Erica Mena Caught Creepin’ On Cyn Santana?


HSK Exclusive – Just recently… Erica Mena was all up in the all-female Miami bashes, known as “Sweet Heat Miami”. A source tells up the reality personality was bumpin’, grindin’ and mackin’ on a number of ladies in the 305.

Dig the Drop:

“Erica made her presence be known. I didn’t see Cyn Santana though.”


  1. She is just a complete trick she will f*ck anything another thirsty big mouth prostitute is there nothing she won’t suck or f*ck? Nasty as hell

  2. Is this a picture of the all female bash? I’m thinking not because the that lil thing to the far right may or may no be a female. Hell the face and the outfits screams Russell Westbrook to me. But everytime behind them looks like dudes. Looks like I see swizz beaks, lil Jon, or waka flaka fire back there. This looks like a wack rapper retirement home annual dance to me

  3. Give Mena a break y’all. She’s not at all a “trick.’ How was she creepin when she uploaded these kinds of pics to her own instagram and does so every time she hits the clubs? Mena’s a club kid and she turns up when she’s out and about. Cyn knows that about her. Mena doesn’t cross the line into ‘creepin’ or “cheatin’ on Cyn. And yes, their relationhip is, in fact, real. Mena loves that woman to the nth power. Let Mena LIVE, man. What you’ve seen on LHHNY is not all there is to know about the woman. She’s multi-layered. #MenaArmy

    • Lol they want mena to cheat so bad its pathetic lol, this was at a party she hosted in miami with rapper diamond for a lesbian event! She talked about cym the entire damn time and took fan pics. why do ppl look for drama in things that are Innocent? Lol I will never know erica even posted these pics on her own ig along with hundreds of others from hosting. Some blogs do to much. Let the girl live, she famous getting money and got the baddest chick on her arm. She winning

      • Girl bye. She’s nasty, that whole scene looks nasty. What is your definition of success? You call that winning. Smh

      • This blog brought all the dikes out. Oh well I’m off to go see what else Jacky is talking about.

  4. You guys are so f*ckin lame call this woman out her name and you know nothing about her or her future wife. Do better losers!

  5. I attended the event and she was not messing with no females like that and talked about her gf like crazy. And diamond (purple hair) is back with soulja boy

  6. That stud sporting a cap and a looks hella corky from life goes on. Looks like Mena is just having a blast at the modern day paper bag party known as South Beach Miami nightlife. Dont see no homo calls needed for this one.

  7. But no one is obligated to talk sh*the because at the end of the day, WE DON KNOW WHAT GOES ON BEHIND CLOSE DOORS. CLOSE DOORS CONSIST OF RELATIONSHIPS!!!!!!

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