Phaedra & Apollo Living Separate Lives…


According to ROL, the Real Housewives of Atlanta couple have actually been living separate lives for weeks — and haven’t been photographed together since last November!

Instead of standing by her man’s side as he prepares for the next round of his trial in March, Parks has chosen to launch a book tour for her advice guide Secrets of a Southern Belle – even though it was released more than three months ago.

Meanwhile, her husband Nida made a trip of his own to South Carolina, where he was spotted partying with other women at a local nightclub on Valentine’s Day.


Is the Bravo network’s planned spin-off surrounding Phaedra Parks & Apollo Nida in jepordy of being canceled? Of course! Just ask Wendy Williams.


  1. I honestly feel no one’s losing any sleep over this since most folks seemed to have wrote Phaedra off as being a “two bit lawyer/crook” anyway.

  2. Nida sure looks happy with that other chick. Anyways he gives me wife beater teas. I get the feeling he hates his wife.

  3. In the beginning Phaedra was always talking about how fine her man was. That’s why you shouldn’t caught up in a man or woman just because they think they’re so “fine”.

    That “fineness” will wear the fluck off quick once you see past the outer beauty and find out your dealing with a plumb fool.

    I bet she’d prefer to be dealing with a man that looked like Godzilla than to be fooling with him right about now.

  4. Lawd, seems like these celebrities are slowly coming to my home state! DMX, now Apollo! I told yall South Carolina was one of them states that get unnoticed.

  5. Promoting a book? Is this bitch delusional? She has brought into her false persona hook, line, and sinker!! She better be focusing on her defense when the FEDS come to lock her ass up. Secrets of a southern belle? lmfao. She means Secrets of a Southern Crook.

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