Nick & MiMi Playin’ Make Believe Marriage?


Apparently, Mariah would have you believe she and hubby Nick enjoyed a sultry Valentine’s Day session — straight out of a Danielle Steele romance novel.

On Feb. 14th, the Emancipated One posted a slew of bathtub pics — complete with bubbles and balloons — captioned “waiting for my Valentine.” Sources are now revealing it was all a hoax!

A tipster has told The Enquirer, “the pics were shot the day before, and on Valentine’s Day Nick was in New Orleans for the NBA’s All-Star Celebrity Game.” Let’s be real here… this doesn’t come as a surprise. Know why? Because Mimi didn’t take the pics herself. Just ask @racinefpierre





Did Mariah admit Nick was “not even gonna be home” for Valentine’s Day, on Feb. 13th? Of course! Don’t believe me…Ask DJ Envy.


  1. Like I wrote before, anyone with a mic or camera in their face is acting full-time! Why take such pics for private issues? Never believe anyone in front of a mic or camera – they get paid (or are looking to get paid) to lie/act!

  2. Well she might not feel like she had to prove something if people didn’t stay trying to downgrade her from wife to ho…
    I like that necklace she has draped over her baby girl. Mimi lemme hold that!

  3. Love me some Mimi. I sure hope everything works out with her and Nick. Wishing her the very best.

    • Peep the candy bra. Who besides a stripper even has one of those. And on closer inspection she looks high as a kite in that top pic. He looks exhausted and just over it.

      • Sh8t I’d like one to wear behind closed doors of course for that special someone… Why Not?If you have a man you want to keep you better know how to keep it spicy behind closed doors..

  4. Chick is under that “mind control”..REALTALK…could you have anymore duality in ur house?…its making me dizzy just lookin at all those checkerboards.

    • LOL!! I agree, those checkerboards have got to GO! Looks like something you would find in a public toilet!

  5. Okay Mariah has always come across as a little ditzy..whimsical..on some fairy tale ..happily ever after ish..BUT in her defense she did say that she was waiting on her Valentine to come home.She didn’t say he was home, or that he would be home. I would like to know if she intentionally made those very private pics public or if they were leaked, because it seems strange to me that you would post something like that online..when it should have been for her mans eyes only.

  6. How could Nick not have been her Valentine, he is clearly in the very first pic. Maybe they celebrated early, or after if it wasn’t on the 14th so WHAT. they are both busy, as long as it was acknowledged who cares when it was. DID any of you complaining get ANYTHING?????!!! Stop trying to destroy and tear people apart. I come here for gossip not FOOLERY. Do better!!!! Nice try

  7. These were promo pics for her single with that dropped on Valentine’s day…she played up the theme. Everywhere she went she said nick and her were not seeing each other for v-day

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