Soulja Boy Tell’em Booted from Hollywood Airbnb!

Soulja Boy Evicted

Times are tough for Soulja Boy! Gives a little insight into him recently begging fans for ca$h.


  1. I think the powers that be are taking away privileges because he did something wrong or didn’t do it. This is ridiculous.

    • What are you even talking about? People who are out of work and sick of this bullshit voted in Trump. I bet you don’t know a thing about the man beside what you heard on the idiot box. there’s a malcolm x quote about how if you’re not careful, the media will have you booing the people you should be cheering and cheering the ones you should be booing. Hillary basically admits to wanting to dissolve our borders and sell out our country to foreign banks and you silly fools all over the internet are still crying that her disaster of a presidency never happened. Stop it.

  2. It is what he deserves. He was the same idiot that said that “he was Thankful for Slavery because otherwise he would still be in Africa!”. He is an idiot. I have no sympathy for him.

    • Correction: That a 300 mil was a lie aka a figment of his imagination. imho

  3. What kinda drugs is he on?? He had a couple hits back in the day and now he’s embarrassing himself.

  4. How about he just stop fronting & acting like he “has a lifestyle that is nowhere in range of his actual income.”

  5. He wouldn’t be broke if he stop fronting and wasting thousands of dollars at the strip club and on jewelry… They know they can rip this dumb fool off because they know nothing, but acting an ass and fronting.. I would give him a penny, he had to much money to be begging fans for money..
    They are wasteful young dumb ass boys, not men.. He made his bed so lie in it..

  6. Soulja Boy has become the latest broke rapper. I don’t feel sorry for him. LMFAO!

  7. It is time for this idiot to return home and re-group, Hollywood is not good for him, it is making him, like many stupid. He had some common sense when it first came out, now he believing his own BS. SMH!!!

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