Mathew Knowles Plead w/ Bey & Jay To Play Parents to Lovechild!


Mathew Knowles’ isn’t just a man responsible for shattering what was once his entire family unit, he’s also a shameless son of a gun revealed to have turned to his own daughter for her and Hova’s help to cover his azz. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Alexsandra Wright.

“Mathew wanted her to hand their baby over to be raised by Beyonce and Jay Z before their own child, Blue Ivy, was conceived.”

You’ll recall… back in 2010, Wright gave birth to a son. The boy, baby Nixon, was later confirmed fathered by Mathew Knowles. Sources reveal Mathew’s desperate damage control attempt involved filing a request with The Carters, asking them to pose as his lovechild’s parents. The rest is history — dude lost it all. In a recent interview the mother of Mathew’s now four-year-old son is speaking out for the first time, telling of his fallen behind on child support payments and barely seeing his son.”

“It’s not anybody else’s responsibility but Mathew Knowles….”

Here’s what Alexsandra Wright revealed to Inside Edition:

“I am the only parent taking accountable at this point. I don’t expect Beyonce to take accountability. It’s not her problem, Its not her situation.

I’m not angry. I’m disappointed. More than anything he raised two other children and was very active and involved in their lives and they turned out very well, so why he’s choosing not to acknowledge his only son, I don’t know, but it’s disappointing…”


  1. This low down bama actually expected Beyonce to pay for the fruits of his philandering? She doesn’t even speak to him anymore after what he did to her mother Tina, and I don’t blame her. Gtfoh, get a job and handle your responsibilities you broke, low down, mid life crisis cheating ass, side piece baby be making, no account, poor excuse for a grown ass man.

    • Its also been reported that Matthew was stealing Money from Beyonce’s Tours so once she found out she gave him the Ax.

    • You forgot bi polar. He and Solange are bipolar. #fact
      Also he routinely rapes his assistants then buys them cars so they cant report him.

    • matthew knew he raised selfish trashy beyonce. why would he believe she’d be human enough to help out with his child. look how the low life tried to destroy every member of destiny child once she was done using them. look how she is trying to destroy tina turner.

      beyonce is the worse piece of trash ever to grace mother earth. and she is a lousy mother who money grubs 24/7

      • Beyonce doesn’t owe him jack shizzle, and she isn’t Matthew’s Captain Save His Hoes. He had a shot at being her manager and failed miserably. He’s grown, and he needs to handle his OWN responsibilities. Point blank. Period.

        • Matthew has every right to ask and expect his grown children to help out with their young sibling. Decent families do that when the father or mother is old, well over 60 with heart, kidney and arthrisit problems.

          Beyonce refuses because she is a selfish low life of the worse kind.

          • If this clown is young enough to get down and have sex then he can raise that kid. I am no Team Beyonce, but that his NOT her responsibility. She has her own child. She should not be expected to care for the child her father had while cheating on her mother. FUNCTIONAL families don’t do that.

            • People who are human will reach down to help any person or animal in need. Doesn’t have to be their responsibility.

              Beyonce hates her brother, because his mother refused to abort, and chose to give life. Women who take life, always hate those women who give life.

          • Matthew don’t have jack. I would not want to help my father raise the child that broke my mother’s heart and destroyed my family. Beyonce has her own child to raise and family to look after. The child raising is the responsibility of the child’s mother and father no one else’s. Pas me by with that’s what a decent family would do. If Matty was my father, me and my siblings and cousins would have gotten together and stomped a mud-hole in both their asses.

  2. Dang! Oh! How the mighty have fallen. He walked on a lot of people in order to get his daughter to where she is today. He was a strong arm in the industry when Beyonce was hot.

    But, now look at what happened to him. Ain’t nobody taking his calls not even the man down the street at the Liquor store. KARMA

  3. beyonce is dirty trash like him. why would he expect her to do anything good for the child?

    • Is she required? If ur dad stepped out on ur mom and produced a child that he decided to neglect and abandon, would u step in and play daddy? I’ll wait…

      • the baby had nothing to do with the sins of the parent. oh yes, i would step in, and my mother would be decent enough to help my only brother FOR me. my mother would do that for me, especially if my dad had abandoned my mother, and the mother of my brother, and married another woman. this girl is suffering with a fatherless boy begging for his daddy and he has no siblings.

        • “this girl is suffering with a fatherless boy begging for his daddy”

          That’s what happens when you have children by MARRIED men!

          Not saying Mathew shouldn’t handle his responsibilities, but this woman knew exactly what she was doing and who she was doing it with.

          And B ain’t steppin’ on her mama’s toes by welcoming this child into their family.

          How many of the Jackson’s acknowledge Jovani, Joe Jackson’s outside daughter?

  4. Michael is her STEP dad.. She doesn’t owe him anything, especially some side chicks don that’s not related by blood. Not a Yonce Groupie, but I’m just sayin…

  5. Lol people take any chance to slander Beyonce. This has nothing to do with her. Her father gotta do what’s right. She is living her life right. Married taking care of her family, not the new family her father created.

    • But there’s no Beyonce slander here. Its sad that her fans refuse to believe the truth about her and her camel, but that’s their problem.

    • Y’all need to take that beyonce slandering back to rhymes with snitch comments. We give people their props on here. What does she have to do with this ish. Nothing.

  6. Beyonce and her whole family including Mathew are shady and selfish people! I hope Alexandra didnt think she hit the jackpot. Lol. You cheated with a married man. Karma is a you know what. Beyonce is an evil self centered devil worshipper. That whole family is a mess.

  7. Aint no good going to come to Beyonce and her evil mother Tina and crazy sister Solange. Mathew is a dog look how he treated his other daughter kelly rowland. The mistreatment the other members of destiny child had to endure by the knowles is disgusting! I hope one day those girls will see their justice because God dont like ugly beyonce and the whole knowles family. What you dont pay for now you will pay in the after life so you better ask for forgiveness from the people you hurt.

  8. The apple doesnt fall far from the tree. Mathew is a bum and he needs to pay up. He cheated so many people. This woman needs to get a job and support her son as well. Beyonce doesnt care she didnt care for the other members of destiny child so why would she have a heart now. Jay Z has a son in trinidad that he doesnt even acknowledge. Mathew you ruined sanctuary records and money is running out because of your alleged coke problem get it together before its too late.

    • the boy needs more than money. he needs a role model, and emotional support so he wont look to the streets for it. why are people of jz and beyonce’s caliber allowed into the white house? why?

  9. Lawd have mercy, this whole situation is a mess! Alexanderia needs to get a job. I don’t care its a shit job like a CNA, its better than nothing. I rather for Alexanderia to do it on her own cause God knows Lil Nixon siblings and his father a hot mess! Daddy done bailed on him, Beyoncè practice Satanic rituals, Solange is just lost! Hold up! Beyoncè isn’t his sister! Yall, Kelly and Solange are Nixon’s sisters! Damn!

  10. Kelly go see your lil brother!! He need you,you understand what he’s goin through not to be acknowledged “formal formal” by your father…

    • Kelly has to secretly hate beyonce. Notice how Beyonce always meets her out in public places and never allows her around her child. She dont trust her in her home. She doesn’t trust rihanna either.

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