female stars have all followed the same method to become rich and famous. Here is how the process works.
    In front of the camera, black female stars will "ACT" like they are down for black empowerment. Black female stars will promote and market themselves to the black community in order to build up a strong, loyal demographic. Behind the camera, these hollywood black actresses are f*cking, sucking and swallowing as many powerful hollywood directors and studio executives as possible. Remember, the white man is responsible for how successful the struggling, desperate black actress will become. In public, black actresses pretends to love black men. In private, black actresses are the white man's sex slave! Yes my friends, black women must do the casting couch to get work in hollywood. If you want to know what type of dirty, disgusting sex these black actresses have done to all of the rich, powerful white hollywood executives, watch the porn called Ghettogaggers. That is exactly what every single black actress has done in order to become famous! Disgusting isn't it! Now that you know what type of hoe Halle Berry really is, do you still respect her?

    • See. And you f*ckas want to know why I go hard on swirling BM who by the way shamelessly chase other women.

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      Now that you know most black males in Hollywood are down low penis gobblers, do you still respect them?

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          its over. I mean if rick flair is bragging bout Halley then you know bw lost lol.

          • We're so "important" but black men never appreciate us. That whole "black women need to be better than black men morally" is just another way to burden us with the work as per usual while y'all run around "queening" every other woman. I for one, am not falling for that shit.

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  7. If Halle Berry doesn't sue Ric Flair, then we know that Mr. Flair is telling the truth. In case you didn't know, Halle Berry was sucking on massa's balls years before the movie Monsters Ball!

  8. First I was like: HELL NAW!!..then I remembered that she let Fred Durst f*ck her, now I actually believe that Ric f*cked her. Stupid classless woman

    • Damn that bitch f*cked Fred Durst too? Hella Crazy, I mean Halle Berry must have f*cked every single white guy in hollywood!

      • Yes. That was around the time she did Gothika. He had a song, Behind Blue Eyes, on the soundtrack & Halle is in the video. He has a long make out session with her, bitch enjoyed it, she didn't mind looking just like any of the countless groupies he f*cks. I recall they dated for a little while & he eventually dumped her. That story seems to have been swept under a rug by her pr team because they want her public image to be of a classy woman, not of a groupie ho who gets f*cked & dumped by greaseball, fat, disgusting rockers like Fred Durst

      • Fred Durst had a creepy obsession with Britney Spears before he hooked up with Halle Berry, he talked about it in a Rolling Stone interview. Obsessions are creepy anyway, what made it creepier was that he was a man in his 30's obsessing over a teenage girl. Then, 'classy' Halle accepts to be that filthy white trash individuals' video ho.

  9. This is not the same as someone like me bragging to my drinking buddies, this is a wrestling legend putting it out there that he had his old wrinkly dick inside Halle Berry. Making her, an Oscar winner & famous actress, no different from the countless groupies he has f*cked over the years. If it's true, then her past has come back to bite her in the ass, if not, she should sue the shit outta him

  10. I was disgusted by her freaking off Billy in that pathetic ass movie, but this here makes me wanna regurgitate over & over!

  11. Halle is half white and doesn't need the permission of any hood wolf or hood booger to bang a white man and most of the rich black males in show biz are banging white women. Black people are mentally ill hypocrites can't stand the thought of a mixed chick swirling while you cheerlead bm doing it all day. Petty jealous hypocrites.

    • Yeah, it's her p*ssy, she can do whatever she wants with it, she shouldn't deny that she had Ric's wrinkly dick inside her

  12. I don't mean to defend Halle, she's a grown woman, but back when she allegedly effed Fred Durst, he was a pretty big deal in the music biz. It's not like she was doing him in 2005.

    He was supposed to be something of a ladies' man, and I imagine that he played to all her insecurites and swept her off her feet. His list of "who he did" includes half of the who's who of the late 90s, and they were all beautiful women.

    I mean, she's human and humans makes mistakes that they later regret.

  13. Halley did bm a favour by dating out.. One thing I like bout women like her is once they been usedup by white men as c*m rags.. They stay with their oppressive masters they know they are tainted.. Its like once we gone white we ain't right.the exception being kerry Washington. Though rumor is her man is gay..ain't no straight bm wifing no wm's c*m rag.

  14. Well Halle, WHO did you piss off?

    The Cosby treatment of removal from Hollyweird in 1, 2, 3….

    • I really want to know who Halle Berry pissed off too. If Halle suddenly gets into a Whitney Houston type of scandal, I will not be surprised.

      • Halley ain't pissed off no one it's karma and the nature of the beast once they ran through you..you aint shit to them..I keep warning bw about these wm.once you got racial pride they come at you differently

  15. why are ya'll acting like you never heard of ric flair?

    hallie berry is mixed…stop with this black talk.

    • You're right, her p*ssy hasn't segregated anyone. She's had super black Wesley Snipes, lighter skinned brothers like her first husband and Casper the friendly ghost white looking motherf*ckers like Ric Flair. Thereby accommodating her black & white mix. I can't hate, at least I know what I need to do if I want to f*ck Halle Berry

  16. Mixed or not Halle's bit full white in the eyes of the white man to whites she just a zebra

    If Warren Beatty old ass can f*ck Halle why not Ric hell she f*cked Danny the ugliest new kid on the block back in the 80s

    Her p*ssy Halle can f*ck any man black or white because if her f Ame and influence but since she prefers white guys now she has as to learn that they not gonna put up with her bipolar ass Like blacks will she beefed with her baby daddy and if she pisses off too many white guys they gonna drop her and remind her she's a nigger sex slave

    Kerry Washington a lesbian anyway

    • A video I watched explained that she won that Oscar because she had successfully completed a humiliation ritual, in that case it was having sex with hillbilly Bob Thornton. Then he pointed out that why do you never hear that she's hooking up with the likes of Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise (though he's probably gay,she'd be his beard),George Clooney or Leonardo DiCaprio, it's because she's viewed as not worth & as filth, that's why they had a redneck like Billy Bob f*ck her & their scene was real.

  17. If she does not sue…he hit.

    You do not let people say whatever they want about you if it is not true because everyone else with nothing to lose will think they can do the same.

  18. People need to realize how much drug dealing and prostitution goes on in entertainment…

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