Supperclub Los Angeles Shut Down By City: Attracts Too Many Blacks!?

Supperclub LA Shut-down

HSK Exclusive – Word from the streets of LA … Hollywood Boulevard’s Supperclub is expected to soon be shut down by the city. Know why? Sources say shop-keepers at some of the neighboring businesses on the boulevard have been filing complaints …

“They shutting down Supperclub because it attracts too many Black people from the hood to Hollywood.”

Insiders say after club-goers leave Supperclub … there seems to be a pattern of robberies, shootings and other crimes going down on Hollywood Blvd … leading owners of nearby businesses to complain.

The drop:

“Supperclub was Chris Brown’s and many other celebrities favorite spot to party. But, everything comes to an end.”


  1. Welp? That's what niggas do act like niggas.

    This ain't a black issue its a nigga issue.

    • n u know they seem to dominate somehow lol if they didnt we wouldnt have to constantly differentiate lmfao we outnumbered shit!!!

    • Fuck you tricks for co-signing on this nigga shit…

      You all act like every race does not have the same issue…they do…but they have enough respect for one another NOT to classify people into f*cked off, stereotypical labels…

      If you call other blacks who do not act like you niggas ….I call all of you SOS coons for buyin' into this blacks vs. niggas…Bullshit!

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  2. Too any ignorant n***ers f*ck it up for black people who know how to behave! It is still racist! I don't see Los Angeles shutting down Electric Daisy Carvinval (EDC).

    P.S. the EDC at the Coliseum is where a 15 year old girl died from overdosing on Mollys

    • I'm just guessing here, but maybe it's because clubgoers high on Molly leaving a club don't usually rob the stores around the club??

        • Sorry but you obviously have never been high on molly. All you wanna vandalize is p*ssy.

          • U ain't Neva lied! But the after effects is crucial! Uggggghhhhhh!! Talk about no energy whatsoever!!!

          • No neva been high on Molly's.
            My bad anyways, I didn't read right what I was responding to.
            YT kids get high and vandalize but that was not in context, my bad

    • The last EDC in LA was in 2010 when that girl died of the overdose. So you see, the city DID shut down the EDC.

      Reading is fundamental……….

  3. I'm older than a minute been around the block and you won't find me in a club with lots of BP simply cause *most* don't know how to behave in public if they'reunder the influence of drank and blaze you have to walk on eggshells be careful say 'sorry' if you bump into them or accidently step on their shoes. Or a knucklehead will want to pop a cap in your ass cause he got dissed and the women are short tempered, too, want to fight for nothing. Now, *OLDER* BP know how to act they listen to blues eat some wings or gumbo sip sweet tea spiked with booze all peaceful and chills its the under 35 year olds who as a group have no f*cking public manners and everybody knows it.

  4. Lol these clubs like supper club full of clueless Americans and out of state tourists who think they’re doing something cool. The place looked like a dated 90s dump. LA is about as cool and on trend as a wet fart.

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