Loose Cannon Slim Airs Nelly Out For Withholding ‘Nellyville’ Pay From His Own Kids!


Things are looking very sketchy in Nellyville! That’s where the rapper’s relatives and children alike are said to be left with jack! Just ask Loose Cannon Slim, who just aired Nelly out for pullin’ a gaffle on his own seed. Know how? According to Loose Cannon Slim, Chanelle ‘Nana’ Haynes [Nelly’s daughter], and Cornell ‘Tre’ [Nelly’s son] have yet to cash in on that Nellyville TV money!!!

“He [Nelly] don’t even let his kids get their checc from the TV show!” ~Loose Cannon Slim


Here’s what Nelly previously told a Ferguson crowd about his “Nellyville” reality series:

“When you grow up in this city, that’s the kind of diversity you have to have to get anywhere. You have to be well balanced. You have to understand you have to have no limitations on your growth. And your growth has to grow.”

Check out what Loose Cannon Slim just put out there about Cornball Hayes:

“I can go on for days!! This shit ain’t bout no bitches!!! Everybody knows I keep a plethora of them!! I jus named damn near 10 ppl in the city that was close to him that assisted with dat junky success and a #ENTIRE CITY that he fucced over!!! Truth is anybody wit any kind of success from #STL he have problems wit em!! I was the only one he couldn’t get!! When shit went bad ask all the same people who was the one holding us down tryin to keep us all together!! I helped that nicca pay salaries, his mortgage, drug addictions, gambling debts to the point where me and #YomiMartin fucced our own selves off that I had to move to miami to bounce bacc and soon as I did I #STILL came home and started helping niggaz #AGAIN!!! Everybody around that nicca he fucc em off!! He don’t even let his kids get their checc from the TV show! Lmao

Now go out in this WHOLE WORLD and find sum street niggaz, industry niggaz, athletes or R&B divas that I owe?? I let yall out of town muthaf*ckaz assume it was about some broads cuz I was tryin to keep stl business in stl but this shit done got outta hand!!! But again #DoYourResearch”



  1. It's funny how all a lot of people's dirty little Secret's are now starting to come out in the light. I love it and can't wait to see what else will be out on the table what is done in the dark is now out in the light.

  2. That's why a Black person as an individual gotta stand on they own f*ck all that BOSS SHIT we living with in the last decade, individuals need to be they own BOSS

    • Why do you say that about Pisces, Cancer, and Sagittarius? I get why you say that about Scorpio, Lol

    • Fuck you…NEVER trust Geminis, Libras, Aries, and yeah keep the Sags on there too…

      Water signs are loyal to those who are loyal to them…these motherf*ckas I've listed above will stab anyone in the back…

    • I'm a Sagittarius and I never screwed anyone over concerning money. I lend my whole family money, I am the most successful out of my 4 brothers. What is he talking about? I'm very trustworthy and honest, I'm not a sucka though.

  3. Don't loan what you can't afford to lose. Who gives money to a crack head anyway, thats on dude. And Nellys kids have mamas, somebody get a lawyer… duh!!

    • U forgot he is also taking care of his late sister's kids too. Remember Jackie died of leukemia?

  4. No Jackie was a blood sacrifice how you think he was able to even be back in the spotlight.

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