Animal Rights Activists Drag French Montana & His Pet Elephant


French Montana celebrated his 32nd birthday with some help from a pet elephant.

The rapper is a lover of animals, and he even has a pet monkey named Julius Caesar who he features on his Instagram all the time. But when he introduced the elephant to his followers, all hell broke loose.

French won’t be keeping the massive animal, it was just brought in to entertain him for his special day. The rapper took video of the elephant performing tricks for him and his crew, and the animal even used his trunk to lift up one of French’s bodyguards.

A bunch of animal lovers slammed the rapper under each of his IG photos of the elephant. Peep the comments.

If you loved them you’d treat them with respect, this is ignorance at its finest. Shame on you for encouraging the confinement and abuse of such a majestic animal purely for your entertainment!

Idiot!!!! You look completely selfish!!! Look at this elephant you think she’s happy? You smiling drinking not giving a f*** about any real thing! Disgusting… Really none of you f*ckers care about anything ??? Ever??? Just like Khloe Kardashian watches exactly how fur coats are made gets publicity for it then starts wearing it again POS… I hope you fail in all you do

Really? Did you question why he’s in chains and nearby is trainer with bullhook? Cant imagine the beatings he got just for your bday picture. Educate yourself.

What do you think, is this animal cruelty or is French just having a good time and enjoying his bday?


  1. MJ too had pets, & although people, I mean haters, talk much shyt about him, he had his exotic personal zoo as he should, when WHITE fuqqers do it its never a damn problem, but as soon as a land niqqa, or a sand niqqa like french do it all hell breaks loose, FUQQ all the haters, &TRUMP!

  2. Would you expect anything less from these dumbass, degenerate rappers? Like they give a shit about anything that doesn’t involve ass and money? These entertainers are nothing more than a joke. That elephant should have stomped his ass into the earth.

    • Or did someone get the elephant entertainment for him as a surprise for his birthday? I swear you and most of these other retards on this chat board are halfway pass stupid. Direct you’re hate to the people in Africa actually hunting elephants for their tusks, but you won’t. Probably won’t even send a donation you worthless piece of trash, but have the balls to talk down to someone who received an elephant entertainer as a gift? Lmao kill yourself slowly…

      • After you. Regardless, he’s using an elephant strictly for entertainment, when that elephant has likely been abused. Sure it’s one of the lesser evils than of course killing it for it’s tusk, but it’s still using the labor of a poor animal for a cheap trick.

        When was the last elephant you received hmm?

      • And second, why are you defending him? What is he giving you to come onto an internet gossip forum anonymously, to sit here and talk shit? His ignorant ass doesn’t give a damn about the welfare of this animal, and if you did as well, you wouldn’t be making excuses in deflecting to what’s going on in Africa, when that is already a raised important issue. You act as if because I didn’t bring up the rapid extinction events towards elephants in Africa, that somehow Im ignorant or not caring of the issue-which is a cheap deflection on your part. I would ask what are YOU doing to help the elephants in Africa? Not a damn thing of course.

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