Kanye Has Massive Meltdown, Fires Entire Staff

kanye fires staff

Kanye West reportedly had a “massive meltdown” following his disastrous Yeezy Season 3 runway show during New York Fashion Week.

Kanye received backlash from the press and the public after his models fainted in the heat and tumbled down the runway.

The rapper has reportedly fired his entire staff after the show. 30 people were given their pink slips, and those who weren’t cut were “reorganized” back into the music side of his business.

“He was reflective and disappointed in how things went. He took stock in what people were saying and he was disappointed. But he’s more determined than ever to get that stuff right.”

Do you think Kanye did the right thing by firing his staff?


  1. Beyonce recently fired all her staff too including her cousin. The narrative people chose to go with at that time was: "she's focused, trying to build an empire" So why not kanye too?

  2. One word: YES! His staff made him look inexperienced and unprofessional. How are models going to stand in the sun for hours w/o shade or water. He needs to fire his security detail next, if those allegations are true about the robbery.

  3. Wonder if he fired all the voices in his head that told that he is a fashion designer?

  4. He is insane and the Koven are pushing him further. This homeboy has fired his staff more than once. Next story.

  5. One word BROKE!! He claims he oversees everything, therefore, his staff wouldn't have done anything without his approval period.

    • Now…there you go. Say THAT right there. He's holding on by his teeth swearing on his many nonexistent millions.?

      • exactly so how on earth did he afford to buy that she-demon another 3 to 4 million diamond ring?……the plot thickens…..

      • You all don't know…Kim's money is his money cause he gave he kids…the one thing no man gave her before. Don't you all think that he is broke. He buried in Queen Kardashian money and always will be if he continues to worship her. Their combined net worth is still close to 300 million. Don't believe the hype. His personal debt declaration was for the taxman's ears.

        • Thank you One Who Knows.

          I am NOT a KKK worshiper, and I do not get my info from "Celebrity Net Worth," but I do know that the family as a whole are pushing up on a billion dollars net worth at this point. The TV show is nothing but a platform to get more and more Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat advertisers. They are KILLING it in advertising that you and I never see.

          Their target audience at this point are girls, white and black between 14 and 22. And as such as everyone here hates them, those young girls desperately dream of being them. 19 year old Kylie just bought her 5th house!! She has upgraded every time and now she's in a 7 million dollar house in Hidden Hills and it's f*cking gorgeous. I saw the whole thing on The Hollywood Reporter and I prefer it to Kim and Kanye's 20 million dollar house in Bel Air.

          The point is, Kanye is NEVER going to be broke, and neither is Tyga.

          I have to laugh that people used to think that the KKK women were mining black en for their money—well now the tables have turned. Black men are going to be lifetime millionaires off of the Kardashian money(as long as they marry them.)

          • Nope. Remember when shit was hacked and their credit reports and stuff were leaked to the public? They're living off credit. They're flossing. I'm amazed that they have so many dick riders at this page. They rent cars they wear fake jewels and they get low self esteem black males as their live-in butlers and babysitters.

            The whole house of cards could come crashing down don't believe the hype.

          • You forget that they spend money like drunken sailors. They bring in money thru businesses which are not publicly advertised because they know it's best to remain in the background, while other business are total failure like their store and his music and fashion line. I find it amazing that people can be millionaires and be in so much debt and he is.

        • Wow @OWK: You're pretty sharp! Where are you from?
          -For some reason, I think you're on of the Twins…

  6. He should probably hang this designer isht up. You gonna rap or you gonna sew clothes, wtf? lol

    • That BS they let him put out there is for those simple minded folks to keep them programmed into believing wearing garbage is good, so they can get used to it and see nothing wrong with it, for when the shit really goes down.

      • His music's not so bad. With that being said, for his clothingline, he need to stop listening to Milan and start listening to the streets. Those folks in France and Italy set crazy trends that may trickle down to the masses, but he needs to set ready-to-wear trends cause he is not a Gucci or D&G etc. He designs like he is setting trends and that world will never let him do that–there is a hierarchy of influence that he won't penetrate.

        • They never wanted him to begin with. I'm convinced they smile to his face and laugh behind his back. He is a simpleton. He wants to be let in so bad but they won't. He's accused them of racism and they don't want to be labeled that so they just enable him and hire Kendull and bring in Kim to sit front row next to Anna, but truth be known, they don't want him.

  7. He should have been reflective when choosing a plastic surgeon for his mom…

  8. It's one thing to clear out your staff to go in a new directions in your career but not in his case this man is a diva and a bitch sorry but true to many times he goes off for no reason on people and blame everything on others instead of his self I feel sorry for Kim Kardashian she is a woman that is marry to a woman.

  9. Get ready for the Black Friday Yeezy clearance sale at Ross4Less & Marshalls. Dem white folks saw your black ass a mile away! SMH

    • I agree. Con artist whites know how to trick a n8ggah out of ALL his money. After he complained about paying a black girl child support on that brokety broke song, he let a
      armenian gypsy woman trick him into paying millions to birth his children, when the wives of the world do that for free. LOL when he wakes up to his stupidity in divorce court, that mansion will burn

      • It's the other way around… Kim's money is his money, sweetie as long as he is nice and plays by the rules.. Kris taught those girls to take in a man and care for him like he is a bitch. That way, when you dump him, you never have to rely on him for shit. Kris did it with Bruce, Kourtney did it with Scott, Kim did it with that first DJ hubby and Kris Humphreys and Kylie does it with Tyga.

        • Don't forget Khloe. She took/used Lamar money while saving hers. He was the big MAN paying for everything, lol. Where is he now. They write prenups that benefit them, as in, the men get nothing when the woman is on top of the financial ladder.

  10. They sabotaged his show or they were clueless, so I don't see anything wrong with cleaning people out. He has to rebuild with people he can trust.

    I have to give him points. There's companies making money *renting* his shoes to people. He's up there with Hermes and LV. That's not bad for a random Chicago kid.

  11. MoLoBo comments funny. Agree. He is a little too old to be starting over so why is he blaming the help for his own mistakes?

    • A FOOL and their money are soon parted. People out here buying crack too, don't make it good.

  12. who give a f*ck abt this ugly azz chipmunk looking tired azz queen with her broke azz

  13. he knew life was over when he got with kim das y he did it he dont wanna try no mo. he been checked out on himself

  14. that divorce is getting closer and closer i give em less than 3 more years what yall think

    • This is not an outrageous thought. Kanye may be the smartest of all the simpletons they cornered in. He knows what happens to men. Kris and Kim also know they took a big bite with him and will try not to choke. This is why Kim still lives with her mother. They don't want Kanye as king of household because once that house starts to crumble, he will lose it. It will be really bad between that and what will flash on our screen about that couple. He ain't going down easy.

  15. They won't divorce unless there's some other high-profile dude (Puffy-level) checking for his trans-looking wife. Who else is on Kanye's level in terms of pop music and culture, and brand? Which one of them wants to wife up a bucket?

    Kanye makes her relevant, and into some kind of brand (apparently). Her father's wealth and connections gives Kanye access to certain things. There's a reason he married her and not Amber, or some other random chick. They'll only divorce if his career takes a hit. He might be able to be another Puffy, so they might last.

    • He might be able to be another Puffy? as dirty as puffy is ppl actually was feeling puffy nobody feels kangay lol

    • Her father's wealth. Robert was not all that wealth. Kris was down financially when she met Bruce and they started selling sports equipment. Kim had to work for Paris and the others were complete none entities until the pimp got a hold of that sex tape. Kim benefited from Kanye more than him thru her. She got doors opened to A listers and access to the world of fashion. That is all she wanted. She wanted to become legit while still doing the whore thing. Kanye gave up his music, let's face it and the fashion thing is on life support. At some point she will want to upgrade and with Kris doing the negotiation, I'm thinking he will be a billionaire. Look at all the women that have hooked on with billionaires. You know Kim is jealous and Kanye is on notice.

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