Stevie J Arrested: Cops Show Up At Crib AND It’s Caught On Tape!

Stevie J Arrested at Home

“It’s footage… him going down…. and its real!”

Update: The arrest was because Stevie J currently owes over $1 million in back child support.

HSK Exclusive – Stevie J just got a serious dose of reality. Know how? The LHHA star was arrested and hauled to jail, “around six last night”. That’s when cops showed up at the Lithonia, Georgia crib — featured as the spot that Stevie and Joseline share on ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’.

Details surrounding Stevie J’s arrest are slim, but we can tell you… De Kalb County cops served Stevie up with an arrest warrant before cuffing him and hauling him to jail.

“There were several cops and feds walking around his home, trying to get in…”

Dig the Drop:

“He was refusing to come out. The police were putting the paper to the window. There was a lot of yelling… the police were yelling and eventually he came out of the door and they took him in.

There were younger people who came out… I don’t know if they were friends or relatives… but after the arrest went down they stepped outside.”

We’ll bring you more details as they become available….

Take a look at this video footage, exclusively obtained by HSK:


  1. Stevie J. is crashing and burning at breakneck speed. He needs to get off “The Plantation” that is Mona Scott-Young. Turnt-Up is not worth my freedom when it’s all said and done.

    • I told you all stevie is a clown! WHo the f*ck would marry him with that kind of luggage on his back! That’s how we know JOSELINE IS RETARDED AND MIMI’s SELF ESTEEM IS JUST AT GROUND ZERO! POOR AVA

    • This must be about the WEED charge. If you read the NY warrant it ONLY applies to NY. GA police cant touch him for NY child support. This is something different.

    • Mona aint got nothing to do with him not paying child supp. They said he hasn’t paid since 01 if anything she was what he needed to get caught up, which he did not do. HE mad the babies he gotta oay for the babies.

  2. Who is he? Never watched the show so I don’t know what his claim to fame is supposed to be.

    • You’re missing some DAMN GOOD Trash TV. Stevie J is a real character and his current “wife” is Reality TV GOLD!! Its Junk Food for the brain. VERY Tasty.

  3. Supposedly he was peddling black market female hormones to Joseline and her trans friends!

  4. Good. How are you going to be living in a mansion, buying cars and nice clothes without taking care of your children? What kind of man is that?

  5. yes the comments are on point…Mona Scott is tryna be Shaunie O’ Neal…i dunno which of these kizzy coons are worse, probably Shaunie b/c she on a higher level than Mona. They work for Boule/Illuminati direct. They know that they are to destroy the minds of black & latina youth w/their shows on Vh1…ever seen that episode of the boondocks about BET, its basically the same way @ VH1. They set these black “entertainers” up, most of them have sold their souls before the show, but u have ppl like Bambi, Mimi, Joseline who they are bringing in..also Erica, they apart of that “eyes wide shut” shit too…theres even a picture of Joseline in a dark room drugged & kissing a baphomet head…Satan & his minions @ Vh1 PURPOSELY cast ppl they know have criminal backrounds, child support issues, etc, b/c they know they can bring things out on them & make it publicized for the show. Knowing how wicked ATL is…remember, ATL mayor BOule Boy KAsim Reed was @ Bilderberg…ATL is illuminati/boule central…I wouldnt be surprised if VH1 ppl set him up with police & the courts…its possible..ask LAuren Hill. Stevie been sold his soul & his contract with the devil seem like it running out…

  6. Well we support u Jacky!
    We all have to struggle with something in our lives : -)

  7. Mona aint got shit to do with stevie j dumb deadbeat ass not takin care of his kids… He is a bum an a complete loser! A waste of talent.. He actually is talented. An he can sing! Dumb ass nigga! Take his monkey ass to jail an his Man jose can pick up the slack! Renting every f*ckin thing ass lookin ass nigga!

  8. Looks like Jose’ is going to have to do what she do best to get her Daddy’s bail money.

  9. You can party with all the hoes you want BUT YOU HAVE 5 CHILDREN WHO NEED TO BE FED AND CLOTHED. MAN THE FUCK UP LOSER!!! They got you now and karma is a bitch, bitch!

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