Stevie J On​ Benzino & Joseline Beef: “Let hoes handle hoe biz”


​First, Joseline threatened to attack ​Benzino’s lady. Then Zino​ posted Joseline’s mugshot online… ​calling​ her an uneducated streetwalking hooker, turned escort, turned stripper, turned reality star.

Now, ​Stevie J’s callin both of ’em “hoes.” That’s why Benzino’s now calling Stevie J a pimp!​

“Let hoes handle hoe biz. This is showbiz!” -Stevie J

​Peep this:

joseline-on-blastbenzino-gf-stevie-j-gf-fight benzino-vs-joseline


  1. Benzino is soo fake!! He’s engaged to Althea and he says he’s soo in love with her and she’s his soulmate, then why is he in random girls DMs tryna f**k. This girl on Twitter said like 2 weeks ago he was in her DMs. And other girls on Twitter said the same thing.. His old horny ass lmaoo Byeeee Benzino!!!

  2. This dude is a bitch, anyone whos nephew tries to off them, tells you everything you need to know about someone. Stevie J was right when he said what he said, he prolly shouldn’t have called them…….well no, they are both hoes, so he was right. He has nothing to do with what’s goin on with these two birds. No man will feel comfortable in between some hoe shit, why does he even want to speak on this publicly, crying Talkin about “my girl” his whole family should be ashamed of him. He never hesitates to get into it with a woman.

    • The first five words of your post was the perfect, eloquently put and truthful. Dude is patron saint of no neck, dwarf dycked, booty eating, simping ass tricks.

      • LMMFAO. Man everytime I see him he is acting like that prison guard that took them estrogen pills on The longest yard…lol. I have see that hip hop Atlanta. Show a couple of times and he is always got a look on his face like he just took an aspirin with no water…lol. Always on the verge of crying. He needs to quit…ASAP

  3. Athea needs to just worry about herself. If you’re not up on isht, they will drag you into the drama. Men are the biggest hoes around and you don’t see them arguing about sharing chicks. Why should Jose care about what happened years ago.




  5. Remember when Neverwaszino tried to destroy Eminem’s career? That was hilarious!

    • There was a lot of truth in his words, but considering he was/still is a hypocrite who benefited from Hip-Hop almost as much as Marshall did (Weaseled his way into being a co-owner of ‘The Source,’ magazine [Due to his friendship with Dave Mays], which for a long time was the authority on Hip-Hop, which allowed him to turn the magazine into a showcase for his and his groups’ rap careers [With trumped-up ‘Mic’ ratings to boot] and beefs with Industry figures [Eminem, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine {And eventually Interscope Records as a whole}, Nas, the Hot 97 staff, etc.]), Benzino had little room to talk shit about anyone else in the Industry.

      Eminem killing him with his ‘Nail in the Coffin’ diss song and the fact that a notorious ‘Gangsta’ from Boston is now on a ‘Reality’ TV show with a bunch of other has-beens and thots was pretty funny, though.

  6. Ho-thea will stick around long enough for the come up then she will bounce. Benzino’s vienna sausage can’t keep those hoes happy.

  7. “Let Hoes Handle Hoe Biz. This Is Showbiz!” Really???????

    What A Whack Rhyme?????? Joseline Is Ugly People Need To Get Off The Notion That Light Skin Girls Are Pretty!!! Because Some Light Skin Women Are Butt Ugly

  8. All that education benzino got and hum talking about josline getting a GED,he sure has a bunch of misspelled words in that post.

  9. All 4 of them r broke azz reality hoes tryin 2 come up with a story line fo dat tired azz bitch mona scott joseline sit yo tired azz big man feet down stebbie pay yo damn child support broke azz bitch

  10. Ben and Steve are running in each others bootyhole! Lanta Fagd! Jose was born a man! Dudes on dudes!

    • Exactly which is why he has to check that trans about trying to fight real women!!

  11. jose’a woman if anybody thinks shes a man then they must have trans fantasies.

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