Mark Wahlberg’s Moms Gets Bullied In Boston!

Walbergs Boston Burger Joint Bullies

HSK Exclusive – The streets of Boston are spilling word on the Wahlbergs.

We’re told… a group of grown men — revealed to be dudes who Mark and Donnie Wahlbergs grew up with — are pulling fast ones on their moms, Alma Wahlberg. The Wahlberg brothers are now suspected to be be close to shutting down their family’s Boston burger spot, where it’s reported to all be going down.

According to our tipster… The Boston bar/eatery, The Wahlbergers” is where Alma Wahlberg often spends her time. “Moms is always at the spot,” says our source. “She’s put her heart into it.” We’re told the place stays busy… but because of the Boston bullies the paper isn’t rolling in as it should…

Dig the Drop:

“Those dudes from the block eat for free and ma can’t tell them nothing. The take advantage of her… real ‘tough guys’. They order, they eat and then they walk out. They always tell moms, ‘put it on Mark’s tab.’ Bastards.”


  1. This site has more stories about washed up and z list whites than blacks. The Wahlbergs are racist. Boston is racist. Black people don’t care about this.

    • Marky Mark is an Alist movie star and Donnie stars on a hit TV show. Is that what you call “Z list”?

    • I agree with what was said about the Wahlbergs and Boston, but this blog (Judging from the earlier posts) has always been more about lifting the veil off of the Entertainment Industry than black celebs.

    • I’m Black and I read and post on Black and White blogs…so try not to speak for all Black folks.

  2. I actually love their show “wahlburgers” and those mofos are always trying to eat for free. They’re Mark friends but his older brother is the only one who makes them pay when they come. Mark needs to check his homeboys….the problem is he lives on a different coast. That’s that BS though…you can’t be doing that -ish to ma dukes…f$ckboys if you ask me…

    • LOL – she need to hire Mom Dee/Dukes, Momma Joyce, and/or Momma Jones to manage that joint…she’d straighten all them bums out.

      Hell, get one of Kandi’s aunties to get at ’em….LOL

      • I want a spinoff show featuring Kandi’s aunties. They are fantastic! I love the fact that some are broad minded and some are like Mama Joyce. They would make for some great TV.

  3. Dont believe this. Those wahlbergs boys are rowdy ass white boys had reputation before the movie deals.

  4. so basically he got famous on the backs
    of blaque people!!!!

    white people are money grabbing and
    is the truth they love money!!!!!

    • you would think that let’s be honest the reason why people eat there
      is because mark owns it. if the resturant was own by someone else it would of been shut by now

      • @Chocolatey Brown–Mark should consider it payback, considering he was another user of blacks back when he was ‘rapping’ in the early ’90s. Benzino, also being from Boston, once said something about dude faking the funk back then, as well.

          • Maybe he can’t rap for shit, but he looked good in that Marky Mark Good Vibration video 100 years ago. And you can’t tell me that song didn’t have a compelling beat and a great hook.
            Sometimes the production makes a song a hit, not the artist.

  5. FUKE MARK WHALBERG! FUCK TH OTHER BROTHER! FUKE WHALBERGERS! FUCK THESE CRACKA MUTHAFUKASSS…Racist bastards, that dude Mark almost killed a black homeless man in his youth & ever since he tryna be black, fukkin jhew boy….every movie he in, its either w/ a black dude or he tryna be black hood dude…that movie 4 brothers made me sick w/him tryna be THAT NIGGA….pls sit ur hollywood ass down boy

    • Kingdom8 as usual your “facts” are not factual.
      Jhewboy? The Wahlbergs are as Irish Catholic as they come. Not a jhew among them. They are typical poor Boston Irish in every way. Are they racist? Probably.
      But folks like them have way more in common with basic black folk than we would like to think.

      Save your false YouTube Illuminati stories for the rich and empowered white folk.

    • Normally I agree with your posts, Kingdom, but not this time. My ex (black) used to play bball with him in the valley/LA. He always said Mark was super cool and a great guy. I didn’t meet him- but the ex swears he’s cool.

  6. Wow KingDom you get the award for biggest hater .Go back to the welfare line get your stamp game up and make yourself a nice government cheese sandwich.Then after that sit your self down loser

  7. They do know that those burgers have been spit on, right? Stoopid low budget azzes.

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