Greg & Nene’s ‘Criminal Past’ Leaked!

Nene Leakes Criminal Past

The jig is up for Greg and Nene Leakes, who seem to have joined the ranks of RHOA’s alleged criminal cast members. Reports reveal “Greg Leakes’ criminal history exposing multiple charges racked up for check fraud, shoplifting and receiving stolen goods.” As for Nene? Sources are painting her as ‘a hypocrite.” Know why? She’s reported to “had her arrest record expunged.”

Here’s what reports:

“Nene was allegedly charged with theft three times, under different last names.

One of Nene family members will be spilling tea soon. So I will hold off on other details. Greg Leakes has been arrested numerous times in 2002, Gwinett County.”

Greg Leakes Criminal Past


    • RHOA is the biggest ratings grabber of the Housewives series, so I can’t believe they want to ax the show.

    • NSW, Miss Andy loves him a hot mess and you can’t get any measure than the whole housewives franchise. And Atlanta is the top ratings booster for Bravo, so I doubt it.

      • I believe the cast members are digging up dirt on one another. There are a lot of haters involved in that show.

  1. Oh but are we really surprised by this revelation though? Just look at the way Lanethia carries herself, like a ghettofied court jester; no class at all.
    NeNe now has greg acting like her manservant and lap dog and it’s really sad to watch.
    Greg always seemed shady to me, like he was hiding something.
    The empire will crumble soon, just watch.

  2. Most of the negroes in politics, radio and TV have criminal pasts or just didnt get caught.

    • And most of the whites in politics, radio, and TV have criminal pasts that have been EXPUNGED or they were never even charged to begin with.

  3. Leave Greg alone! He don’t bother nobody…Peter is the black bitch that needs exposing

    • Not really. Someone leaked the fact that Gregg was married when he met NeNe at the strip club. Their evictions from their rental homes were leaked, too. The Leakes’ info has been leaked for ages. This is yet another tidbit.

      • Hmm, hypocritical of Nene to tell Kim to close her legs to married men then, huh?! Then shutting down Greg’s adult sons to keep her name out their mouths when referencing the demise of Greg’s prior marriage.

        • She swore she didn’t break up Gregg’s marriage, but that’s what homewreckers say.

  4. My Goodness!! I am so glad that I stopped watching that show. I know this doesn’t surprise anybody. She ain’t all loud, rude and crude for nothing.

  5. Every time I see Nene, I wonder what the hell she looked like on the pole? She is so strange looking to me that I find it hard t believe hat she was ever a pole dancer. The hair, the lips, the strange body –

  6. Her on sisters and his own kids outed them. They were both on the news during season one for being evicted and tearing up that lady’s house. Nothing said about either of them would surprise me.

    • Yet, NeNe slandered Kim and Kenya for renting houses. Kim owns two houses now. Kim owned her townhouse when she had that lease option with Kendra and Kendra’s ex husband. I don’t blame Kim for not paying $1 million over an appraisal. And Kenya sold her L.A. home for a little under $1 million.

      • Kim is about to lose her house now.

        Maybe Porsha should take the Biermann brood in as boarders in her new 8,000sq ft leased home. They could help her with the monthly rent, and she wouldn’t have to rattle around in that boondock joint all by herself. It’s an okay house, but I wouldn’t want to live up there if I were single in ATL..

          • The house that she bought and is refurbishing/renovating. They are out of money and the bank is breathing down their necks. I read about t in Straight from the A, so if the info is incorrect, I am not a direct source.

            • FYI: Michelle isn’t a good source. The $12k debt has been paid. The house is furnished. Folks can go on with their lives and leave Kim and Kroy to raise their brood.

              I remember Straight from the A posting false info about Alexsandra Wright’s matter. I offered facts and documentation as proof. How Michelle is allowed to print lies and slander is beyond me.

  7. Nvm. I see Kim and Kroy are in the hole for a “massive” tax bill of $12k combined for two years. Folks don’t realize how much money they make. Kroy is a multimillionaire. Kim has a spinoff, so I know she made more money with her spinoff than she does as a RHOA cast member.

    People really hate Kim and want to see her in ruins. Not sure why.

    • she is a former kept woman that landed a young stud, married him and had 4 kids. her stuff is so good he even adopted her first two kids . And bought them all a mansion. Lol. That drives some people crazy (nene).

    • she is a former kept woman that landed a young stud, married him and had 4 kids. her stuff is so good he even adopted her first two kids . And bought them all a mansion. Lol. That drives some people crazy (nene).

  8. LOL , Kim is fierce and smart, she is married blessed with healthy children and a supportive husband . NeNe bitter old .. What ever funny looking like a man???

  9. People dragged Sheree over her house being unfinished, but she owns the land they were trespassing on. That lot was paid for in cash. The title is in her mother’s name because of her legal issues. I just wish Sheree leased that Aston Martin rather than paying cash for it, so her attorneys couldn’t take it. Her car wasn’t repossessed because you can’t repossess something that is paid for. NeNe has no clue.

  10. as i see it trash tv has brought everyone down. lost marriages, homes, cars, etc. if you dont want to be humiliated stay off of trash tv shows. and they all are human, we all make mistakes. so stop pointing your finger, because there are three pointing back at you.

  11. i wish my people had used their common sense and got out when they got ahead. all money aint good money. love rhoa cast!!!!

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