Suge Knight Checks Kris Jenner For Bodyguard Gig

Suge Knight Seeking Job

HSK Exclusive – You know the game’s gone left when Suge Knight’s reported to be getting at Kris Jenner’s assistant, asking for a job as a bodyguard for the the K-Klan!

That’s the word we’re getting… that reveals the former Death Row Records HNIC recently contacted Kris Jenner’s “Jenner Communications” to make the inquiry.

“The Kardashians never got back to him.”

Dig the Drop:

“Suge is looking for work. He didn’t get any of the Kardashian’s on the line… but he did get Kris’ assistant, Katt.”


  1. Kris deals with shady people like the Girls Gone Wild dude. Theyre like best friends. It wouldn’t surprise me if She and Suge are friends as well. You cant get to the top without doing some shady shit.

  2. I thought Kanye shot Suge in Miami a few years back. Then Suge sued his behind in court but got nothing. I know Kanye must be scared. As evil as Kris is Im sure she’ll take Suge on his offer.

    • kanye did not have suge shot that was one of suge’s enemies possibly henchmen giving him a warning.

      kanye may think hes jesus but he needs permission from his bosses to even think about taking out another cult member.

    • I was there at Shoreclub that night. Suge’s clumsy ass shot himself in the leg. Seriously. He just was too embarrassed to admit it.

  3. Ha, ha, ha, ha shug been knocked out twice who the hell wanna have him as a body guard? and that’s a thirsty move shug love the drama he craves drama like a bitch big shug trying to get mixed up with these fame thirsty whores the deserve each other he just as fulla shit as they all the way fake asses

    • LOL. I was thinking the same thing. That little dude who was the barber who laid him out is the one who should be looking for work as a body guard. Suge got a glass jaw. LOL.

      • suge was cocky thinking nobody was gonna beat him ever suge forget hjes no longer the force he was in the 90’s and he got old.

        even goliath fell.

  4. Kris assistant Matt? Do these freaks only associate with people who have K names? It’s like a ghetto ass nursery rhyme

  5. Well when Kris & the “girls” need a blood sacrifice, they know who to call to do the hit….ask Diddy.

  6. Anyone stupid enough to hire Suge as a bodyguard will surely end up dead like Tupac. This “gangsta” gorilla needs to have several seats and fade slowly into 1990s obscurity.

  7. Kris wants the material items that come from urban culture, the grimy side would make her s**t in her pants.

  8. she messed up bruce jenner he looks like a melted tissue nasty this family get famous from a sex they talk about sex alot

    • bruce was always in the closet his first wife said he used to wear lingerie in the bedroom.

      bruce wants to be a bitch more power to him.

      • Kris made that up like she does all the men in the family once the marriages have failed. She runs straight to US Weekly and starts ripping them apart.

        • kris probaly taught bruce how to be a woman.

          she probaly used to watch bruce with other men.

        • kris is evil sooner or later someone will speak out about this awful family

        • Yeah but that could be to make himself look younger. Somehow I never fully believed the trans story. That might be Kris w her press contacts trying to bring him down. It’s clear she wants him back.

  9. Someone wants the kkk killed off. That will happen if you would have suge as a bodyguard I can see it now he is driving them a round and some one pull up a shoot them he gets hit in the head they ask him who killed the kkk and he walks a way saying he is not a snitch

  10. Well, well, well Suge went from HNIC to wanting to be Kris’s boyguard bitch yes the mighty have fallen and its nice to see!! Two demons banning together, I wonder how that will work out for them. Katt Williams was smart to get the hell away from Suge. The devil is dangerous!!!

  11. the new untouchable deathrow when suge was going around calling his label that it was time to bring suge down a notch unfortunately pac had to be killed in order for suge to fall.

    suge spent 4 years in prison his label lost clout with dre and snoop gone deathrow was finished the east, Midwest, and south started getting more popular.

  12. kris might end up phukking suge knight because hes so gangster.

    I can see kris and suge as a couple.

  13. kris slept with oj whether he’s khloes dad or not still oj used to phukk kris and then kris phukked rick james and richard pyror.

    rick james said all these white bitches wanted a piece of me.

    the p*ssy you get once you become famous.

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