Stephen A. Smith Supports Richard Sherman, Slams NFL For ‘Targeting’ Black Players…

NFL & The N-Word

“It really has to do a lot with who it’s coming from, that’s really the prevalent the issue here…”

Stephen A. Smith isn’t only showing “1000-percent” of his support for Richard Sherman, after the Seahawk checked the NFL for its proposed plan to ban “use of the N-word on the field” — Brother Stephen has broken down why he’s ‘completely and totally appalled’ by the league’s mere mention of a plot he explains, “focus on Black individuals choosing to use that word.”

“Who, outside the Black community, doesn’t know that it’s not a word that you need to be uttering to Black folks — or in the company of Black folks? Let’s keep it real here, that’s what Richard Sherman is saying. Lets eradicate all offense language and call it a day.” ~Stephen A. Smith

Stephen Smith’s N-Word 101 session with ESPN comes on the heels of Sherman’s response to news that the NFL will be “potentially enacting the rule that would penalize a player 15 yards for use of N-word on field.”

“It’s an atrocious idea. It’s almost racist, to me. It’s weird they’re targeting one specific word. Why wouldn’t all curse words be banned then?” ~Richard Sherman, Seattle Seahawks

Here’s what Stephen A. Smith had to say about it:

“It’s important for us to recognize what he’s saying here. He’s not saying that we should be allowed to go out there and spew the N-word. He, myself and others who have used the word on many occasions in the past — it’s something that we needed to stop — the John Woo’s of the world, associated with the Fritz Pollard lines — is absolutely correct in proposing the eradication of the word all together… any way we can.

But it’s one thing to push for that. It’s another thing to ask any system itself, any foundation, any structure — where its run by white folks in order to invoke such a policy.

Think about it this way… the word itself is highly offensive and heinous in the English vernacular to a lot of people, particularly within the Black community. It really has to do a lot with who it’s coming from, that’s really the prevalent the issue here.

So if you’re talking about people who were maimed, hung, murdered, and all of these different things — and that word was associated with it… then you’re going to sit there and say that those very people get to come to Black folks now — who communicate off the airwaves, in the privacy of their own company — and try to talk about how they should communicate with one another? That’s a big problem. That’s the kind of stuff that Richard Sherman is eluding to because he’s saying, ‘Wait a minute, fall back folks! Who do you think you are to involve yourself in this kind of situation?’

And as wrong as it may be to utter those words — and I’ve certainly been guilty of it in the past — the reality of the situation is…outside of the working condition itself, it should have nothing to do with anybody else…

To focus on the N-word itself is to focus on Black individuals choosing to use that word, by and large, among themselves…

How dare anybody outside of the Black community believe that they have any right whatsoever to ingratiate themselves in that kind of situation.”


    • These slaves already sold their freedom. And then telling the Massa that they should have the right to use the word he created to demean them is ridiculous.

      Sit down you ignorant fools. And ignorant fool with money is no better than one with out. Th

  1. This is not about the N-Word, It’s About The F-Word…Michael Sam. All of a sudden, the NFL wants to control speech on the field…Yeah Right!

    • Totally agree with you Tyrone. It’s all about homophobic slurs. The N word is just a smokescreen. Because we all know that you can get away with calling a person a nigger/nigga before you can get away with calling someone a faggot!!

  2. Who cares! I got bigger fish to fry. Whitney knows we control the word nigger now. Now all of a sudden they want to delete the word that they had free reign over many centuries. Naw nigga Goodell! Good day

  3. Plantation style ideas just on a different type of plantation which in this case,is the NFL.

  4. Another case of the white man trying to shut down black culture.Every time whitey gives us lemons we make lemonade and it pisses them off.Nigger was used to degrade the black man and break his spirit,but we flipped it on them and used it as a term of endearment. Just like every other curve ball whitey throws at us we smack it out the park.Racism will never die.

    • COSIGN. YT has to tell Black men to stop using the word. If they didn’t use it so flagrantly, YT wouldn’t know about its use among blacks and how pathetic those of us are who use it.

  5. Even though I am alone in this belief here, I am with Stephen A. and Richard Sherman on this point. NOT because of the word, but because I don’t the idea of ceding more power and control to the NFL. Can u imagine the fined and suspensions that brothas will be racking up? Because if anyone is going to slip up and use the word it’s gonna be them.
    Look, ban the word every damn where, that’s fine. But to zone n on the players themselves is just stupid and officious. Are they going to ban “cunt”, spic, kike, fag, and all the other offensive terms? Why only the N word? It just seems like some sort of over reaching paternalism to me.

  6. This is the most disgusting and disturbing argument. You have black ignorant fools fighting to approve a word that was created out of hatred to belittle you. Some body need to sit this ignorant black trash down and stop it from running up on these public platforms spewing out garbage.

    It is ridiculous how you have embraced a word that does nothing but demean you and you expect people to take you serious and to look at you like you have intelligence.

    • Did you fully read the article? They don’t want the right to say the word. They are offended by a WHITE run business, The NFL, telling grown BLACK men that they can not speak to each other n the way they wish to. Sherman says, “ban all offensive language and I’m down with that, but don’t tell me a black man what I can and cannot say to another black.”

      At the end of the day, it is Massa telling the majority of the players what they can and cannot do. This isn’t being proposed for the betterment of the black players. t is control.

      When you show me your Stanford diploma, I will apologize, but Sherman is scary smart, and if he feels this way(as a player), then I give him the benefit of the doubt.

  7. Everybody always says what an offensive word it is n shit like that so whats the big deal with banning it? If its a word that ALL people cant use, then it should be banned from sports.

  8. Ok so it must just be old people on this blog cuz as far as i know everyone asode from my Mama s mama has used the n word, be it out of anger, adoration,humor, a greeting, description, salutation,etc… These men including Sherman who was just ridiculed for being a real n@$&# on the field understand how far it can really go. Texas Bread®0$!£

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