NBA Escort Warns Steph Curry’s Wife That He Will Cheat


steph curry ayesha cheating

Stephen Curry leads what appears to be a perfect life. He is the reigning NBA MVP, and world champion, plus this year he is having one of the greatest years in the history of the league. Not only is his professional life amazing, but he had a picturesque family life with his beautiful wife, Ayesha, and their two children.

jenna shea steph curry

A woman who is renowned for being an escort to the sports stars, Jenna Shea, recently informed Mrs. Curry that although she might be wholesome her husband is out there looking for other women.

“Athletes can’t stay faitful too many option married or not.”
“Your man is on the road a lot and coming from a woman who is paid to be there when the wife isn’t is only a matter of time.”

steph curry cheating

Whether Steph cheats now, or later, is beside the point. Seems Jenna is just looking for attention, and you’d think for someone whose business relies on being discrete she’d be more careful about clapping off.

steph curry cheating 2


    • She's right it is very hard !
      That's why spontaneity is key !
      Women must work very hard to keep a good man !
      They are all so beautiful in their own way !

    • Hey was married for a decade and didn't cheat once !
      Got divorced thought about every time I passed on pleasure while Was married if I knew then what I know now shiiiiit f*ck it !!!!!
      Only faithful to wife that's a prestigious honor real men love women very much but still just wanna f*ck !

  1. i don't understand what they see in this thot.. I mean she has like a Horse teeth…. Her asss is fake. Shiit there are better looking white females than that, bitch does not look attractive in any way, these men are idiots 80,000 shiit I wouldnt spend $150 on her ass let alone 80,000. I'm sorry to say but some of u Rappers, and NBA, NFL are idiots.. you spend money on average thots n think thats a prize? shit, Rich White men spend money on hot women that are very discrete not thots that go around exposing yo biz especially ugly ass thots, when will these guys learn to stop being tricks or at least learn to be discrete about what u do… smh Money never equals brains. Your payed to jump and run not use your head thats what the accountant robbing your 25 mill in the bank is for. Dumb asss, how many college tuition can that pay off for some inner city kid. Can you imagine if they would spend that money in doing positive things I mean every last cent they spend on these thots, every inner city kid will prob have a college education in stead of being out there on the streets selling rocks n shiiiit smh

  2. A politician once told me, you pay for the confidentiality, not the sex. That's the only difference between a $300 woman and a $3,000 one, Her outing anyone would kill her career or best case scenario drop her status in tiers (which of course drops her in price). She does make a point but not all basketball players cheat (I would put the number at about 70%). I know a few who are faithful, but they've been burned (STD) or blackmailed early in their careers (before marriage) and it freaked them out. Truth be told, hockey players are the worst (I can easily put that number at 80-90%).

  3. Ummmm so this chic is a paid prostitute who is bragging about sleeping with married men for money and we are suppose to be hurt, jealous or bothered by this?
    Guess she really thinks she's winning huh?

    Can someone say fire and brimstone? Marriage is secured, some people just don't get it, SMH….

  4. Not only a HEAUX,
    But one that talks too much!
    #bad #combination

    This is not his 1st year in the NBA, and His Daddy was in the NBA as well.
    Ayesha dont need a two bit "nba escort" telling her – women like this idiot TROLL the NBA.
    Meanwhile Ayesha, unpacks boxes at her new $3.2 million dollar home.

    • ….Meanwhile Ayesha, unpacks boxes at her new $3.2 million dollar home


      The Seductress

    • ….SATAN is busy… Wonder how many DEMONS are running around in her?


      The Seductress

  5. Mek she move her nasty bloodclaat and go drop ah sleep permanently. Not every msn cheat. Leave the f*cking mab and him family to prosper. Ole nastiness

  6. Ayeshia has NOTHING to worry about when it comes to her man. It's all the reason she can bask in the glow of being Mrs. Curry. For those who do not know, his parents literally hand picked her to be his girlfriend and future wife. So, to all the haters and THOTS who are dreaming and scheming, Steph doesn't cheat, and he never will because he has his Queen!

  7. We all want to find a good man, fall in love, settle down, get married, have kids and be happy.
    At least most of us do. We want a loving relationship thats pure.
    Why cant BLACK FOLKS have love like that?
    AT LEAST ONE of us should win! Somebody we can be happy for!
    Always some hater trying to piss on the parade!

    I believe in Black Love!

    • ….I believe in Black Love!


      The Seductress

  8. Their kids are ridiculously cute. I mean, as a couple they're damn near perfect. Both good peeps and you can tell that they both know they are lucky. I believe that Steph may be one of the few, like Shane Battier, who will honor their wife on the road by never putting themselves in the place and position for there to be too much temptation. I know Shane well, and he simply refused to go to bars, parties and events on the road where there would be women on the hunt. He would go to museums, movies and visit old classmates in road cities. Sure, he took shit from the other players for being L7, but he's too smart and secure to care.

  9. Steph Curry is a inspiration to black men worldwide. He will not make the same mistake as Tiger Woods. His wife is genuine, loving and ablsoutely gorgeous! We will not destroy his marriage, career or his life! I respect Steph Curry.

    On a side note, What do Ayesha Curry, Tamia, Sydney Leroux and Jessica Lucas have in common? They're drop dead gorgeous and they're from Canada. That country is producing some beautiful black women. Must be something in the Canadian water!

    • …Steph Curry is a inspiration to black men worldwide. He will not make the same mistake as Tiger Woods….


      The Seductress

  10. Chef Curry is a smart guy. He recognizes the prize he has in Ayesha, girls like her are few and far between, today. Beauty, Intellect, and CLASS? Nah, he wouldn't jeopardize that for one of these skeezers outchea.


    Yea, ok. You must be the THOT whisperer…fuk outta here.

  12. Let me just say to "the seductress": You are a common looking bottle blond with unpleasant features and a clownish physique.

    I'm not willing to say that in the next 25 years Steph will face no temptations….but it would have to be from someone who has more going for herself than the potato faced chippy in the pics above.


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