Stevie J. Avoids Jail Time

stevie j avoids jail time

Last week, Stevie J. announced he would be going to jail to settle a child support case. The reality TV star allegedly owed $1 million in back payments.

But thankfully for Stevie, the judge allowed him to walk free after his court case. He didn’t give too many details, but he thanked God and his daughter for showing up to court to show her support.

He documented his entire day from the morning until he was able to walk free. Peep the pics.

Building before court in the a.m. My brother & my friend. #ContractKiller @beingedwoods Follow my guy please

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Headed to court. @beingedwoods #DangerZone

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When God is for you no man can be against you. No more game for chumps! @beingedwoods #DangerZone only!

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  1. This trife azz nig… needs to leave gawd out of his mouth, unless he plans to do a complete 180.

    And sell that f*cking watch bitch if you need to, to take care of your chilrin'!

  2. I'm REALLY surprised his ugly ass created such a beautiful kids!
    They're all great looking….??

    • @Ms. Reg!….omg!????? I was thinking the same thing, his children are beautiful!… Stevie J. Is something else man! What a strange dude!

  3. Good. It's absurd for someone to try to jail this person because they only paid 2 million out of the 3 million in child support they owe, or whatever. WTF. What about the cops shooting people?

    Let's be real here. He probably bought the child's mother a house, car, and made sure her and the daughter have what they need. I'm sure the kid is very comfortable, but that's not enough to greedy entitled women who refuse to work. The BM wants a mansion too. She wants designer stuff too.

    He's probably paid more in child support, on and off the books, than people make in 20 years.

    • Just like a business signs an agreement and when they re-nig they have to pay for it so does he. If that means jail, so be it.

      He knew what agreeing to those payments meant.

  4. Yes steebie is part of the boule hand signs thats why he got off dont sleep people wake up he been soul out on the 90s

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