Azealia Banks Slams Eminem, His RACE-ISMS, KILL-ISMS & TRAILER-ISMS


While other industry figures seem to turn the other cheek, Azealia Banks isn’t about to let Eminem slide for droppin’ lyrics talking about killing his moms.

Banks recently put Slim Shandy on blast …. and homegirl didn’t sugarcoat sh*t, she also made it a point to re-hash Eminem’s track “Foolish Pride.”

Check out Azealia Banks’ choice words for Marshall Mathers:

“This is a dude who raps about killing his mother. And I think it’s casually OK that you eat Hot Pockets and suck on your sister’s titty. That’s casual in the trailer park, right? What’s up? I really don’t care. I’m not trying to f*ck Eminem, and I don’t need anything from Eminem. Didn’t he also have a song where a Black girl broke his heart and he was calling her a ‘nigger’ and all that shit? OK, Eminem.”


  1. Her comment was kinda incoherent but i get her general point. She’s a loudmouth agenda pushing lezbot. He’s a bored merge head actor pretending to be a rapper. I seriously doubt dude is the original marshall mathers. He just looks like a miserable bored imposter. Tired of the whole music biz and all its bulkshit. Screw the devil worshipping lot of em. Losers.

    • lmao so let me get this jiggity straight …. a black woman on a black dominated gossip site makes a comment about a white man making racial remarks and talks about the disgusting nature of white folks and she is dissed OVER that white man..I have read it ALL the KOON nature of the black man is appalling at times …the residuals of slavery reek within our souls

      • She aint shyt and he aint shyt
        Both are agenda pushing demons
        Fuck a color or a race. They r both wicked

    • Jacky? He didn’t say it. Look at the comments. It’s the general public that’s hating. Probably because no one is buying that this skinny tweaked looking white boy is Eminem. People are starting to turn on the entertainment industry. It’s not entertaining anymore. It’s evil and weird.

      • I meant that HSK keeps posting negative Eminem stories which draw all the negative comments. We’ve had 3 or 4 recently.

  2. Lets not forget black rappers calling women the b and h word. Feminine rapping about killing his mother is bad but is he still saying it of course not. Everything about these rappers is a gimmick and fraud. I like Azealia but she drops n bombs in her music so whats up with that. If you go in on one you have to go in on all.

    • @Anonymous

      Shut Your Sticky Ass Up, What Black Rapper You Know, Raps About Killing And Raping Their Own Mother??
      Eminem Raps About His Own Mother. In A Fucked Up Nasty Way, Your Only Defending Him Because He’s A Smelly White Boy

    • He’s also playing with the monster under his bed and contemplating his next round of plastic surgery to keep this charade going.

    • Who is the rap God? I know damn well you aren’t talking about Eminem.Hip hop existed and did quite well before he arrived on the scene. He had a tight flow but far from the best..and I was never a fan like that.

  3. Who is this girl tryin’ to push an agenda? Yeah, Em raps about his experience and if YT boys feel like killin’ they moms, who is she to judge what is REAL TO THEM to rap about?

    But this stupid ignorant “black soldier” ain’t got ish to say about black DL rappers and their agenda which is about promoting non-black women and black women being b’s and h’s.

    Azaelia: get word back to the black elite and the entertainment industry: we ain’t fallin’ for your BS anymore

  4. Last Year Bill O’Reilly Had The Nerve To Say Hip Hop Music Was Violent, And He Mention Jayz ,Nas, Ludacris, Lil Wayne, And Other Rappers

    But He Didn’t Even Mention Eminem, Who Raps About Killing And Raping His Own Mother And Girlfriend Ummm Wonder Why
    Rock Music Is Also Violent, As well

    If Your Gonna Bash Rappers Bash Them All Including The White One

    • Why are you so invested in hating him? If he ain’t shit to you, just keep it moving. Don’t nobody need multiple posts of you saying the same thing.

      • He is telling the TRUTH!!! Eminem is disgusting, his music is angry and just plain STUPID. It has NO substance AT ALL. The only reason he was so hot in the 1st place is because he is a white boy who can spit (BS might I add). He need to stay where the f*ck he been

        • the beatles wasn’t about violence but they admitted to drug use and the white album influenced the manson family to commit the Sharon tate murders.

          wasn’t no hip hop back in 68-69.

          mick jagger used to dress like Lucifer on stage.

          black Sabbath openly praised satan.

          led zeppelin did also.

          pink Floyd was all about drugs and praised satan.

          nirvana kurt cobain wanted to die young guess Courtney love decided to help him out.

      • @jameis winston’s love of crab legs

        Is The Damn Truth Eminem Is Vile, He’s Raps Are Weak, He Only Got Famous Because He’s White!!


        Thanks Eminem Is Nasty


        Your Right Rock Music Cause Violence Not Hip Hop

    • Well Eminem just released a track where he majorly disses Iggy Azalea as only he can. It’s pretty rough even for him. That ought to get him a little love here. Lol.

  5. that white girl who em dissed must be azaelia’s girlfriend and she must taste good.

  6. lets add limp bizkit who talked about anal sex, and killing folks with chainsaws.

    insane clown posse was talking the same thing about rape, sex, murder, killing parents.

    kid rock was talking bout sex and drugs.

    slipknot wear all those gas masks and weird costumes.

    gwar made songs about phukking animals.

  7. I wonder how “they” found an Eminem double who can spit just like Marshall, has a facial tic just like Marshall, has a speaking voice just like Marshall, can write verse just like Marshall and is undetectable to his closest friends? Ain’t science amazing? If Jimmy Iovine had known it was that easy to duplicate Marshall, he sure could have saved a butt load of money about 15 years ago. Lol.

    • He did . And he’s not worried about saving money, he’s all about making it. And he has, hand over fist.. But this “Eminem” is a counterfeit.

      • Marshall is still Marshall. You sound like a straight fool. He had cosmetic surgery, tons of botox and he lost a lot of weight. But it’s him.

        But think what ya want. He wouldn’t care a bit. He’d love it as a matter of fact.

        • Oh he loves it huh? Good thing he has you on here proclaiming his authenticity every time his name is mentioned. I’m sure it helps his mystique, but personally I can.just tell the person called emi nem isn’t always represented by the same performer. Not that I really give a shit. But I’m glad it puts a smile on his face since he seems miserable. Bye, Stan.

  8. Guess I’m old because I’m not remotely familiar with Azealia Banks..but she certainly set Eminem’s azz straight. Never was impressed with him. Culture Vulture.

  9. If Azealia Banks was down for her homegirl so much wouldnt she be going in on Ray Rice twitter page? Like eminem rapped about it but Ray Rice actually did the shit! I really dont know what the hell people expect from eminem but if he rapped about anything else than what he does it would be out of pocket.He raps about trailer park shit great thats what I expect. Now that bitch Iggy, is jacking the culture fosho, her swag, voice, lifestyle, rap style aint hers.

  10. Have you people ever heard of aging? Some people age well and some just don’t! Em just didn’t age well, that’s not a imposter!I mean dude was on drugs heavy for years, do you really think he’d look the same?Especially after being passed back and forth between different label heads and rappers! I bet em wears pampers now!

  11. If you hate on eminem then your retarded the guy is a lyrical genius sorry you dumb ass nigglets don’t understand the English language keep listening to two chains and whatever other welfare recipients YOU PEOPLE like to listen to…Mike Brown deserved that head shot so do 90% of the nigglets in this country..there’s a reason you were slaves…all the smart nigs gave up the trash and Scum…look what were left with…..

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