Kanye West Bans French Montana From His Wedding In Paris!

Kanye vs. French Montana

“Kanye West doesn’t approve of French being close to his sister-in-law… he wants to be the only rap star in the Kardashian family.”

HSK Exclusive – French Montana may believe he and Kanye are cool… but Kanye’s reported actions say anything but that!

We’re told French asked Khloe to get the green light from Kanye, to be at Kim’s May 24th wedding in Paris. Our tipster tells us… it’s a request which Ye swiftly turned down! Know why? Kanye is said to be holding a grudge against French Montana — over his previous refusal to sign with G.O.O.D. Music.

Here’s the drop:

“French tried hard to get an invite Kanye’s wedding… and Kanye knew this. Kanye told Khloe NO!”


  1. Well seeing as Kim is flying folks over using HER frequent flyer miles, maybe one more coach seat was just crossing the line..

    Only rapper in the family?

    “Getting the green light “?
    I would love if this group of trash got “green lit”!! No one would miss any of them.

    Who is French Montana anyways? No one. I stopped poisoning my brain with hip hop a few yrs ago, and can’t tell you what he sings or raps. Is he black or white or what? Looks fat & broke to me.

    Good luck to both gentlemen on their successes in life.. screwing ugly whores. If French wants real success, he’s gonna have to kill his mama Kanye-style

    • Kanye is really acting like a Queen. But I guess it’s his wedding and it’s becoming quite common for weddings to have TWO BRIDES.

    • I’m sorry, I have only heard one verse that this dude was on. I barely listen to any rap songs anymore. But there are about 5 rappers on here and I noticed that this French dude happens to be the wackest one on the entire song. He gets out done by Chris Brown and CB is not a sef proclaimed rapper. I must warn yall that CB is only talking about women and punannee. But just wait for the wack verse and you will have found old Frenchy….lol


      • he’s just anothger duded puff signed and will drop.

        no french’s not rich hes just hot on the charts and in the streets when his 15 minutes die so will his fake love affair with khloe.

        french is living the american dream get rich and get a white woman.

        • I dought dudes rich. Dude had 1 hit POP THAT in 2012 but the other rappers on the track made him hot. W/o them he sucks bug time. IMO

      • WOW! I didn’t even know he was on the remix. Makin the bay look all kinds of bad with his wack ass. Dudes head is stupid big. Ole bobble head ass.

      • So is he black? At least 1/5th? Cause the way he uses the N word and everyone in the music industry is ok with it its very confusing.

        • Bull-shit! that is why the song got shelved! He has not earned the right to say something like that!

    • Let’s be honest! His response to French Montana song, “Nig….I aint worried about nothing”! What makes French thinks that it is o.k. to make a song like that? Well, that is why it got shelved because he has not earned the right to say it!

  2. Good block that fugazi bitch azz nigga French Montana. Kanye is a brilliant genius and his moves the average cannot begin to fathom why, and make assumptions. French Montana did Trina wrong by f*cking with her scandalous behemoth so called friend Khloe fake azz and ass Kardashian. And he fronted online with jeweler y from a Google search. I can’t stand him.

  3. French Montana is an alcoholic and Khloe is the driver. She follows him all around the country and it looks like she’s driving MS. Daisy. I’m surprised Kris allows her to date this looser, seeing how money hungry they are. I’m sure he can’t be worth much being on bad boys label!

    • On another note. I don’t think “French Montana” and rap star belong in the same category or sentence. He’s using Khloe for the ultimate come up and she don’t even know it.

  4. How he gona ban anybody from some bullshit that should be boycotted by the world anyway. That’s like telling somebody they can’t be a participant in a shit eating contest. This dude crossed the genius line and went full speed into insanity. He can’t be saved, ain’t no coming back for him

  5. Frenchie can’t afford his own ticket??? You don’t gotta go to they punk ass wedding that’s paris. I guess kanye feel like he got enough grown men on his dick (jayz,jamie foxx,etc,etc,) he is morrocan by the way willie jr…

  6. In all honesty, this so-called wedding is an epic fail waiting to happen. The Bride and her Groom are shallow as hell, attention whores on steroids, fake friends, gullible media, hip-hop fools, etc. Any sane person can see what’s going on. Kim and Kris got their sucker wrapped around their fingers, watch the money slip slip away over time, Why? In hollyweird, it’s bizness…What Love?

    • good question holly wood is ruining marriages people marry for stupid reason

      kim is marrying for bragging rites and fame
      kanye is marrying to show off and brag

      • Kanye is trying to piss off person or group by marrying Kim. Since the Taylor Swift episode, it messed him up internally. He’s trying to push the buttons of whitemen, who could care less about Kim…Tell Him That? This is a sad spectacle in totality.

    • I just read that Kanye is going broke and Kim is not spending any of her own money. Kanye didnt invite his cousin (who he’s close with) and most of his family. Also, all the designers he invited hate his guts.

  7. kanye west should of listen to his own advice with the good digger song

    just like alica keys with the karma song

    kanye is a laughing stock even white men are laughing at him clowning him

  8. None of the Black men who hate weaves are going to comment on Khloe’s natural brown, albeit see through hair and her blonde, synthetic ponytail? Anyone?

    • sellout black men are hypocrites they do’t like black women but their white women is acting black

      • Exactly. I just read that Forbes or one of those white magazines said yesterday the bitch from Australia with the fake Black girl from a hood in Cali accent is the top female rapper in the rap game. They can have ALL of that shit.

      • Willie:

        A lot of these people’s stylists don’t like them. Out of all of the celebs I see on tv, Lala Anthony keeps the tightest weaves. Her stylist clearly loves her! My guess is that Lala brings her stylist lunch and Starbucks, pays like she weighs and tips well. Lol. She just seems like a good client.

        • black men are hypocrties they complain about black women wearing weave but not their wanna be black women so is ok for white women to wear weave not black women

  9. lamar was a fool to marry that fat faced built like a farmers wive she’s not beautiful at all

  10. Bella girl of course these coon ass niggas ain’t gonna say shit. They broke asses worship white women for sex and a come up. They play Inspector Gadget when it come to us sisters though. A bitch can have chipped polish on her baby toe and the nigga can’t stop talking about that shit.

    • I’m crying at the baby toe portion of your comment because I’ve seen guys do that. They will try to pick a woman apart like there’s nothing wrong with them. I’m still in tears! LMAO.

      • Them dudes don’t really like women. Shit, ifbyou can come out of the bathroom wih toilet paper hanging out of your jeans, I will say ” hey baby let me help you out”. And If another nigga say something about it I just say, man thats the reason I hollered at her, i know she wipes, Because the last two chics I saw you with I smelled em before I saw em, them nasy chicks need to call Deejay and borrow some baby wipes cause I know them hoes don’t wipe their nasy ass. But dudes who pay too much lattention to and talk bout feet and toes being deal breakers are gayer than Eddie Murphy on boomarang with that pumpadore on his head. That will never get you kicked out of the bed wih me. But I bet if you got real pretty French manicures but your ass smell like a broken trash compacter on a mid August day in Arizona, you getting ejected. If that assis clean we can ake it.

        • Sorry, STICKY keys, I had French manicures, I mean French toast………….a coupe of years ago……lol

          • 1. I laughed so hard, I almost logged in as Belly. Jesus, be an ab roller.

            2. “…your ass smells like a broken trash compactor on a mid-August day in Arizona…” I need a defibrillator.

            I’m mad at your sticky keys, though. My touch screen has chicken grease on it. I need some Glass Plus right about now.

            *sings my favorite rap song* “Roxanne, Roxanne, I wannabe yo’ man.”

            You are the troof. Word to Kola Boof!

  11. Khloe is soooooo fug she reminds me of a wigger a try hard wannabe black girl. She needs to sit her simple, uneducated ass down why does she always try to copy her whore sister? I swear these two Kim and Khloe hate each other, and who would want to go to this charade of a wedding its merely a business agreement.

    • Khlozilla wanna be black so bad she has a fake butt, extentions and fake lips that look like they belong on MR potato head. She looks like a dang fool out there in Paris.

  12. Can we address the fact that Phlegm Kartrashian and Kangay Mess couldn’t get married at Versailles because they are not “dignified” enough?!. No lie. Their wedding party is touring Versailles on the eve of their wedding. The lied and doom are trying to act like Versailles didn’t reject them. Pure comedy.

    • LOL NO WAY IN HELL THEY WOULD ALLOWED THIS GROUP OF RATCHETS do their wedding in Versailles.The chateau would be ruined by the end of the night.The patrimononium historic value of the castle is pricelless, the risk of damage would be too high. On a regular tour in Versailles they don’t allow people lean on the walls for e.g, due to the degradation the chateau. They allow a few events, presidential affairs and Huge money dinner bussiness but nothing more

  13. It sounds like Khloe might put a beat down on Koonye the same way Solange did Gay Z.

    • I can totally see Chewbacca squashing Kanye like a bug and him ending up in a coma for a year and making that Camel’s beatdown look like a picnic. You can see that WWE’s Big Show aint got nothing on Chewbacca.

  14. I thought they were denied the venue at Versailles and had to go to Florence.

    • Hating on what bitch? Nobody ain’t hating. You square mothaf*ckas always misusing playas words. Bitch when has truth become hate? That’s what I wanna know?!

    • Who would pay her to be with HIM?? If anything, her mama would pay her not to be with him and bring down their brand. He’s gross.

    • Evening Khlomoney, Khlozilla, Khlobeast or generally ugly MFer how does it feel to be the lost sheep of the family? LMAOOOOOOOOOO!!! I swear @Redbone that word hate is so over used you can always tell when a stupid Kartrashian is in the house they play that word out 24/7.

  15. basically. Kanye is higher up than French is…i dont think French gave blood sacrifice yet so to Kanye & his coven he’s a herb ass nigga & he didnt wanna sell his soul to Kanye’s label…thats Hollyweird for ya, on their bullshit 24/7….he better off not going anyway b/c you know Kanye his new “family” are gonna be doing some satanic rituals out in France & Satan will bless them with advertising deals & publicity..hide ya kids, hide ya wife, & hide ur husband b/c its blood sacrifice time!…ask Lamar

  16. This wedding is crazy you would think it’s the second coming of Christ. What will they do Monday when it’s all said and done?

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