Soulja Boy Begging Fans for Money


Times must be rough for Soulja Boy after getting fired from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

The rapper took to his social media to announce he would follow anyone who donates money to him. First he asked for $100 and then got desperate and asked for any amount of money.



After catching heat, the rapper deleted the posts.

You think any dummies actually donated?


  1. This is all some bullshit all this talk about “get money” and he really don’t have any he should have kept that going with love and hip hop now you have to find another hustle. One day you’re in and the next you’re out.

  2. Better yet, he need to take his as back to College Park, Georgia and start over again. Then again, Karma!

  3. Solja Boy begging people for money? That’s funny! Meanwhile, Ice-T is making over a million dollars a year working on the tv show Law And Order SVU. Looks like Ice-T won that battle.

    • That’s the difference between “old school policy” & the new generation BS.? Plus I’m guessing it didn’t pay to mess with T. Riley’s family either.

  4. Fake it till you make it, thats the life of modern hazbeen rappers today!!!! begging for money then flawsing like they got it like that $$$ child please!!!!

  5. He better start begging Mia for forgiveness. Teddy money is long and he could give him some beats.

    • NONE OF THAT will be happening.
      Nia is not about to get wrote off by Teddy over this tatted up, big mouth, penniless moron.

  6. He better do like his partner(Bow Wow) and start selling bussy in Dubai or to the highest bidder lol. Ill never forget the look on Bow wow’s face that time he attended diddy’s sleep over with all those closet cases. Diddy lied to him , he wasn’t expecting to take that many, he was only expecting one.

  7. I thought about something when I saw the picture…
    Why is this fool begging for money again? Why can’t he use the stack of cash he’s holding to his ear…. at least the part of the stack that’s actually real cash?

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