LHHA Season 4: Stevie & Joseline Frontin’ In Mona’s Leased Whip

Stevie J & Joseline Not Really Pregnant

HSK Exclusive – Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez are pushing a new set of wheels … all thanks to Mona Scott Young. The leased whip is what the LHHA pair call the “new addition to their family”.

“Stevie and Joseline begged Mona Scott Young to get them a car,” spills a source. “So Mona leased them a car for season 4.”

Dig the Drop:

“Stevie used to bum car rides from Benzino all the time. They started filming season 4 … and since Stevie J and Joseline got Benzino fired from the show, Stevie was worried about how he was going to get around.”


    • HOW!? They both clear about 200K EACH per season (Its gotta be MORE this year THEY’RE THE SHOW). They’re just pimpin – they can afford it. He’s just got to much child support to pay for it himself. I smell a Mona “Hook-Stebbie-Up” (with his own money) SCAM!!

  1. He’s On Mona’s Dick Dial, So Is Hoseline

    K Michelle Is Fucking Mona, That’s Why She’s Got Her Own Realty Show.

    Waka And Tammy Are Getting Their Own Show Because Of Mona And Deb Fucking, Mona And Deb Are Fuck Buddies

  2. Chapter 4:

    Bessino he such a fraud. Joseline Hernandez aint got tine for that. We dribe his car but no more. I don know wha ha happen to my car. Steebie J say we don nee one cause Mona gonna gib us one. Mona she a nice lady. She wan da cootie cat. I’m stingy wit my cootie cat.

      • Chilly Willy Making Stupid Joke Again!!

        Didn’t Someone Say, Joseline Is Deaf In One Ear, Have Some Compassion And Some Dignity , Man!!

        • And what the f*ck is an unlovable frozen fruit? I would call you stupid but stupid motherf*ckers all over might rise up and kick my ass for upgrading you to their status.

          • @Anonymous

            i Wasn’t Even Speaking To You, Shyt For Brains, I Was Talking To Your Lover Chilly Willy
            Not You!!

            So Suck On Some Whole Mill Bread You Fucking
            Burn A Dick

        • Well this is her book.
          Has nothing to do with her being deaf.

          Sorry you don’t get the joke. It wasn’t meant for you.

        • Yes, she is deaf in one ear and partially deaf in the other ear as a result of her horrendous upbringing Her mother’s boyfriend beat her and her sister. That is why her speech is so off, with the PR accent and she can’t hear herself speak she can’t form words If anybody had a horrendous childhood she tops the list. I am not making excuses for her but you can understand her more because of it. She was on the streets at a very early age to fend for herself. She is a rough and tough cookie because she has been made fun of
          because of her speech

          • @equinox2009

            Joseline Ain’t A Bad Person, She Just Made Bad Decision

            Chilly Willy Is A Bully, And His Side Chick Anonymous!

          • Yep. All that is true.

            But she goes on TV and acts and says ludicrous things .

            Maybe Steebie f*cking her brain makes her sentences grammatically incorrect. .


    • Willie U should do a book on this! Lmao! U got me rolling and snot done come out my nose laffin at your stupid behind!

    • Lol. Dead on. Really the entire atlanta cast needs sub titles besides mimi, stevie and benzino. Vh1 should realize that mainly people below mason dixon understand “country”. Boy, when Joseline is upset or starts crying I dont understand a damn thing that she is saying. My mom says “those people in Atlanta cannot worth shyt .” I told her dont judge by the degenerates on the show.

      • Nawwww. Not really. I am definitely from the South. Its different areas demographily that the further of that region the more twang or speed pitch it gets. Also, we speech in ebonics, geechie, creole, slang . For example, the proper way of saying , Where are you going?” In the South we would say ” Wey is U going?” Proper way of saying,” You all” our way is “Yall”. If anyone notice how I type, U will see I amvtalking in country ebonics. Its very easy to catch on.

        • I understand what a dialect those who are not exposed to it, sounds like the part in the movie in ATL where they used subtitles. They need subtitles for Joseline and Wakka in they want higher ratings so people can understand.

          Yeah I love the yalls, aints, fixin to, finnas etc etc. My point is to many people outside the Mason Dixon without country relatives do not understand it, its like gibberish or patois to them. I did stint in the South as well. There is a difference between Whitley Gilbert’s Southern vernacular and Erykah Badus.

  3. I just don’t understand why you would want to live a fraud. I mean damn live in your means. I mean your gonna be broke your whole lives the way your living!

  4. IN OTHER THIRST RELATED NEWS.. What else is new in the Land of REALITY NOT? More thirsty mofos looking to quinch their thirst via updated /manufactured story lines and bullshi*t. Will it ever end? I pray so. Amazing that zero amount of talent is required to get a TV show. Only requirement is that you be willing to act a damn fool. Why are they even on TV?2 Coke heads!

  5. What is Johnny Gill doing in this pic with these 2 ? Stevie j looking like Chester Cheetos off the Cheese doodle bag.

  6. Uhh, Can we discuss the Pic, please? Lol. Theres all kinds of zestiness going on there, Johnny got a Jheri Curl stain or something on his blazer Steebie head is hella small, They joining hands? Wtf? Lmao.

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