Suge Knight’s Ex Denies Calling Shot that Killed Tupac…

Threatens Lawsuit Over Accusations

Suge Knight’s ex-wife says the bombshell theory she murdered Tupac Shakur is a lie that makes ZERO sense because he was the meal ticket for her husband’s record label.

Sharitha Golden says she’s heard the allegation for years — that she plotted with Deathrow Records staffer Reggie White Jr. to take out Suge that fateful night in Vegas … and Tupac was killed in the crossfire. It’s now widespread due to its inclusion in a new Tupac documentary.

Sharita says the hardest part is how it’s affecting her children, one of whom is Suge’s daughter.

Suge’s attorney says the info purported in documentary is untrue. Sharita’s so angry about it, she says a lawsuit could be on the horizon.


  1. How suge sleep at night he will forever be connected yo the deaths of eazy, PAC, and biggie he gotta have nightmares about this and he killed dude, and he had people hurt, and his best friends are dead or licked up suge is a curse everybody who was affiliated with him had tragedy

    PAC, snoop, dre, eazy, left eye, Eminem, Irv gotta, dash, Nate Dogg, DJ quik, that realest, Petey Pablo, all had bad luck for hanging aroubd suge

    Kat williams is staying out of trouble less now that suge is out the way suge is a curse

    • Dang I know about all them other people but what happen to Quik? What tragedy did he have? I thought he was just in the background Staying low key, like he always do. I think I just heard a new Suga Free song this week too, I think!

      • Quik has had a LOT of tragedy happen to him. Friends dying, family members dying, jailed- his nephew who shot his manager and his daughter for being involed in the death of her son. His mother died within the last year, his manager and long time friend/OG is in the hospital suffering from a stroke. I don’t even think saying “A LOT” is fair justice. I know there’s more that’s happened to him to say the least.

        And what new Suga Free song did you hear? Where’d ou hear it at?

    • Yep! Very true! Everyone who hung around Suge had nothing but bad luck/karma happen to them. I think TPTB are getting ready to pull the plug on Suge, or at least their setting him up for the final fall. I just know that I wouldn’t want to be Suge Knight on his deathbed…

  2. Daaam I don’t think Suge will ever get out of the conspiracy that he PROBABLY had Pac Killed… the last doc I saw said that Puff had Pac killed and Biggie was just the retaliation of Puff getting Big killed smh

  3. Suge wife don’t look like she would hurt a fly, but she did marry Suge, so idk. Don’t think she had nothing to do with setting nobody up though. She don’t look money hungry enough for all that.

  4. They say Kevin gaines one if the cops at deathrow was fucking ger while suge was licked up back in the 90s was found dead dre was shot in the leg, snoop ended up in a murder trial, the employees raped and beaten, one of snoops boys was killed at a deathrow party by some of quiks affialtes

    • The rollin’ 60’s dude who was killed at that deathrow party wasn’t one of snoops boys, it was another a 60’s crip who stepped to quik(supposedly) and got caught in the crosshairs. There’s different versions of what happened, but three things are clear- He was not innocent. He was not one of snoops boys. And Quik and his boys def had something to do with it.

  5. Deathrow curse suges best friends killed off, Orlando Anderson was killed off, johnny j dead soon as he get dead, frank alexander found dead, left eye killed herself, kadafe killed, fatal and prince ital Joe died in car wrecks , afeni and big syke found dead, mausberg shot at his release party and that was quiks boy and then quik lost another fruend and his neice killed herself and his grandson was killed by his own parents

    • Left eye didn’t kill herself, she was killed in a car accident and she was possibly messing with some deep black magic, and opened a door that couldn’t be closed. Mausberg wasn’t killed at his release party, he was killed on his way to a 4th of july party. His grandson was killed by his daughters BOYFRIEND, not by his daughter herself. I wonder tho how much time did she get for that one.

      • She did kill herself she kept talking about dying she had a death wish and yes she was doing magic

  6. Natina reed killed by a car, Irv gotti arrested career died Petey Pablo arrested, tha realest shot he lived, kat Williams stayed in trouble when he was hanging with suge too many people suge jinxed

  7. Pac isnt dead they want suge to give up oac orlando anderson was a decoy pac and suge set up shooting themselves

  8. PAC dead suge must have held him down while they shot him or used PAC as a shield then suge who knew the Vegas area well drove around in circles while PAC bled to death

    The stuff that went through PACs mind in his LST days I bet he was thinking I didn’t sign for this all those death threats he made he made lits of songs wishing death on big, nas, puff, jiga, dre, and mobb deep now look at him they here while he’s dead

    • Pac is NOT dead dude… You need to quit buying what the media tells you, and go investigate for yourself. The entire shit that went down Sept 6 1996 was a grand hoax, fit with crisis actors and all. Same thing with Biggie. A LOT of shit does not add up.

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