Mathew Knowles’ Checks Out The Game BRIZZ!


Alexandra Wright may have once believed she’d bank after Mathew Knowles knocked her up… but that appears to be far from the real deal. Know why? The pair’s three-year old child now seems to be stuck to a destiny filled with food stamps! Don’t believe me… Just ask the family court judge who recently cut Mathew’s monthly child support payments by nearly 10-rack$!

Reports reveal… the former millionaire — who’s been disowned by the likes of Tina and Beyonce — filed a request “to reduce the $12,000” figure, said to have recently been granted, “reduced to $2,485 a month.”

Here’s the latest:

“Knowles — who made $3 million a year before his daughter fired his ass in 2011 — now says he pulled in a relative paltry $127K in 2013.

And, Knowles says, even though his income has been slashed, his expenses remain sky high — $51,000 a month. To make up the shortfall, he’s liquidating his assets.”


  1. Wow karma is a you know what Mathew. I wonder had he not cheated on Tina would he still be managing his daughter. Now Jay Z is the one cashing all those checks. It must hurt to not have the support of your family.

      • Karma did more than bite his azz…..she chomped the shyt outta him. Just call him Mathew “Half-A-Azz” Knowles.

        • High five Ms. Gem! I notice something everybody. Every time a married man steps out of their marriage, Karma comes for they ass! Its more married men than the women. Reason for saying this because I just got out of one and its a learning experience. But he will get his! Women like me when you tried to find the right man and give him the right kind of love, they won’t accept it. Now when we get up with someone like Matthew, its we are whores, homewreckers, etc. But have anybody realized that woman just wanna be loved? My life I had to grow up real fast! I didn’t have a life. I saw life thru a married man. What it is like to be his? What obstacles we have to face? I raised by women and we had to do everything! Chop wood, my bathroom was a 5 gallon bucket in the closet, wash clothes by hand, no running water just a prime pump. I was with him because I wanted to be loved.

    • Beyonce thinks everyone should abort their babies and is angry when they dont.

      Ugly azz solange had a shotgun wedding that lasted a hot minute. they r the kind of trashy women who think they deserve to be treated with respect, but no one else does.

      It is evident that ugly azz tina descended from a long line of illigetimacy. white men couldn’t have married black mammys if they wanted to. If they were decent human beings they wouldn’t want matthew’s child to suffer the same rejection and hurt tina went through from her white side.

      • The truth is so real. One correction, though. Bey and Jay wanted to adopt Nixon and raise him as their child. Alexsandra said no, rightfully so, and all hell broke loose.

        The judge was right to lower Mathew’s CS payments. He doesn’t earn what he did as Bey’s manager. But Mathew remarried, so I wonder if his wife’s income was taken into consideration?

  2. This is what she gets for f*cking a married man! “close your legs to married men” “and you can’t win being dirty” *NeNe Leaks* she thought there was gonna be a big pay off and she played her ugly self,good for her

    • No, this is what she gets for thinking she was f*cking Bewulf. She thought Papa was always going to have Bewulf as a cash cow.

  3. This side ho was crying broke while getting over 12 g a month? Good for her ass cuz now thanks to being greedy she’s getting 2,400. But explain to me how she qualifies for food stamps? That’s like 30 k a user for 2 people. Oh and she could also just get a job. Kids three now

    • A child support order doesn’t mean the respondent is paying on time and in full. He hasn’t paid consistently during Nixon’s life. And I recall him owing more than $11k in arrears not long ago. I know he was dropping checks off to Alexsandra’s attorney’s office in $15k and $20k increments at a time. She is either hiding money or smoking it.

  4. Well How you doing, Matthew? Now you see where all of that throwing people under the bus for your daughter’s success got you. You stepped on a lot of people. But, pride always come before the fall.

    And then that’s what Beyonce gets for throwing shade at the Jackson’s. Ain’t nobody in the industry returning Matthew’s calls. Even the Gospel Music Industry done kicked him to the curb.


  6. WTF does she need with 12k to take care of 3 yr old a month for? I don’t need that much and I have a 7 & 9 Year old. She is trying to maintain a lifestyle that she afford. She should have been stripped of all that unec. cash

  7. This very situation should be a warning to all the groupies and stupid females that think having a baby to cash in it doesn’t always work like that. He wasn’t the gold mine she thought he was and clearly his daughter not get’en up off a dime and he’s not welcome to meet his famous half sister now a innocent person has to suffer for a gold diggers ambition to be rich with out putting in the work it don’t go like that.

  8. what ever this heffa is getting paid for real.
    almost 3 rack a month in one years time she should have bought a home and it does not take that much money to care for a child. so yeas it pays to pop one out for a star and anyone who says less is in a bubble…I mean re-read this shit, at first she was getting 12 k now like 3 and she still make more than a bitch humping 40 hours a week……stfu on what don’t pay some of y’all just mad because YOUR child support is $280 a month.& you wish you had this bitch problems….

    • No one is mad she is getting 3k. It just pisses people off her flashing her food stamps while getting 3 k a month. Especially since for whatever reason she seems to have stopped working altogether

    • Where do you live? $2800k/mo isn’t rent and a car note in Los Angeles, unless you drive a bucket and live in the hood.

        • Actually the order is more than that. $12,000 times 52 weeks in a year = $624,000 a year divided by 12 months = $52,000 month before court cost, filing, DNA, processing, taxing, and all that other stuff. That was the original amount before.

          • Oh and let’s not forget the medical insurance percentage he has to pay too! I know some child support figures. Jay father is behind too. But you don’t see me running behind him for that money. Some of these women are crazy if you think you can live off child support.

          • What are you talking about? Alexsandra was supposed to receive $12k/mo and the order was reduced to $2,500/mo based on the dramatic decrease in Mathew’s income.

            Did you read the story?

            • Yes I read the story. Thats the figures how to court determines your amount. That’s the BEFORE THE DEDUCTIONS. Now when you start date deducting after the original amount and including the medical insurance and BY LAW THE NON CUSTODIAN PARENT HAS TO PROVIDE.

        • well the reason people dont live in NYC or Paris is because the real estate there is too expensive. So same thing w L A …not that there is anything wrong w being in a two bedroom. It’s just the two of them, right. And its not like she has to stay there because its close to her job or something.She could get a job and pay for her own utilities and car note. I just think its sad the baby’s father and siblings completely ignore him.

          • people replying of go get a job but not realize the costs of childcare. that don’t mean she donn’t need child support. that ‘go get a job’ is only said for black woman but not tiger woods wife or anyone elsethat is ‘white’

  9. But on the real, I have friends who get that each month and their baby daddies are just regular mid management schmoes. I mean, it ain’t peanuts, but it’s a far cry from what she THOUGHT she would be getting from the likes of Matthew Knowles.

    I am sure she thought she would be more like Kelis getting 50K a month.

    • Dissomaster calculates about 17% of the paying parent’s monthly income for child support. It may be more or less dependent upon whether or not there are multiple kids to be supported.

  10. Only white people can get away with milking a man for child support and spousal support to keep up with the life of luxury.

    • The white women aren’t winning there, either. Jon Cryer’s wife is trying, but she is failing.

    • Why do you want to milk someone for anything that does not belong to you. Try working for the things you want.

      • Some women were with/married to men when the men had NOTHING. When you help a man build his career and he becomes successful, his success IS your success. Running a household IS a job. Raising children and keeping them grounded IS a job. I’ve seen so many men try to screw their wives over during divorce proceedings. Moreso than women trying to take from their exes.

          • No she speaks the truth. I have seen this pattern so many times . What bothers me is how some men, when they no longer want the woman, they want nothing to do with the child. I really don’t understand it. It’s not milking. It does cost to raise a child . If he didn’t want to start over later in life he could have wrapped his rascal. You play u pay.

            • Then why didn’t she get pregnant by one of the losers she’s dated? You and I both know the answer. She f*cks dozens of times each year so clearly she knows how not to get pregnant. Bullshit aint nuthin.

  11. Everybody riding this chick for being a hoe and a golddiger. But what about this dirty old bastard cheating on his wife with a woman the same age as his daughters and having unprotected sex. I hope that tramp take every penny his old ass got.

    • That is why it’s hidden and never to be found. That Ho needs a job. She thought her p*ssy was a gold mine and it turned out to be just the average everyday funk hole. Go figure! Why can’t you see that she was perpetrating a fraud?

    • He must be hiding it up his nose. If you spend $50k+ a month, you won’t have much to hide after taxes. He hasn’t had consistent work for 3-4 years. His name is burnt in the industry because he steals from his artists. He loves coke and hookers. Def not management material.

      • At least when I was with mines I didn’t have a child with him! Thank You God!

      • Bella, I have a feeling that you are in real estate, yes? I am considering relocating to LA
        within the next 6 months. Could you recommend an are which isn’t hopelessly uncool, where one could purchase a traditional LA type 20’s-40’s bungalow(Craftsman or faux Mediterranean) for no more than 1 mill? I would like enough yard for a pool, but the property doesn’t need to have an existing one. The most important features are character of the home and a neighborhood which has some cache. I realize that my budget will not allow Las Feliz or most of the Hills, but there must be some spot which could fulfill my criteria.

        • Christa:

          I’m in law. I dabbled in RE finance, but its been a minute. Not sure what type of smart phone you have, but there’s a Realtor app that enables you to search for available properties based on desired cities and zip codes. Try starting in 90230 and venture from there. Property here is still very expensive. I wouldn’t work in parameters of price without knowing how many beds and baths you want, amenities, do schools matter, etc.

          Hope that helps.

          • Thanks Bella. I do check the listings online from time to time, but what I really was hoping for was an inside tip as to an area or neighborhood which I might not be familiar with that I might hone in on(within that price range.) I truly thought you were in the biz, or I wouldn’t have bothered you! Maybe if I find a couple of of properties which pique my interest I will run the area past you and see what you think.

  12. how in the hell is she qualified for food stamps? I cant get any kind of state subsidized funding and I dont bring home that much per month and I still find a way to pay my mort. and send my kid to private school and we are just fine, frig. stay full with out food stamps. Bitches like this is why our taxes are so damn high. If its not a social security office keep you ass out of government buildings. Begging Bitch get a job!! nobody fault but YOUR own, take responsibility you knew he was married, FUCK what game he spit at you.You were to old to say thats what you fell for. Not letting Matty off but as women we HAVE to do better. 2014 NOOO excuse for accidental pregnancies. She knew exactly what she was doing to bad it backfired. Is UPS still hiring? BTW Matty got money, his wife aint marry no broke dude!! i wonder if he had a kid with this new wife would Bey and the rest accept that child?

    • @ Hidden, Shit I wanna know too! Now I got Section 8 but love my beautiful garden apartment. I couldn’t get Food stamps! I know I kick out at least $300 on food alone every month! And I am on a fixed income!


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