Super Head Explains Why She Keeps Aborting Her Babies


T.M.I. alert!

Karrine Steffans a.k.a. Super Head is spilling all the tea about what has been going on in her vagina and uterus.

As if we didn’t already know that she has been ran through by half of the men in the entertainment industry, Karrine is now trying to justify her reason for having multiple abortions.

“I’ve had a number of chances to have another baby in the last 18 years since my son was born…Though I did get pregnant during those years, I chose to terminate a few of those pregnancies,” – Karrine Steffans

Not that anyone cared (or asked), but Karrine took it upon herself to write this long, blubbering mess of an essay to talk about how she aborted two of her “ex-husband” Columbus Short’s babies. She didn’t name Columbus specifically, but we know exactly who she’s talking about.


She also talks about being pregnant by Weezy, but terminating that pregnancy because the rapper “panicked.” Are we really supposed to believe that? Weezy already has 20 kids so one more wouldn’t hurt.

“Three years into our relationship, when I found myself pregnant with his child, my lover — who was not yet 25 years old — panicked. I thought if I had the abortion, I could save us, but it destroyed me.” – Karrine Steffans

Unsurprisingly, Karrine says she’s now “in love” with a man and ready to start a family. Lord have mercy on her womb.

“I want to have another baby, finally. I want to have a baby with the man I’m with, but more than that, I want to have a baby for me.”

You can read her full post here.


  1. I think this is much better than having multiple kids by many men for a paycheck.

    • Sociopath actually. A high functioning one too. Her shit was brought on by her environment. She’s a wicked soul who just secretly want’s revenge and to bring destruction to any, and everyone she get’s close to.

      • TTS,

        You got it right…sociopath.
        She’s got all the classic traits with a few extra.

      • Sociopaths, Narcissists, Psychopaths (not talking about your average tv psychopath they like to portray). They’re basically all the same…According to some experts. They all have no feelings or empathy for others.

      • I agree, this woman is disturbed & wicked. I read her books back in the day, & she is a vindictive liar, among other things. Having abortions is not anything to take lightly. Having such a procedure done multiple times can’t be good for you, & I know some women who have had multiple abortions now have incontinence issues. I believe it’s related. Also, it can be a traumatic experience mentally & emotionally. I hope more ppl will speak on this side of the issue. Just a reminder ladies, have your birth control on point, because abortion should be a last option, if any. She always makes herself out as the victim/innocent, & everyone else is at fault/did her wrong. I have yet to hear this woman apologize or take responsibility for the many foul things she has done. A lot of ppl will be very happy to hear of her demise.

        • Agreed. This woman is damaged goods, and no man will seriously ever wife her up, not for long at least. When or if dudes wake up and stop f*cking with her, she’ll run out of prey and will eventually self destruct; and she will have earned it.

        • Coming back to this post- one of the key hallmarks of a sociopath/psychopath/narcissist is the inability to reflect, and take responsibility for their actions. Sociopaths also have a huge victim complexes, and will always make themselves out to be innocent.

      • And…in all honesty you guys, I’m shocked this woman is still living. It’s a mystery & great wonder no one has killed her yet.

        • Same. Perhaps she has protection of some sort? I can’t think of anything else that she has to hang over anyone’s heads at this point. Either those two things, OR she’s an industry plant there to stir up shit, and her stories were fabricated. But still.

        • @9:44 – I was just thinking the same about Katt Stacks the other day… smh

  2. How can she keep getting pregnant? I thought that if you have too many then you just stop getting pregnant. Graveyard p*ssy indeed.

    • She’s lucky as hell. I know people who struggle to have a baby years after having just one abortion.

      • Really ungrateful. Seems like when you want them you struggle but when you could care less, then pregnant you become!

    • Vagina’s are pretty study organs lol. They can take a lot of shit, and still conceive a child in most cases. This provided the abortion was done correctly, and there’s not a whole lot of scar tissue.

    • Nah NBA is fixed….ain’t NOTHIN more blown out look than miss wookie puss Hope Solo, she must douche with the shit toxic avenger fell into! predator lookin ass twat, I couldn’t get hard for that shit with the lights on lmao

    • – LOL funny but NEGATIVE…. There were caveboys and cavebitches lightin up Hope Solo’s comment board talking about her ish looks like a Deli that blew up. That was the funniest comment board I’d ever seen. They were going all ham on her azz. No pun intended.

  3. I’m surprised she even got pregnant what with the way she has sex, what she’s famous for. She also said she didn’t want her obgyn to think bad of her for having so many abortions. If he read her books and didn’t think bad of her, nothing else could.

  4. Please. BP kill each other for stepping on each other’s toes and just look around black communities to see how much it honors children. Ha. Kneegrows fronting righteousness when they couldn’t care less about black on black crime or abortion.

  5. i know this isnt funny and i do kinda like karrine but this made me laugh at the end cause she talks like a novel. it’s cute though lol

  6. I don’t know how grown folks still have not heard of birth control. But the lucky ones here are those kids never born to her. They deserve better parents.

  7. that p*ssy blew out.
    number one killer in the hood is abortions. this bitch a murderer.

    • I went to a predominantly white school. Those white girls were aborting like it wasn’t a thing. Black women in fact have the least abortions, hence many fatherless babies in our community.

  8. How the hell is she even talking about conceiving she old as hell im sure her eggs are just about dried and rottened.

  9. If only this filthy whore could abort herself….she’s a waste of EVERYTHING!

  10. Supahead serial killer

    Mary Sanger is in hell smiling right now being f*cked by her master molech

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