Blac Chyna Gets Future Ink On Ciara’s B-Day!

Blac Chyna Future Tattoo

Blac Chyna’s latest tatt seems to be a move that was intended to kill two birds with one stone. Know why? Not only did the tatt leave Future’s name inked into Blac Chyna’s hand … the date the ink’ing went down was on October 25th, Ciara’s birthday!

“Chyna is an idiot…the same time she was getting her silly little tattoo…Ciara was partying with Beyonce and them.”

The drop:

“Chyna is going to getting rid of her name plate tattoo as soon as Future dumps her — that won’t be long, because Future likes to hit and run.”


  1. How stupid can you be to get a man's name tattooed on you knowing he will be moving on to the next trashy stupid girl like you think goodness you don't have a daughter because she will be just like you following in your footsteps.

  2. Funny how it's always worst than sewer, gutter community washed up, pass around give back to the corner women who always have the most to say, but begging even of the lowest forms of parasites to give them an inkling of attention as they shuffle around their bastards for some of attention. That's not even glass houses they live in, more like under a filthy sink with heavy mildew. Ciao Bella.

    • Beyonce was at Ciara birthday party Saturday it was a Halloween party and Beyonce was dressed as Storm go look at Ciara instagram I was shocked too but Beyonce was there with Kelly and angie .

  3. you ink yourself up for a NOTORIUS WOMANIZER.
    A man that changes women, like most of us change our underwear – "EVERYDAY"

    This chick really is a STUPID STRIPPER

  4. ince everyone is bitter like the undercover homosexual on here. Don't be mad because she wanted to what she wanted to do. Her perrogative. Last time I checked your DJ who you now share as a library book with your ex friend was a NOTORIOUS womanizer himself. Ah…too much PEPSI and nicotine not good for your HEALTH . Wait that chick is a woman??? Furthermore it takes more than open vagina to keep a man happy. The undercover homosexual is also a NOTORIOUS womanizer and MANIZER. Stop living through blogs.

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