Steve Stoute vs. 50 Cent

Steve Stoute vs. 50 Centa

“He’s Always Gearing Up For Something That Never Happens”

From the looks of it, Steve Stoute’s been patiently waiting it out, for the perfect time to launch an attack on 50 Cent. The former record exec-turned brand marketer appears to have used his current “The Tanning of America” spot in the limelight to fire at Fif. This, during the recent promotions of the Stoute-inspired VH1 Rock Doc. Know why? Because a Fiddy refused to compromise with Stoute’s cruise-aids!

“He’s the guy that will have you come to speak to him for confirmation, and then can’t find his way to answer the telephone.. but then run his way to you as soon as the deal is already in place to try to get himself in the middle of the deal.” ~50 Cent, on Steve Stoute

That’s how Fif broke Stoute down to a common coattail rider, back in Most recently, about five-months later — and just days after word broke that G-Unit had fizzled — Stoute took to HOT 97 radio airwaves to drop his retaliation aimed at damaging Fiddy’s industry rep. Don’t believe me.. Ask Angie Martinez.

“He hasn’t had a hit in a really long time. He has not made anything musically that’s changed in a very long time.” ~Steve Stoute

Here’s what Stoute — who’s behind VH1’s Rock Doc “The Tanning of America – One Nation Under Hip Hop” — had to say about Fif:

“I think that he’s trying to get back. But those guys [Dre, Jay, Puff… Kanye…] music is a great platform. If you’re an entrepreneur, you have… you’re currently active making music, you’re currently active touching people with albums, it makes it much easier to venture into business deals that will become successful using the music to parlay to get it done. And without having music that’s meaningful over the last, probably the last great song he’s made was “I Get Money”? Right? You know how long ago…? Kanye’s put out three albums, four albums since then.”

Did Puffy one smash a bottle over Stoute’s head for “sending the wrong edit” of one of his singles? Of course.. Just ask Nas.

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  1. 50 CENT is still revelent as Steve Stoute is a great asset to HIP-HOP, these guys should stop attacking each other get on with making even more of a MONEY MAKER for people of color or the white culture bandits will continously try like they are doing on product tv commercial to steal HIP-HOP from it’s originators BLACK and HISPANIC people WAKE UP, 50 and STEVE

  2. 2 words: Vitamin Water. 50 was smart…he knew he didn’t need rap anymore after he made that deal. He’s rich!!

  3. This fool Steve is too stupid to understand that 50 is smarter than Jay, Diddy and Dre together. He made his money and then got the hell out from underneath those devils. I wouldn’t be surprised if 50 had more money than Jay at this point.

  4. Steve Stout I’m sure is doing just fine with his Advertising Agency. My girlfriend works there. Their portfolio boasts some huge clients.

  5. I watched part one of his docu-series last night and it was great! Can’t wait for part two tonight.

  6. LOL who got more money and more influence, 50 or this milk dud headed nigga? 50 material on his mixtapes n albums blows those weak ass,fake ass industry niggas shit away anyday.

  7. Jacky get ready for 50 to body bag this fool everybody knows fif will cut your hole life down he’s going to expose Steve and watch he start getting emotional again

  8. What he said makes sense. Sorry but 50 has been in more beefs then booths. He has not dropped an album in a while and we know him as a artist. Jay & Kanye are two artist that are mainstream as well as others not 50. Sure he can come back in back lash like he usually does but I bet it won’t be with a album and that’s what we are talking about.

  9. Stoute forgot to include the Latinos contribution to Hip Hop. Latinos were there from the jump. Hip Hop originated with b boys (break dancers and graffiti artists. He needs to tell the right story if he’s going to tell the story!!

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