Jackie Christie’s Daughter Begging for Money After Family Tragedy

jackie christie daughter takari gofundme

Basketball Wives L.A. star Jackie Christie’s daughter, Ta’Kari, has been forced to start a GoFundMe campaign after her son was severely burned at his daycare.

Even though Jackie is bringing in a decent check from her reality show, her cognac sales, and her husband Doug Christie’s jobs and business ventures, she hasn’t helped her daughter nor her grandchild out at all!

The GoFundMe reads:

Jaxson is a very happy- go- lucky lil 8-month-old baby who was badly burned on his head, neck, and chest while being cared for at a local daycare earlier this week. Due to the extent of his injuries he has to go at least once a week to Harborview M.C. to meet with the children’s burn unit. His mother cannot go to work and doesn’t have enough vacation time to cover the extended leave she will need to provide around the clock care for Jaxson. At this point their family needs assistance to cover the financial hardships that this horrible injury will create in the near future until any legal matters are handled. This includes things such as transportation to and from Seattle each week, some bills, groceries, etc. Any little bit counts and will be greatly appreciated by Kari and her children. If you can’t donate it’s okay, but if you can share this page that would help greatly! Thank you very much.

According to Fameolous, Ta’Kari is Jackie’s daughter from a previous relationship, but Doug raised her since she was a little girl. Ta’kari and Jackie have had beef in the past, and it all stems from Ta’Kari being raised by her grandmother because Jackie was too busy chasing after Doug’s d*ck when he was in the NBA.


So far, the GoFundMe hasn’t even reached $400.

Do you think Jackie is wrong for not helping her daughter out during her time of need?


  1. Where's the kids father in all of this? This woman needs to support but she ain't going to get from Jackie. Jackie(bipolar) is evil and manipulative.

    • I think it says a lot about our community that we're looking at jackie before we even ask about the whereabouts of the baby's father. Too sad.

      • We know where the daddy is!..where most of them are, in their skin, and no where to be found!.. Despite the baby daddy issues, or why we ain't checking for the men, is irrelevant, because despite it all, mommy is supposed to make it better!..I'm a mom first, and I will never sit on money, while my child is in need! I would never abandon my child, live a lavish life, while my childrern are living basic!…So please, mommies babies, daddies maybe!…She is that child's grandma Sarah! Thast trumps some ole sperm donor!

        • Oh and P S! Blacks in America, don't have a communities!…We are concentrated in certain areas, but as a consensus, we don't own a damn thing in those communities! All we have is ourselves, our families, and a good friend or two! Check the stats boo! We haven't been a community for a while now!

      • Fuck that I'm shouting where is Jackie also her daughter and grandson needs her

  2. I don't eve know who the f*ck these people are, but I'll just give my two cents on this issue post reading the commentary. Regardless of her relationship with her daughter, at least help your grandchild. That baby is innocent, and has nothing to do with whatever beef your having with your daughter. All this does is reveal her mothers real character. All these celebrities-if you can call them that), are all sick and completely f*cked in the head.

    • Yup youre child is a peice of you the only thing some people have ever made in their life are their children.so love them treat them like you becuz they are you

  3. I know tough circumstances force people to do this but I really don't believe in sending an 8 month old to daycare. Way too young and they need extensive care that I believe many daycares don't give.

    • How is the mother to earn money then. Maybe the child's father is out of the picture and she has to venture out of the house to work. It's damn if you do and damn if you don't. The trick is to finding a real good place to leave your child at any age.

      • In my family my mom left me & my sis with her mother in law (my gran). Most people I know do this or hire a nanny to stay with the baby in your house while you're at work. If people can't afford to do this then maybe they can't afford to have kids unfortunately. Children that young need constant care and daycare is just impractical to me.

        • But I have to look demography too. She is in LA, the cost of rent, gas hello? I agree with 8:27. Family don't give a f*ck these days! And right now, if Jackie wants some brownie points after what she had did last night's episode and keep her job (I'm quite sure Shaunie can find an excuse and this is one of them) Help your child and grandchild out!

    • Facts!…If you can't stay at home with these babies, don't have them!…Most women don't have asn adequate support system! Please, do us all a favor, particularly the children, and just stop having these children, and bringing them into f*cked up situations! They deserve better than that!✌✌

  4. I think the reason why Jacky won't help her daughter is because she is color struck……..!

    • Jackie is color struck or the daughter. I don't understand who is accusing whom of having issues with skin tone. The daughter says she is a representation of her mother's past life which the mother wishes to erase. I think the mother has moved on and left this girl behind. The girl does believes her mother thinks she does not fit in that life. Clearly this Jackie woman is wrong wrong wrong.

  5. If the child is in daycare at that age, I'm assuming it's because the mother is working. What else is she to do if there are no other caregivers available for her. So if she had a job, hopefully she has insurance to help her with medical costs. If she is low income, there are other ways she can get assistance. The money she collects should help her if she has to be out of work for awhile while the child recovers. The mother owes her nothing legally but she has a moral duty to assist her grandchild. This should have been done privately but it seems grandma is not responding to her daughter at all. Shame.

    • I'm not trying to be judgy at all but too many women are having kids they know they can't afford at the outset. I understand why our mothers & grandmothers would have done this seeing as contraceptives weren't much of a thing back then but I think the younger generation needs to do better. We have so many options at our disposal now, if you're having a kid its because you want one. No woman (in America and other first world countries) is being forced into motherhood. If they can't afford unexpected medical expenses & they know this when they fall pregnant then they should terminate. Tough but true.

      • @Sarah! The stakes are too high!…Even if you have money, don't have children! This world is too f*cked up, especially for people of color! In her case, she just wanted someone to love her, because her mama doesn't, and now look at this precious baby!…I wanna f*ck Jackie up!

  6. Jackie Christie is most likely, trying to maintain her lavish lifestyle!… It's all fake, because Doug's money ain't what it used to be, and they're struggling!…This is why Jackie is bon reality TV! They make decent money, but it's being used to maintain the fakery! Also, Jackie just wants to forget her first born, because she's over weight, has darker skin, and she was conceived with a man that she loathes!…This shit is deep! Dammit man!

    • Narcissists are incapable of love!..Jackie and Doug, don't love each other!…Jackie is the beard, that he's stuck with! Its cheaper to keep her ass, but trust me, he doesn't allow her ton f*ck bon" his" natural children!…She needs her ass beat, that's why she drinks so heavily, ole miserable bitch!

      • Typo!…He doesn't allow her to f*ck up his biological children! I think that Jackie was raped and abused, because she seems suspended in animation, like she's stuck in a time warp, and can't let go of some traumatic experience, that happened when she was very young, therefore breaking her mind, and keeping her in this retarded, childish state! Its too late for therapy, she's done!

  7. If this is true Jackie, despicable, color-struck, Bipoloar bitch, I don't care how much she dislikes her daughter she could still support her grandchild…I can't stand someone who runs or denies their past…

  8. By the way this woman Takari has two other children so that's three all together. I feel for her that she doesn't have the support of her family. It seems there's a lot of resentment and Jackie probably didn't like Takari's dad and takes it out on her. This family needs therapy and healing.

  9. I don't watch that bullshit and if she's on tv that kid should have been covered under insurance I'm sick of black people who floss but don't buy insurance!!

  10. This is to anon @ 0853…If you watch the shows in the beginning there were some tensions between this daughter and Jacky……….this daughter doesnt look like jacky or most of her family….especially her grandma…….and this may have been a problem back then and even now…….and I think this child may have a weight problem according to Jacky…….need to see earlier episodes

    • Am I seeing things or does Takari look like a cross between Neffy (Keyshia Cole's sister) and Tiffany "New York" Pollard?

  11. That sorry azz bitch jackie ain't got shidd she on that bull shidd reality show she ain't making no damn $

    • Im a stranger and if i had it like that i could give her the full 1grand for the baby

  12. Also TaKari is the daughter that Jackie doe's not value because she is the darker of the two. I no longer watch BWLA but when I did there was an episode where it was revealed by Chantel that Jackie was indifferent to her half sister and she didn't like it. Jackie claimed that it had nothing to do with their skin shades, however, Chantel insisted that it did all the while in tears.

  13. It is not Jackie's responsibility to take care of her daughter's children. The responsibility lies with the parents of the children, not the grandmother. Jackie wasn't there when the daughter laid down and had a baby THREE times. Where is the baby's father? Jackie isn't the father.

    • Yes, but Jackie sure did lay the groundwork for the daughter to have that mentality with her selfishness, stupidity, and immaturity. But just out of the spirit of generosity for her grandchildren, she should at least throw some resources that way.

    • I understand what you're saying but where is the compassion for the child? That is Jackie's blood and if she can help she should. What kind of society are we when we make children suffer for the mistakes of their parents?

  14. We are all on the outside looking in. We don't know them, so we don't know what really is going on. We don't really know what Jackie is doing, not doing, or have done. We don't know any of their financial states, so I think it's best not to draw conclusions based upon the 15 minute glimpse of the life of a "role" Jackie plays on the show.
    What is sad is that we have become a society of "let me start a Gofundme page", instead of surviving and making do as many have done before Gofundme and other mechanisms of handouts came about. Tragedies and circumstances happen regularly, it makes us stronger and more resilient- not so we can turn to asking for handouts from strangers.

  15. You just can't have 3 kids that you can't afford. One kid is understandable if you made a mistake. 3 kids?! No.

  16. "Jackie care", shit Jackie don't care about anything except her husband. God don't like ugly, cause Jackie is rich and at least she can help out her daughter.

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