Cash Money Records Co-Founder Terrance ‘Gangsta’ Williams Snitched For Lesser Sentence!!!


Is He His YMCMB Brothers’ Keeper?

HSK Exclusive – The 1997 unsolved murder of one of the first set of artists signed to Cash Money Records — 22-year-old U.N.L.V. rapper, Albert ‘Yella Boy’ Thomas — appears to be a shooting death YMCMB’s three founding fathers know everything about. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Birdman’s locked-up-for-life half-brother, Terrance E. Williams (aka ‘Gangsta’). The convicted drug kingpin — and last surviving member of New Orleans’ notorious Hot Boys “D-Boy clique” — is a proven inmate-turned-informant, looking to land a get out of jail card! A tipster tells us… that’s why Birdman and Slim “ain’t at ease”.

“I will testify to these events in a Court of Law and Indictments and Prosecution to solve these two murders.”


You may recall… Back in 1999, ‘Gangsta’ Williams — reported to have put up “around $100,000” to start the Cash Money record label — was delivered a life-sentence “plus 240 years for ‘continued criminal enterprise’ and ‘conspiracy to commit murder.'”

Now, HSK has exclusively obtained court documents uncovering Gangsta’s February 2008 official declaration to give up information “in two murders…awarding [him] a sentence reduction.”

“I have very valuable irrefutable information concerning two homicides and one attempt murder.” ~Terrance E. Williams, to New Orleans, LA District Attorney Keva L. Jones, February 29, 2008.


In Terrance E. Williams’ following ‘AFFIDAVIT IN SUPPORT OF SENTENCE REDUCTION’, filed on April 25, 2008, ‘Gangsta’ confirms the ‘freeman time’ he was bargaining for… in exchange for the information he provided. Nearly two-years later, an arrest was made in connection to a cold case homicide. According to the docs… that murder was one of the two detailed for the feds, by Terrance E. Williams.

Here’s what NOLA reported on April 12, 2010:

“A dozen years after 17-year-old Colon Cains was gunned down in Central City, New Orleans police have arrested and booked a suspect with first-degree murder.

On October 8, 1997, police responding to a call of a shooting at Second and Lasalle streets found Cains’ body inside of a vehicle with a gunshot wound to his head. Cains died in the hospital.

The murder went unsolved until NOPD Detective Decynda Barnes reinvestigated the case, said NOPD spokeswoman Officer Hilal Williams, and identified 37-year-old Alton Patterson as a suspect last week.

Police booked Patterson with one count of attempted first-degree murder and one count of first-degree murder.”


A source reveals… “Get the Gat” rapper, Alton G. Patterson — artistically known as ‘Lil’ Elt’ — was signed to Cash Money in the early 90’s. We’re told, “Patterson was found not guilty” of the murder charges against him. As for the December 26, 1997 murder of Ishmael Fernandez cited in the docs… despite Terrance Williams’ drop detailed, the murder case is said to remain unsolved to date.

With longtime word pegging Birdman as behind Yella Boy’s murder, insiders reveal that’s the case homicide that detectives have been focused on solving for some time now. While Terrance Williams currently continues his life-sentence behind bars, a tipster tells us the former Hot Boyz drug kingipn is penning a tell-all… said to have sparked Birdman and Slim to question if their Gangsta CMB is their brother’s keeper.

Here’s the drop:

“Word on the streets is Gangsta is signing up to be a state witness.

Yella Boy boss’ed up to Birdman and Slim over royalties they owed him and his group. It wasn’t long after that when Yella was rocked to sleep.

The tear drops Birdman and Wayne got rep they know who murked Yella Boy.

Wayne must feel like a jackass because Birdman used him up. Wayne owes the IRS more than $12 million and Birdman doesn’t give a f*ck. He’s a YMCMB employee… Birdman and Slim run, own errythang.”



  1. I’m not shocked it got started with drug money and i’m not shocked why people leave them as opposed to doing something about getting ripped off.

  2. I hope Birdbrain and that Lurch-lookin nigga brother of his go to jail. They been f*ckin people over for YEARS! Its wrong that they got to the level they got off the work of others. Same with puffy’s weak ass. Sad thing is ca$h rules the courts, so they aint gonna see no time.

  3. Being a NewOrleanian myself theirs been rumors in the streets about these events for many years and its surprising that Gangsta would wait now to disclose this info.

    • Exactly…the RUMORS have been spreading for years now & he still has LIFE…so where is the lesser sentence??????!!!!!!

  4. I mean, the music business has always been full of scandal, but it just seems that it has degraded into a total cesspool.

    Are there any legit people in the game anymore? Serious question?

  5. The music industry is far worse than the the streets there is codes you follow. There is no codes or morals in the music industry,just lawyers.

    • No, Back in the day there used to be codes such as no killing women and babies. It was the old school way of doing things. But now, that’s all changed. Long gone are the days of honoring codes.

      • Code no woman no babies theres never been no code its just out in the open now.Go back to your pc this shit here is for real ninjas

    • People dnt follow no codes in the street… None of this has to do wit music… It all started in da street… They been fuccin people over, in clouding gangsta… It is wat it is tho

  6. okay what about magnolia shorty who was gunned down and souljah slim who was a member of cash money and no limit.

    can’t forget all the other deaths in the new orleans rap industry.

    master p rapped about his dead brother for years and was the killer ever found.

    skull duggery is in jail for rape I believe.

    tre 8 and mr. magic died in car wrecks.

    mac, c murder, bg are all in prison.

    turk just got free career dead.

    juvenile has some legal troubles exc girl and daughter shot dead.

    mannie fresh had a sister get shot.

    birdman had a sister get shot.

    mystikal’s sister was killed by her boyfriend who amazingly did’nt go to jail for it.

    okay is this blood sacrifice, dealing with satan or is it the crime rate in louisiana or is it because all these people sold drugs and was involved ingaNGS AND TALKED ABOUT IT IN THEIR MUSIC.

    • Just that bad down here , really. Magic and his wife was in an accident they were my neighborhood friends, as fir the others the crime is real out here…

        • I thought meatball was dead didn’t he go straight and the streets thought he was an informant got killed in his car I swear I red that somewhere

      • only heard august alsinas song I got that once.

        don’t listyen to rap no more

    • @ChrazyChris, don’t get it twisted! Street soldiers did their thing, but the police was very much informed of everything going on and their hands are just as dirty.

      And I’m not just talking, I know about all of this because I was chillin on 6th and Baronne myself…

  7. Drug dealing for what ever reasons equals crime, violence, murder, death or if one is lucky incarceration. I don’t know if one can ever completely get out of that lifestyle.

    • Yes they can and many now often do, The way is bring tha same heads u been wit with you when u succeed then theres absolutely nothing that would make u wanna go back..DbkLox







    • What does Doe B’s murder have to do with New Orleans or Cash Money? His Killers turned themselves in Darius Thomas and Jason McWilliams friends that he was having a beef with.
      Although alot of people thinking T.I. was behind it, his sacrifice

      • thinking about all the deaths in the music industry and the ones folks barely think about.

  9. New Orleans is a mess. Voodoo, color struck negroes and whites. Poverty, drugs, sex, gangs,prostitution, whore houses, bodies buried on top of the group. Killas lurking in the swamps at all times. Alot of unsolved murders and crimes.

      • Right. If it’s so damn bad, why do most folks continue to flock to N.O when they want a great time, some good food and the best music scene in the country? Sure, we have our problems, but we have been strong for 400+ years and we will continue to be the most unique city in the US.

        As for color struck negroes, voodoo and all the other things you mentioned, we have a culture you could not possibly understand and we’re proud of it.

        • And that we don’t want to understand or know about. Yeah, losers low-lives are proud of losin’. It is why y’all will always be slaves. Just make us some gumbo, sing a bit, then STFU and STFD

        • Hopefully headed there in 2015 for a convention. If I can afford it I’d like to extend my stay b/c I want to see it & hear the music not just buy some postcards at the hotel.

          • YAY!!!! JRP You will love it I promise. It is impossible to NOT have a great time in New Orleans, and I’m so glad that you’re going at a time other than Carnival. Mardi Gras can be a lot of fun, but it isn’t the best way to get the true flava of the city. Get ready for some fantastic food and music, and maybe some history stuff too if you’re so inclined.

    • Can't be too f*ckin' bad… My great grandpa' emigrated there from Sicily before headed to Chicago.

  10. So, we can safely assume Hurricane Katrina was God’s punishment.

    Damn, to kill a 17 year old kid cuz he wanna get paid?

    YMCB needs to go down, all the way down the toilet.

  11. When you make a deal with the devil she will want to get paid.
    When you make a deal for your soul and you lose the devil will come to collect and will want a life.
    If you are not prepared to give her yours then you must give.
    So we see how one selfish soul will continue to give many souls to feed the beast that he or she owes every thing to.
    This is a bill they willingly and wantingly pay with out as much as a simper or tear.
    These beast are excited to find a fool that may get close enough to get themselves offed.

  12. Yeah we’ll make you some gumbo alright. Come on down and get it. And after you’re finished eating your gumbo we will also throw you a second line and put your picture on a fresh white tee. Asshole.

    • Yah, brag ’bout what you gonna do to another black person and go lick some white trash azz.

      stupid slave fool.

      • Nobody in the N.O. kisses white trash azz. They kiss ours. Truth. They wouldn’t be nothing without our culture and they KNOW it. Why you think that we have had black mayors since the 1970’s?

        • New Orleans has a black mayor because it is mostly populated by blacks. Whites migrate to the outskirts and suburbs and can no longer run in the city. No different from other largely populated black cities. Detroit, Chicago, Birmingham, Atlanta, and a host of others all have black mayors.

          • Sorry but you could not be more wrong! The wealthiest bluest pf blood whites never fled the city for the suburbs in New Orleans. This s another example of how outsiders don’t know beans about our city.

            We are nothing like ATL, DC, Detroit et al.

            In the Garden District and Uptown where I grew up, A 3 million dollar Victorian mansion is 3 blocks from a project and blacks and whites are right on top of each other.

            There are so many things which make us unique…we aren’t a shopping mall community like ATL. We are real history and flavor.

            Blacks and whites are inter-related too. We all have the same names and most of us are Catlick!

            • EXCUSE ME? RESEARCH?? I have lived there for 25 years. You couldn’t possibly know anything about N.O. to say that the majority of whites live in Slidell. That is hilarious! Sure there are lots of whites in Metairie, Slidell, Covington, The West Bank and on and on, BUT there is no “white flight” in N.O. proper. Orleans Parish is and always has been THE prime and chosen address of choice for wealthy white and Black New Orleans’ residents.
              That is akin to saying Manhattanites are fleeing to Long Island. Not happening.

  13. Ya heard me ? Thats funny. lol. You gotta love New Orleans man. The culture is so unique My mother is from there. She gave me the Music man. haaaaaaa

    • Yep. Anyone hating on the N.O. is just uninformed or lying. The black culture there is amazing!

      Did your Moms ever tell you about the Mardi Gras Indians? You never saw anything like them anywhere!


  15. yes , she use to take me to the Mardi gras every year from Miami were we live now. It was a very unique and fascinating experience.New Orleans has a musical spirit. But its also a lot of poverty which makes it extremely dangerous. But its all good. The people are really nice down inside.

  16. Man, Lil Elto ain’t killed nobody! That’s my homie, cool ass cat. Like always, this Shit be all wrong and passed off as truth to people who don’t know.

  17. Gangsta violating the code…as ignorant as it sounds there is a code. If you get caught its yo’ charge!!!!!!!! But baby might be violating to if he holding something that belong to that man.

  18. They all deserved to die. The Saddest part is that some of them have been spared. They are just glorified retards who spew sone of the most unintelligible shit known to man. Good riddance to all dead rappers.

  19. None of u never met him…so u can say what u like from a safe place….but when he was out…he had city shook!!! And put that work in…. and untill u facing life 240….u don’t no what u will do….

  20. If I hear "ya heard me" one more damn time. SMDH! Embarrassing! Didn't the water kill all of you niggers?

  21. Thoughtful suggestions – I learned a lot from the information , Does anyone know if my assistant would be able to grab a blank CT DRS CT-1040 form to work with ?

  22. So THIS is the real reason P never f*cked with these cats. Master P was a thoro street cat and these greasy ass clowns was killing their own artists and shit. It still continues.

  23. Damn! people some of you seriously need to do a spelling check before posting some of these comments, just ’cause you’re (street) doesn’t mean you’ve got a valid “be stupid free card” let’s educate our young ones we owe them that, at least let’s rise a grow together people, that’s word to the wise…

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