Mobb Deep’s Havoc Hit With IRS Tax Lien Months After Losing His Home

mobb deep havoc irs tax lien

This isn’t even funny anymore…how hard is it for these celebs to pay their damn taxes??!!

Let’s add another one to the list of celebrities who have been hit with IRS tax liens in 2016. This time, it’s rapper Havoc from Mobb Deep. The IRS claims he owes $110k in back taxes. News of the tax lien comes just months after he lost his NY home to foreclosure.

According to The Jasmine Brand the IRS filed the tax lien last month for the years of 2009 and 2010. What the hell took them so long?!

For 2009, Havoc owes $70,185.09, and he owes $39,844.74 for 2010. Bringing his total to $110,029.83… a whole lot of money for a rapper who hasn’t had a hit in over a decade.

If the rapper doesn’t settle this debt quickly, the IRS is more than ready to start seizing his assets and whatever property he has left.


  1. Hmmmmmmmm all these celebs getting up all of sudden with tax liens, something ain't right with.

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  2. The real gangsters known as the I.R.S. put Al Capone in prison, they have no problem putting rappers in prison!

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    False accusations are on the way. Tons of them.

  6. I guess "Ya gotta Fake it till ya make it" is not working any more.. stop trynna live like the Jonses and live according to your means people!!!!!! smh

  7. last time mob deep had a hit

    seems like all the played out entertainers aint makin g no revenue so they owe milliuons we have to check everybodys spending habits.

    chad Johnson, toni Braxton, mary j, nelly, was all living high off the hog and spending money like water, nene weas spendin g money tryting to impress whites.

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    looks like the royaltiews of Michael Jackson, prince and whitney isn't enough the rest have no outstanding legacies like the previous three.

    if George Clinton owned the rights to his music he prolbaly would have been whacked off years ago.

    • chris guess what? they are not having that the industry is as profitable as it once was. the music is horrible today. the music business is done son! these artist are not getting big budgets like they used to and the royalites slashed. old acts go on tour to make money like bone thugs and speaking of bone thugs their new shit is horrible LOL.

  8. america is broke and on the brink of a crash these record labels are losing money they are getting of CD's no need for them

  9. that's why they killed prince not only was it a ritual but he did not want to give up his to warner bors prince has a lot of unrelased music. any old actthat is worth something like prince or whitney houston get ready to see some bodies fall the indusrty is broke and they need money

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