NeNe Leakes Hit With New Tax Lien

nene leakes tax lien

The hits keep on coming for NeNe Leakes!

Just weeks after it was announced the reality star owed $824K in unpaid taxes to the state of Georgia, NeNe has just been hit with yet another tax lien…this time from the state of California!

According to The Jasmine Brand, the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star is being accused of refusing to pay $86k in CA state taxes.

The State of CA filed a tax lien against NeNe on June 2nd, saying she owes a total of $86,624. The state is asking to begin the process of collecting the debt, which means her assets and property is at risk of being seized.

In total, NeNe now owes over $900K. But despite her mounting bills, she continues to joke about her financial situation on Instagram.


  1. I bet she don't owe that plastic surgeon anything cuz I'm sure he got his paper up front

    No sympathy. You went to an HBCU and the only thing you could do is coon as a millennial mammy and make black folk look bad????

    She betta fill out the application for the projects, and I hope she won't bring down the neighborhood

    • Well hey, we all can agree on one thing…
      Nene is LOOKING WAY BETTER after this last surgery. This is the best she's ever looked since coming on the scene. The ? got her look together now maybe she can adjust her attitude & get some serious work.

      • She need talent for that Ms. Reg and she can't produce what she don't have. But she had to milk her 15 minutes of fame instead of getting serious, taking acting classes or newscaster classes…

        She was dumb

        • Hey mousey mouse!???? Too bad NeNe can't buy personality!…She's so awful, and these mounting bills are crazy!…Did she piss somebody off?

          • Hey BQ. If she did PS someone, it wouldn't be hard for her. She is SO obnoxious.

      • Very true, Ms. Reg. Looks like she finally got her hands on a good Beverley Hills industry Doc– she does look better than she did. From what I've heard, she had been taking acting classes for years. Problem is, we know her from reality TV so any time she tries to act, it seems contrived. Her real personality is a character in itself.

      • Hey Reg!..Do you think that Greg gets to touch her new body, or nah?…???I say nah!..

  2. HA HAAA HA HA HA!!!!! Cali don't play that shit!!! They will freeze all those bank accounts and get theirs….LMFAO!

  3. This Bitch Is A Muthaf*ckin Sagittarius ?? Bitch Yu Shamed Us All Hells 2 Da Naw Naw Nawwww #Irresponsible Ass Hell ?That Shit Is Not Cute Ho

  4. She'll be the next to go to prison like Teresa Guidice. Pay them people their money now Nene Beakes.

  5. Rich black folks and taxes??? Why don't they think they need to pay the IRS like poor regular folks?

    If you can buy a 2 million dollar house, you can pay your tax bill.

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