Stephen Belafonte Was Living the High Life on Mel B.’s Dime

According to PageSix:
“He spent $15,000 for first-class seats to Sweden to see the number two tattoo artist in the world. He paid $7,800 for the tattoo and flew back. Stephen could also spend $1,500 on bottles of whiskey. Yet one time he flew into a rage because we had not returned a $13 pot of paint. Anything could set him off.”

“One time he was locked out of an Airbnb house he was renting in Beverly Hills and I took too long to get back with the keys, so he kicked the door in.”



  1. He had this violent history all along and she married him anyway. To have that much money at one’s disposal can be a curse as we see.

  2. Yeah, basically I see these 2 as being equally yoked. I’m glad he took advantage of her money. Mel B is nasty, annoying, & has a big mouth, so I’m glad Stephen got paid for the trouble of dealing w/her.

  3. Money grubbing bum. Mel b is rich enough to hire someone to pick this guy off. Lol Amazing hiw she managed to stay so gorgeous after all these years. She was always the most beautiful out of all the Spice Girls.

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