Joseline Jealous of Cardi B… According to Stevie J!

Whaaaaa? Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s, Stevie J, is saying his baby mama, Joseline Hernandez, won’t let him see their daughter because she’s jealous of Cardi B’s success…

#steviej says #joselinehernandez won’t let him see the baby because #cardib is hot

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  1. Never heard of a grown man whining about something like this that can be handled a number of ways

  2. Joseline career will never go anywhere stevie j silly self cardi b sold out thats why she blow up so fast

  3. Joseline thought she had mona in her back pocket not she used joseline just like the rest.

  4. The only thing joseline needs is a good team (excluding steve shady j)and a likable personality. her problems steams from thinking shes god gift to the world and she talks to dam much. i don’t see her being jealous of ugly ass cardi b

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