Stevie J Arrested for Violating Probation

stevie j arrested probation violation

Stevie J recently received a second chance to get his life together, but he has already failed! The reality TV star escaped jail time on September 6 for unpaid child support payments totaling $1 million.

The judge went easy on Stevie, and he was offered no jail time as long as he entered into rehab for his coke addiction, followed by home detention for violating the terms of his bail.

But according to The Shade Room, Stevie was just busted in Atlanta and arrested. No further details on what he was charged with have been released, but we’re pretty sure it’s drug related.

Sources say the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star will be spending the next 30 days behind bars. Do you think Faith Evans will put some money on his books?


  1. First! This idiot had the nerve to call Joseline out about her drug usage and everything else when his stupid ass was doing the same thing. Kettle meet pot. Karma came back for his stupid ass. Now Joseliné was helping him out, but after U mistreated her, look what happened. Then, U go on the reunion to say U are not broke, but living off the residuals of all the album's U produced, why didn't U pay off your child support? All this time, Joseliné was actually telling the truth! They made her feel like she was a liar, a drug addict this and another. Well Stevie, how does it feels now after all that U done did to Joseliné when she stood by U? She was helping U pay your damn bills! Boy oh boy niggas sure know how to f*ck up a good thang!

    • Stevie J is really sick! He's been a coke head for so long, its in every fiber of his being!…Even if he sobers up and detoxes, he'll still be hella crazy, because his mind has been high for all of these years!…His personality will always be cracking, you never completely return from that shit! Smh!

    • With what money? She just started back touring with Puff and em! We going to see how much money is he going to give his artist after this reunion tour?

  2. DR1,
    Just wait a few months & you'll hear about who all DIDN'T get paid for their work on that tour. It's already not going well as is.

    • @Ms.Reg! That's already started!…Lil Kim already complained about the money!…Her and Puff the faggot drag queen already argued about it, but then he showed up to her b-day party, and now their cool, but she ain't paid doe! He's gonna end hurt real soon, that puffy!

      • BQ,
        It's very wrong for me to say so but….
        To put it very mildly…I will not be the tiniest bit upset if/when something horrendous happens to Puffy. I don't believe any of on earth knows of anyone more deserving than him.

        (I have to now go repent because the visual on that thought was just as sinister as he is in real life.)

        • Please! Uuuuugh devils come in all complexions!…You don't have to repent, just because fluffy puff looks human!??? Shit I have an evil grin on, just thinking about it!…He's the Black Clive Davis!

  3. He's an addict. That's what addicts do. More important is the fact that he's an addict because the industry tries to get people hooked, along with all the other things they do to people.

  4. betcha joseline is laughing her ass off right now

    mimi and benzino are laughing their asses off too

    • I dont know how Joseline is laughing cuz she is done
      And Mimi and Benzino are losers too
      Stevie J may b a phuck up, But he has multiple music accomplishments in the 90s era that will never be forgotten
      The above that u mentioned dont have nada or a fraction of accomplishments

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