Suge Knight: “Tupac’s Not Dead.. Puffy’s a B*tch Azz”


Suge Knight is re-hatching rumor of Tupac being alive.

The onetime H.N.I.C. of Death Row Records shared his take on why there’s been no arrest in connection to Tupac’s murder.. and made it a point to punk “b*tch azz Puffy” in the process.

“You’ll have a mutha f*cka walking down the street and say ‘Suge Knight killed Tupac’.. but at the same time, B*tch azz Puffy can have every rat in the world say he the one that killed Tupac.. or had him shot.”

Suge’s spilled his word last night, after paparazzi ran into Suge on Sunset Blvd.. just steps away from Chateau Marmont. Not too sure what the deal with Suge’s “Bompton” shirt, but there’s got to be some kind of message behind it. Don’t you agree?

“Everybody know one thing about me.. I don’t care if they a n*gga in Hollywood or any n*gga in the streets — especially Hollywood rappers.”

Here’s why Suge had to say:

“I ain’t never in my life told on mutha f*ckas. If people ask me if I know who killed Tupac.. I’m not sayin’ Tupac dead or alive.. I’m saying if people ask me who killed Tupac, I’m sayin ‘absolutely not.’ I don’t get down like that.

One thing people gotta realize.. this mutha f*cka is born and raised out here. You supposed to respect the mutha f*ckas that live out here ’cause right now we got a lot of out-of-towners livin’ out here and they ain’t said nothn’ about it.

…everybody know off the top that I ain’t the n*gga that killed Tupac.. I’m the n*gga that protected Tupac. At the same time, b*tch azz Puffy can have every rat in the world say he the one that killed Tupac.. or had him shot.

There was a rat on television saying he the one that did the shooting.. this happened, that happened. If you think about it, what you think no one been arrested if they the one said they killed Tupac? Because Tupac’s not dead. If he was dead they’d be arresting those dudes for murder.”


  1. Suge is on some shit. The powers that be could care less about who killed Tupac. Tupac was a threat to the “dumbing down” of black youth. He spilled knowledge and he told the truth. He broke a rule when he said that Quincy Jones tried to f*ck him. Tupac couldn’t be controlled. That’s why he’s dead and that’s why many other prominent black people are dead (and some white people). We are living in the Devil’s world and Tupac refused to play by the Devil’s rules. R.I.P. Tupac, you are gone but never forgotten.

    • What are you talking about? Tupac worked for the devil himself, Mr Suge Knight. He was a great rapper and both his and Biggie’s deaths have left a void in the music world but let’s not make him out to be more than what he was.

        • He was not only a top artist in the music industry, he was also an A list movie star. Unless Tupac was independently wealthy(which he wasn’t), he was being controlled by the powers that be and I’m not talking about the wack ass illuminati or some regular ole Jewish people either.

          • The rap game was almost 100% black owned, independent when Pac was doing it. The majors just distributed and got out of the way. It’s why you’ve seen the drastic shift in the industry from what was around in the 90’s to this homo shit that they pass off as rap music, f*cking disco/techno hybrid shit promoting gay lifestyles, popping pills, and white brands for free. If you can’t see those differences since this shift took place, I don’t know what to tell you. Also, at what time was 2Pac ever in an A list movie….people loved his acting because the brother was good at it, not because he was chosen and indoctrinated into their world like a Jamie Foxx, Will Smith, and several of these other coons that we know had to get down to be down. People would tell you to this day, Pac was still hanging out in Atlanta with his family and normal black folks 80% of his time. Sorry, but you’re off-base on this one because you’re not realizing the context of the change in times since this happened.

      • All musicians are in the game. The question becomes, to what extent will they play by the rules? When Tupac sand certain others won’t play along , they wind up dead. I don’t know if Tuoac is dead or alive. Let’s just say I think he is dead enough. But he did try to resist the PTB. He deserves some credit for that, trite as it sounds

        • Anon 17:53
          I believe Tupac was killed because he was bucking against Suge’s system, not the powers that be.
          I mean Tupac had been making conscious music for awhile, he wasn’t killed until he hooked up with Suge.
          I’m not denying Tupac’s genius or the powerful influence he had over a lot of young people of color. I just think he made a huge mistake hooking up with Suge and that’s what cost him his life.

          • I believe u need to shut da f*ck up! Suge is a Aries nigga! Suge is a wise but Real nigga! If he had sumthin to do with Pac murder? He will reap it but i kno he didnt pull the trigger! Somebody please melt this hoe on two pieces of wheat bread!Fuck on…

          • @ cheesy chris are you aware that there were attempts on Pac’ s life way before he went to death row? They were trying to silence tupac for along time. You should research tupac’ s family, then you might get it.

            • Right ! But this donkey dont know shit about Pac! Shut up an somebody throw the cheese in the Trash! Ha!

          • Yep, people act like they don’t know. It’s also breathtaking to see how thoroughly the minstream media has brainwashed the subsequent generation since this happened. Like I’ve enver heard any mainstream report of the death threats Pac got his last year of his life from the same people who shot him in NYC, the whole Orlando Anderson connection to Bad Boy since a bounty was put out on the Death Row chain and that was the whole reason Pac rushed him that night (Anderson had stolen another chain in LA from another Eath Row artist while the media continues to say to this day, he snatched Pac’s that night, which led to the fight), the Bad Boy connection to the Crips, the words given to Pac that he ended his Makaveli album with from his other buddy who he thought knew the setup was on, Stretch, of “Get your money right before you go to war” from these same people, the death threats called to the hospital and to Death Row headquarters telling them they were going to finish him off while Pac was still trying to pull the plugs out and get out of the hospital before they put him into a medically induced coma and took his lung out, and we can go on and on with so much that they don’t ever say even though it’s been 18 years almost now. But MTV News and other mainstream outlets have said enough times that 2Pac was a troublemaker on a troublemaking label, so he deserved what he got, and most of these kids have bought into it.

            I mean, I hear so much that Pac was negative his time on Death Row, but I would like to ask those people saying he was, what would you have done if two of your so called homies knew people were coming to blow your head off and didn’t say a word to you? I would have been a whole lot more negative than he was. He was way more positive than I ever would have been in the same circumstance. The only reason Pac was on Death Row was because they had the manpower to go up against the fools that eventually did kill him. The music he made was no different from what he started with or maybe you forget “Violent” or “Crooked N***” from his first album. He was just venting more at people who he thought were his homies (Biggie) who chose their money and fame over their boy.

      • Bitch go choke on a big dick hoe! Tupac bowl movements have more value than yo hating ass! You aint neva gon get no attention from no man cuz u a Hatin ass thot! Makavelli in dis Bitch! How dare u try to lessen Pac! He meant more to niggas an u meant less to your kinfolks! Tramp ass…. Be gone bitch!

      • Say cheese is a piece of shit! Everybody please flush your toilet on this hatin on the dead hoe! Fuck u bitch! MAKAVELLI!

        • Why am I commenting on the same site as that pig Queen Moe?
          In the real world the only acknowledgement you would receive from me is a 10 cents for you washing my car windows while I’m sitting at the red light.
          Get off the internet, grab your squeegee and get back to work you dirty pig.

      • last time I checked not everyone donates money or time to causes especially w/o bragging about it. If one is not famous or not setting up a photo op if one is famous. So if you believe tupac worked for the devil you can pretty much say that about anyone in this country unless they are working for a non corporate entity or a non profit capitalistic fueled career. Or pays taxes to have drone kill innocent children in other countries.

        Unless you have read or listened to his lyrics from the albums that were complete and/or released while he was alive or read/watch his uncensored interviews you would realize he seemed to be during that time period fighting censorship and cared about uplifting people. What other famous person or person period who has everything to lose shoot two off duty cops that were harassing a couple for no reason that were complete strangers to him? More importantly I betcha 99% of people would ignore someone being harasses by cops if they were on their way to a party specifically to celebrate themselves.

        P.S. the devil as u claim works for the feds and take a guess as what?????

      • Tupac was a huge fan of Prince Machiavelli. Have you read that story?

        • Niccolo Machiavelli wasn’t a prince. He was essentially a type of diplomat/ politician. But I get your point. he wrote “The Prince”. And yes, he believed in faking ones on death and how to be a politician, prince or president you sometimes had to be a liar, ruthless and inhumane. I think Pac was a fan of bitter cold realism and that’s why he was such a huge fan. Did it inspire him to fake his own death? Hmmmmmm…..

      • No Tupac used the media/music industry to send knowledge to those that were to weak to turn off there music and read. He knew a way to lead us into the ways of our Ancestors. That’s why he was killed he was rising as a Messiah in the black community and that’s a big threat to whites and their offsprings

    • I know you are right. True power rests in true people. Going against the truth is not natural.

  2. Suge sounds stupid by saying Pac was born in California when he was actually born in East Harlem which technically makes Pac a out of Towner,second is it me or does suge sounds like if he actually had something to do with Pac murder he would be mad that puff would get the shine for it.this nigga really is crazy.

    • I think so because if suge didnt have anything to do with it and believed puff did, suge would have been put a hit out on puff. They say that’s why big was murdered but I don’t know if suge would have stopped at big.

      • Biggie got murdered because Puffy and whoever he’s affiliated with owed those Crips for killing Pac and didn’t pay. Stop going on what the mainstream media told you. Pac got death threats the whole last year of his life, warned off about him getting killed in the future by his old homeboy, Stretch, had these same people calling up to Death Row while he was dying talking about they were coming to the hospital to finish him off, Bad Boy put a bounty on the chain that started the same MGM fight, and Pac told you himself before he died who helped set him up the first time. It’s like some of you slow motherf*ckers need this shit drawn out in pictures for you to finally say, “Yea, Sean Combs probably had something to do with killing Pac” instead of this dumb shit about Suge being involved. That is honestly the dumbest lie that has ever taken hold in hip hop.

  3. I have no clue on rather pac is alive or not but apart of me really wish he survived this wicked game at any means necessary smh, he came from a team of warriors. I have nothing but respect for this brother.

  4. Bompton is what a “blood “would call Compton because bloods don’t use the letter C that represents Crips

  5. I often wondered if pac is still alive. Now I am sure he is dead because suge says he is alive. Suge is a big liar, everything he says is the opposite, his track record.

  6. suge already snitched on the killer of pac

    go read the book monster by cody scott

  7. This nigga just talking out of his ass to get some press…and you did it for him Jacky. Smh.

  8. Tupac is still alive …everytime u put a cd on you can still get knowledge from old pac albums any of them pac was a nostradamus of our time. “They cuttin off welfare they think crime is rising now”that was 92 ” plane fell from the sky we tryin to figure what happen” pac seen more shit comin then we will ever know but he was teachin every one that listened to him how to survive threw these times right now…everyone in the industry knows who killed pac and it wasn’t suge.

      • You a dumb f*ck! Go eat a mayonaise sandwich on 2 pieces of paper! You gotdam fool! This bitch just enrolled @PorshaWilliamsSchoolOfDumbHoes….Foh bitch!

    • Were you speaking metaphorically? Because you said he’s still alive…but everyone knows who killed him Sorry ,I’m on my second glass of wine waiting for the interview with that trans

    • Exactly! Now thats the best statement anyone has left in regards to this story! An the mothaf*ckas askin u who did it r Dumb as f*ck! You Uncultured f*cks! The Knowledge dont seep in everybody vains. I may curse an talk about the Dumb bitches on this site but a nizzle know that Pac was murdered. Too powerful , Too wise an most certainly Too Black!

  9. Suge is losing his mind! He killed Tupac when he introduced him to Gang life, Pac wasn’t no Piru or Crip, but he played the role to stay on fat ass Suges good side. If you not from Southern Cali, stay outta the way leave them Ru’s and Crips alone. Orlando Andersen hasn’t been arrested bcuz he’s dead.

    • Exactly. I just read about an 8 yr. old whose head was smashed by a teenager who raped his 12 yr. old sister that he was trying to defend.

      Now, that is a real azz kid. The criminal teenager is a punk lowlife who I hope will spend the rest of his life in jail.

      These other “gangstas” are nothin’ but cowards who terrorize the black community.

      When it is time to go to the FEMA camps, be placed back into chains or at the end of a rope, black kkk like Suge won’t even have to be handcuffed, they will willingly go.

    • I totally agree Lonn, Tupac made the fatal mistake that night getting into a scuffle with a real gang member that PAC only pretended to be, Pac was a OAKLAND dude not a Southern Cali guy, he didn’t understand the rules of gang banging in Southern California like when other gang members see you hanging with a particular OG from a GANG SET they automatically think that you are apart of that SET Tupac didn’t understand that and he lost his life because of it

      • Tupac comes from a fam of political prisoners that were killin the police & breaking out of prisons but he was pretend??? Are u serious?? Tupac had to disappear b4 the whites malcolm X’d him, get a clue!!

      • Disagree. Thats the overlay for the underlay! That lil bullshit scoffle aint y pac is dead. He was murdered by the higher wigs an they used Ghetto niggas to finish the bidnizz. ITS BIGGER THAN BLOODS AN CRIPs boo!

  10. This quote was said as he was coming out of Lindsay Lohan’s former home! If you spent all nite getting high, you’d be talking some mess about too! WE ALL HAVE!

  11. Is that right shug? You lost 3 of the dopest rappers and the hottest producer in the business then the company or label and puff out here still dance ‘en and still have bad boy even if it ain’t hot no more and you need attention what you think your doing you rat’en out pac if he ain’t dead I don’t think he’d want people knowing that me personally I think both you cowards had a part in both those cat’s situation that took place now I don’t know if pac is dead or not but he is in my eyes how could he ever come back?

      • Yep, yet these coon lovers like to give him props. The reason he’s still getting paid is because he’s a known switch hitter who is a puppet for the same shit Pac warned youa bout in his last interviews, poisoning the youth with that shit that the rap industry has become. And people who keep saying it was like that, you need to get a clue. Before when Death Row was running shit, almost every rap label was black owned with the majors just distributing. Now, the major labels control every aspect of the so called game, down to who gets on and who gets shine or not. They used a conduit like Puffy to get it done, but the dummies who want to keep giving him props, keep sounding stupid while you do that.

  12. Of course Tupac isn’t dead! He is living inside of Suge Knight’s fat stomach!


    • Theres no such thing as a afterlife because when one dies the spirit resurrects back through another family member so,in reality,you the flesh dies the spirit says around forever.We’ve all be here before just in a different form.Remember Teena Marie’s song”I’ve Been Here Before”?We’ll be around fore ever.

      • I don’t believe in reincarnation. I am here now for a finite ,limited time and then I will be resurrected in my current form on judgment day to answer for my life’s deeds, good and bad. That’s it. One shot is all anyone gets.

        • I agree with you anon. The bible says the dead are in a sleep and they know nothing. On judgement day the dead in Christ will rise first and be caught up to meet him in the air. Then every one else will face judgement. Be ware of all these strange doctrines.

  14. I’ve never been impressed with gangs, gang life,, or culture. So basically I could care less. Its all retarded.

  15. Its crazy how the crips and bloods uses the same colors as the democrats and replublicans

      • red is the color of blood and most high priests wear red.

        red and purple are the colors of the mother of all harlots the catholics worship the so called mother nary or mary magdelene there was always 3 marys.

        whioch goes back to the triple goddess or the 3 in one or the triumvirate.

        or the mother, the virgin and the whore concept.

        • the mother goddess concept goes back to the ancient world all this lady of Fatima which is another name of mary or black Madonna and baby jesus which is a copy of isis and horus.

          all religions copied from other religions or cults or mythologies.

          jesus can be compared to Apollo or ra since they all represented the sun.

          • Jesus does not represent the sun. He is The Son. This is a very important distinction. Jesus has nothing to do with with false deity sun worship.

            • @ B A, sun worship in ancient times, usually had to do with agricultural based economies, and their dependence on the seasons. The Sabbath is actually Saturday. But the American/European tradition of attending church on Sunday apparently evolved as a reaction to the industrial revolution and the creation of the weekend.

            • @Anon 19:44 Our ancestors always kept Sabbath until it was changed as a rebellion by Constantine unto Sunday which is pagan.Worship in church on a Sunday is nowhere in the bible and Sunday is also the worship of the Egyptian sun God Rah..

          • Ik zeitgeist… don’t even argue about religion… its futile.. but I wish u and me could chat more…










    • Thats some knowledge right there an i dont think yo crazy ass bullshittin cuz its sounds real! Cuz like u said bloods an crips r serving a death agenda an thats all the way 100! Right on crazy chris! Only ignorant nigga cant understand mathematics. That was some real shit. BLACK GENOCIDE BASICALLY!

    • Though I respect to knowledge you bring let me respectfully interject,California is named after a black woman named Queen Calafia who was the Queen of blackwomen on that Island before it became a City/State.

      • last time I checked most names in Cali are derived from Latin or English imperialists that conquered and destroyed native Americans already here. Only a few of the native american names still exist. California comes from the Spaniards who said Cali reminded them of a fictional place in a book because of the vast and different ecosystems besides its natural beauty.

      • The book’s name is Las Sergas de Esplandián (The Adventures of Esplandián)

        • thats where the wearing of gold teeth came from. the thugs or the thuggettes used to hide the loot (gold) in their mouth

          • They said Russell Simmons used to have a statute of the goddess kali in his front yard of his house he once owned

    2 + 3 = 5 5 POINT STAR

  18. SB I like your irreverence…always have. But you could dial down the mean about 50% and still be witty.

  19. I can only speak on what I see with my own eyes so I dont know if tupac is dead but what I do know is he spoke alot of truth which pissed alot of people off and still kept spitting it cause he didnt give a f*ck. Thats some gangsta shit for yo ass if I ever saw one. Much love and major respect to my nigga pac.

  20. @loon and ent goon …do yall think it was a coicedence pac rushed orlando on that floor at the casino…there was a hit out for suge and pac that night bounty was for a million. if suge wanted pac killed he not dumb enough to be in the driver seat .pac died but Suge didn’t die. so dudes showed up at big album party wantin the bread they wanted to get the hell out of la someone didn’t wanna be seen wit o cuz of the type of people in the room. If this persoN would have payed big might be alive today. The two responsible are as guilty as the other…. rip tupac rip biggie smalls rip pimp c thank god he left me scarface…..

    • Whites wanted tupac dead why u think his aunt is terrorist número uno??? Public ed dumbs u down y’all need to do some research on his fam pronto!!

      • co sign and its sad the amount of ignorance that exists especially knowing the history of even just the last 50 years between blacks and whites and government/politics in this country!

    • Yep, I’ve heard this theory from alot of homies from LA who are in those streets. I know the whole reason Pac rushed dude that night was because they snatched a Death Row chain in LA the week before, not because he snatched Pac’s like the media continues to repeat until this day. Bad Boy put a bounty out for the chain because they were going to put in one of their videos, and they were well known to use that Crip set for protection when LA, which Puffy was all the time. I always heard the bounty was only for Pac though because he was the one that they wanted dead who set him up the first time, and who was affiliated with Bad Boy in the background, kind of like Preme with Murder Inc. Puffy kind of told on himself in that infamous Vibe interview because he said “Pac knows who shot him.” So first you say you and your guys didn’t know anything, and wouldn’t be a party to anything like that but then you say “He knows who shot him.” Which is it Fruity combs, especially considering that you and Pac weren’t on speaking terms?

      The whole reason that Pac was on Death Row because Suge obviously had the connections to protect him, but they just got caught slippin’ that night. Pac said Suge was trying to sign him for years, and then he just did it through his ex-wife while he was locked up and still getting death threats then. People never bring up the broads in the car on the other side that had them distracted right before the hit went down, none of this shit. It’s almost like the mainstream media has an agenda they’re pushing. Hmmm.

      • Not to mention suge was the only one offering up his million dollar bail at the time. Puff didn’t forsee big paying with his life for all of this, he’s got to live with that!

        • another falsehood interscope didn’t want to be associated w/ tupac at the time because of the cop controversy and rape set up. The amount Suge put up was less than half of what interscope put up they just allowed Suge to take full credit. RESEARCH

          • Ok so does the amount matter? The deal was made by way of suge. Who were these other people offering to help with bail?…….I’m waiting

  21. love 2pac but its funny how he died and all his enemies moved on and made millions.

    puff was already rich and a ceo but dre, snoop, and jsay z became millionaires and ceos and made more money than pac ever did.

    faith moved on remarried.

    ll made movioes and tv shows, jada pinkett married will smith and is enjoying more fame now than before.

    suge went to jail but still made money off pac til he lost deathrow.

    • Its not funny. All of tge niggas u named except jada promotes bullshit so of course kill the last dying breed an move in the Bullshit! All u name supports gay shit an has openly an freely promoted the Rich elite brands for free. The devil takes care of his children an alk them niggas love working for the Devil! Crazy chris shut up cuz u sound like a lowkey hater an a flipflop Hoe!

      • Yep, preach to these fools praising these coons. A coward dies 1000 times, a soldier dies but once.

    • That’s what I’m saying. This is one time the conspiracy theorist are refusing to look at what’s right in front of their eyes. It’s possible there were other people involved in Tupac’s death but at least one of the people you listed above (minus Jay Z)are directly responsible for Tupac’s death.
      Ultimately Tupac was responsible for his own demise when he started hanging out with Shug. Shug stopped paying him and Tupac and wanted out, Shug did what he had to do in order to keep the money flowing.

  22. What does suge wanna be. Famous for being a what know. Fade away and enjoy the quiet life. You don’t deserve it but you still have a life.

  23. All of the commenters who think that Tupac is dead are dumb asses. Lack of research “cough, cough.. in which black Americans lack to do” keeps people in the dark about most of the things that are happening in the world today that the majority do not even know about. Tupac is a very smart man and knew what he was getting himself into and knew what kind of sacrifices he had to make in order to get out. I would also put Michael Jackson on the list too because he is not dead. Dumb ass Americans have been fooled ever since this country was stolen/ found by European settlers. Lol

    • Tupac is alive in our hearts and assholes! Everytime I take a shit, I remember Pac and his horrible “poetry”.

      • You were conceived from horse shit u dumb stupid mothaf*cka! If u not a fag just goe gay! Cuz i dont c no real bitch unless it has a dick… Wanting to f*ck with yo faggot retarded ass! Were you left in a burger king bathroom ir a dumpster? You f*ckin Idot!

    • Get out of here you stinken hamite. With that stink ass cologne y’all wear.

    • All African hamites smell like shit!And heres Alittle info,Africa is named after a European Settler named Leonardo Sipuous Africanos. So chew on that,you disgusting,blood drinking,Heathen.God hates Africans,ask your father Ham.

  24. Don’t do that. If you have something to share just do it. And w/out all the condescending name calling. It’s unnecessary.
    I’ve heard that MJ and Tupac are still alive. And Emimen , Paul Macartney, are actually dead, and have been replaced by doubles. It’s impossible to do bonafide research on these types of conspiracy theories because its all speculation and gossip anyway. Internet Sources and social media are not credible.But that doesn’t mean that we as Americans are asleep or stupid.

    • Exactly people want to exalt their so called insight, but don’t don’t take the time to enlighten… full of shit

    • You are right Anon. 1:03. Eminem, Paul McCarthy, and even George Bush were replaced. You don’t need to go to gossip or blog sites to research this trust me. And its true there are many, many, many things that are going on in this land behind closed doors that most Americans are either unaware of or are too ignorant to research. I have been saying this forever: everything that you know (specifically Americans) or you think you know is a fraud, including the school system, healthcare/medical system, religion, government, media, etc. People need to wake up and realize what is really going on and who is really behind all of this. This is way deeper than illuminati/secret society issue. There are really many things people do not know about

      • I agree the American people have been programmed to be bamboozled. It begins with Disney and the education system. By the time people are adults they are brainwashed. My grandmother drilled in my head as a child to believe none of what I hear and half of what I see.

  25. Bompton is a Blood’s way of saying Compton since they don’t use -Bs. Its called BB Bridges.

    Instead of saying “call me,” they’d say “ball me.” I know… Bad example.

  26. pac and suge had to be brought down they was too cocky pac was bragging bout taking 5 shots and laughing about it.

    • You a Bitchmade ass nigga! An somebody need to whoop yo ass with a Fat ass dick! Thats wat u want bitch! Dont speak brother Pac name out yo mouth! You bitch! Fuck you. An you a Hater! Pac mashed on niggas cuz that was wat was needed. Faggot ass bitch! Go pop yo Boy p*ssy.

  27. the brother pac was no different than cointelpro of the 60’s. organizations like the nation of god’s and earth’s,black panthers,nation of islam, and the list goes on. the main reason why these organizations are able to infiltrate is because of dissension within that organization.

    nowadays these same organizations save millions in funding now because of social media. despite how everyone is all fearful of the police and your latest secret society, earthlings are the ones responsible for volunteering their personal information,photos,gang affiliations and so on.

    if pac would of governed his tongue more accordingly and chose more carefully of the people he had around him; the brother might have still been here today. unfortunately there are those within and outside the industry that are more than willing to exploit these type of situations.

    when will black people wake the f*ck up and realize that we are the greatest conspirators against our culture? these organizations infiltrated by using our OWN PEOPLE! so f*ck a conspiracy theory and the illuminati. i have watch my back from my own kind smdh.

    • Sorry but I found your comment to be stupid. Not helpful or informative at all. Just your attempt at race baiting and insulting the race.

        • no, im from right here and i repeat, i do not find your commentary to be at all helpful. but since we are onthe subject of where folks are from, where are you from? you dont sound like fam, so im picking up a distinct air of infaltrating imposter.

      • Actually Anon,he is right Black folks are our worst enemy, we dont know how to reunite,but we will,that is why Malcom X said to look around,who is your worst enemy and its us,we are our worst enemy.

        • Any enslaved people are THEIR OWN WORST ENEMY. Why do you think mental cruelty and poor living conditions are part and parcel to enslavement?

    • People seem to forget that Pac was only 25 when he died. Damn the brother didn’t get a chance to figure it all out. While people like you run your mouth, Pac was living it. Rip tupac

  28. I dont understand what he saying but i do know bompton stands for a blood from compton. Lol

  29. 2pac and Mj are alive,there is video proof of MJ dressing up as the white cancer patient,the interview with Larry King,and 2pac aint dead.Thank God cus that nigga is a prophet,GOD got thangs for tupac to do.

  30. Yes sir! Pac was running shit in his Hay day! Dont yall get that shit twisted. R.i.p Makavelli!

    • Hey Queen Moe,
      Are you looking for a job? Or is that welfare check holding you down?

  31. Suge sexy ass cud of ‘Bompton’ with me any day! His ass was Foine back in 95 shiiiiitt! I was a teen but Pac an Suge were Mad Hot an Nate dog too lol R.i.p Suge was Super Sexy his Big ass! Lol

  32. #truth Orlando Anderson pulled the trigger,
    Suge helped to set it up once PAC had fullfilled his contract. Suge didn’t want him off of death row as he owed PAC money and already mortgaged his masters w/o PACs knowledge to interscope. Suge and PAC even when on good terms argued over all eyez counting as two albums even though at the time sounds can etc counted a double album as two. Once makaveli was finished that was #3.
    PAC had an audit done on money owed, fired Kenner who was all of deathrows acts attorney including Suge. (conflict of interest)

    The east vs west was blown out of proportion and was a problem that PAC had w/ biggy and Suge w/ puffy over an associate of suges being murdered at a party.

    Suge told security that night to bring guns and the only one who had one was taken off PAC. Suge also convinced PAC to not wear his vest that night.

    Orlando Anderson triggerman

    Suge helped to orchestrate and try to manipulate & control PAC for the powers that be so he would sell out his political and ethical ideals to promote negativity in his music and/or acting career.

    Feds had been after him a while the rape charge was a set up and if people would read know that hatian jack and his co hosts set PAC up after he declined signing w/ bad boy or allowing himself to be extorted.

    Bottom line if you were a black panther you were on the govt radar and he had way too much influence and as a poster above said was uncontrollable. That is a lethal combo for someone that is speaking for the oppressed against the oppressors of the world and amerikkka was not having it.

    He was made an example of what will happen to you if you fight the powers that be, why do you think Nas went into hiding after biggys death?

    W/ PACs death the floodgates were now opened for coonery/ratchet/materialistic to become mainstream and what constitutes the majority of what rap has become since his passing.

    No offense but puffy jay z and was are all about self cause if they weren’t they would be in the same place JFK Malcolm and PAC would be……..DEAD

    • 3rd attempt to post this because I supposedly am typing and posting too “quickly”

      Great post, HSK Historians are the best!!

      • The photo of Suge driving the car that night with Pac as a passenger is very telling

  33. Haitian jack was one of pacs homies before the death row days remeber above the rim?? Pac said out his. Own mouth he was portraying jack as birdy …jack was workin for the feds thou. you wanna know what really happened google the lyrics to against all odds with no beat it reads like a confession. Jack is no joke thou ask wyclef he extortin him from jail. any rapper in new yorkback then who wasn’t real had to see jack….

  34. pac released negative spirits in his music and it came back on him and suge how many times deathrow flirted with death and satan.

  35. makaveli was a dark album it was like pacs last will and testimony every song remindeed you of death plus it was released after pacs death.

    then you get that gothic cover of pac being crucified.

    • Truth Slayer for president! You are a real nigga an everything you wrote us 100! Salute!

  36. Damn! Im a Baaaaaaad Assssss Bitch! Mothaf*cka so shook by The Queen… They done made a Username to address the Homie!!!!!!!! I run this bitch an thanks to all you fools who take time out your day, When yo bum ass should be moving but instead yo tired Loser bum ass want to try to diss me lol! Much love to those who show love instead of weakness. As a fellow ‘Sag’…. My sauce is the Flavor an i love when nobody niggas talk slick bout me! Ha! I may be a hoe but i aint no Broke bum hoe like yo momma! Bravo bitch! You have shown the world you love me BITCH! She won an u r always goin to b a Loser!!!!! Ha!

    • If God be for you, who be against you? The more folks slander and curse you, the more they bless you, little do they know. The more God opens the doors to abundance and prosperity in your life. Don’t block your blessings by giving them anything other than positive energy and wishing them well. You’ll be richly rewarded for it.

      • Hey Bella.. An thanks sis for the encouragement. I dont take myself or these silly peeps too seriously. Its down time for me but some of these Fools are ridiculous lol. I think its cute. Stay up bella an an many blessings.

      • How are you going to encourage this person who grossly disrespects anyone who disagrees with her point of view? I thought you were cool Bella but if you are rolling around in the mud with that pig Queen Mo, I don’t know about you now.

  37. We love u moe. For all you done. Like……………………………………………………………………………….oh that’s right now I remember….”………………………………f*ck all. Job we’ll done.

  38. Even though I know what kind of audience some speaking to right now I’m going to go ahead andsay it anyway Tupac is tge reincarnate of John the Baptist. It is not meant for him to die this time just like jesus will not die this.time. Tupac Shakur is still alive kust like Jesus….


  40. how in the f*ck do the morons behind this so called street blog not know what the B in place of the C in compton means? Can someone explain that? what the f*ck…

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