Stevie J & Joseline Hernandez Fake Marriage Exposed!


The jig is up for Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast mate’s sham marriage has finally been exposed!

No matter how many times they tried to convince us they were legally married, no one was buying it. And now, Joseline was forced to let the cat out the bag after she filed legal docs to get Stevie J. to take a paternity test for their unborn child.

In the docs, which were recovered by BOSSIP, Joseline says, “I and Mr. Steven Jordan were involved in a long-term romantic relationship…We engaged in sexual intercourse with each other in the month of April 2016. As a result of the intercourse, I conceived a child with Mr. Jordan.”


No mention of a marriage at all!

Joseline and her alleged baby daddy will meet up in court in January 2017.


  1. Damn all that BS…
    Let’s all take notice of who the president of this country is & how from as far back as the mid 70s has been heavily involved with the mob, (at least Meyer Lansky for sure) the Rothchilds & Rockerfellers…the very people who want to activate the New World Order among other heinous acts against the US & rule the entire world.

    Sasha R, you know I love you ❤️ to pieces but I’m really shocked you didn’t cover this “selection disguised as an election.”? People who don’t know what happened need to & wake the hell up real quick.

    • There is actually 13 Families that dictate what’s goes on in the world.. You named to but there is 11 others.. They make the rules for us to follow.. Most people don’t educate themselves enough to know the whole truth.. The is a house with no address listed and receive no utilities bills.. It’s where the very elite meet and talk about what’s going to happen in the world.. Just a little tea for thought..

      • The fact that “the president” has had close ties to two of the thirteen for over the last 30+ years was my point & tea for thought all within itself.

        • Wayyyymmmmeennttt!!!! I need to look at my mother’s side of the family again! And I mean with a quickness!

    • Perhaps the election was not covered because, according to Google, this is a celebrity gossip site?

      The common thought here is that the Illuminati rules the world and that voting has no purpose, so why bother with a post-mortem on the election results? Everything is a conspiracy, so there is not any value in hearing that opinion for the 200th time.
      AAs had a very weak turnout nationally, so they get what they deserve. If all who could vote did vote, the outcome would have been different.
      But what difference does it make? Everything is controlled by those those “Elites” right?

      Some day I hope that blacks will get off YouTube and open a book. otherwise intellectual stagnation will contine.

      • Listen I’m not even black american and I hate it when people blame them for an election outcome! They are a minority. Why the hell are they expected to be responsible for the result. You need to stop telling people to open books and learn some math! In an election the majority vote conquers and given that America is mostly frequented by racist white people…guess who won? TRUMP. WHITE people voted for Trump and you want to blame black people. How does that work. And to show that your stupid ass is anti black you don’t even blame other minorities who also didn’t go vote in droves like hispanics!

        • Sarah,
          As always….thank YOU!
          I just want you to know that wasn’t an election. It was a “selection” that was decided before now. That’s what I was trying to share here but since “this is a gossip site” I guess we’re limited to discussing Joseline’s fabricated life.?

        • The white vote will even out between the candidates but the minority vote will swing the win one way or another. They need to black vote once every four years but do nothing for black folks. Some day they will get the memo.

          • LMAO!! you think even liberals weren’t into Trumps racist campaign? LMAO you’re funny.

            • Trumps a Racist? Why are you sad that one of the Black kids Hilary kidnapped from Haiti wont be coming your way!! You must be one of her #SpiritCooking Satanist friends!!!

              • Clinton Foundation got $6,000,000 from the leader of Ethiopia whilst his people struggle. Blacks are a pathetic self immolating group, it’s tragic!!!

              • ^^^Why are you saying blacks, plural?…you mentioned A meaning single leader, asswipe.

            • There were many dumb, self hating UNCLE TOM, wanting to be accepted blacks who voted for this foooo

          • Hillary lost because she wasn’t able to secure enough of the black, latino and younger voters that put Obama in office.

            In 2012, Obama got:
            – 93% of the black vote
            – 71% of the latino vote
            – 60% of the young vote

            Hillary got:
            – 88% of the black vote
            – 65% of the latino vote
            – 54% of the young vote

            Trump beat her because his base came out in droves. He won among white women, white men and white senior citizens…AND got 8% of black votes and a whopping 29% of latino votes despite his threat to build a wall and boot their asses back to Mexico.

            Trump got more of the black and Latino votes than Mitt Romney!

            The democrats have no one to blame but themselves for pushing Hillary instead of BERNIE SANDERS who was beating her from pillar to post, state to state during the primaries.

            But take heart. Black people are resourceful and resilient. We survived slavery, jim crow, the civil rights era and the Bush era. We’ll survive this too.

      • Anonymous @ 6:28,
        I beg to differ. I believe more now than ever if EVERY person in this country voted, black & otherwise the outcome would be the same as the so called election is/was nothing more than a show.

        MY point was to share with the HSK family just how far back the current president has been associated with members of the 1% & to what existent. (He owes them a lot of money that he’s never paid back) In knowing this information we can see how indebted he is to them & why among other things.

        You we so quick to say, this is a “gossip site according to Google” & to that I say regardless to Google’s classification of the type of blog this is there WAS a time when many people came here to share, discuss & inform others on a wide variety of issues, current affairs & subject matter. There were lessons & valued opinions exchanged here. A lot of the posters were phenomenal writers who openly shared their knowledge &/or life experiences on many diverse subjects. Most if not all of them don’t so much as visit HSK & have not in years now & it’s clear why.

        Anonymous @ 6:28 thank you for sharing your valued opinion…I learned something from you this morning that I’ve been overlooking for too long.

        • Ms. Reg after seeing New Balance Sneakers support trump post election, I agree with you about this being about the 1% families wanting Trump as president. They know they’ll be benefiting from every policy he approves of. This is all about business.

          • Naw…New Balance got screwed……Supported trump for army contract…..Army denied contract…..Also russia has new border patrols…….Robots while standing in place can detect human movement for at least six miles and take the human out……

    • Ms Reg
      (I know this is old news but I still had to reply)
      You know I usually have your back 110% but I can’t agree with you on this one.
      With the exception of the Bush and Kennedy’s, no family is more crooked and tied to the powerful elite than those damn Clintons. Trump is one shady sonofabitch and I, like others still refuse to accept him as the leader of our country but Hillary is just as dangerous.
      She had the celebrities, big business and a lot of Republicans in her back pocket. And she still lost the minority and woman voters Obama basically handed to her on a silver plate.

      It’s been obvious to me from the beginning that Trump never wanted to be President, he was trolling the public from Day 1. The expression on his face after he found out he won said it all, Trump does not want to be president. No real presidential hopeful would dare say the things he said during this campaign, that’s why the Repubs threatened to leave him hanging. They knew he wasn’t serious.

      The conspiracy theorist in me always assumed Hill and Bill brought Trump in to be their patsy and shake up the Republican party and the shit backfired on them.
      Look at how laid back she was during this campaign, she never even bothered stepping foot in some states and she didn’t even have a concession speech written up. It wasn’t just sample polls that had her so confident. Think about the celebrities who have now been given the green light to incite riots and speak out.

      My biggest fear now is he will either be impeached or step down and we’ll be stuck with Pence. That’s the real devil right there.

      • The point is they both were pawns in the game. Actually all of those f*ckers who were running in the primaries are except for Jill Stein and that dumbazz Gary Johnson.

        I do agree about pence. He looks like the “d” straight up!

        And I believe Trump will be assassinated. Maybe someone will wipe out his whole team before Jan…when he takes office. It would be interesting to see what would happen then.

      • Im starting to suspect that the donald only “won” so that the electoral college could then reverse the decision therefore causing further civil unrest and violance.If hillary supporters are protesting now what do you think the trump supporters will do if the tables turn?
        Then you’ll know what time it is…
        (Martial law).smh

  2. They are not married. I believe she never divorced from her prior marriage. They had whatever for the show but nothing legal. It does not change the fact that he will need to pony up for child support. Then again, when dumb men continue to go raw, this is what they get.

    • U wished she was a man! I saw her in person and she is 100% all FEMALE! She will be having her daughter in January 2017! Oh and btw, go on her Twitter page and Instagram page. Homegirl is spreading like she is ready to pop!!;

      • Barbed Wire,
        DR1 & I have had a 2yr ongoing argument about this very issue. We’ve come to agree IF I see this baby get here without any funny business I’ll stop calling Joseline Jose!

  3. Agreed. Jose – line is a science experiment gone wrong. Laughable as a woman and a disgrace to real women everywhere. Waiting for its body to reject the implanted uterus in 5..4…3..

  4. I saw Jose naked playing with her p*ssy so MN

    Guess there some undercovervtranslovers on here

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