Taz’s Angels Bump Kylie Jenner For Hooker Stable?

Kylie Jenner Taz's Angeles
HSK Exclusive – Kylie Jenner was recently spotted in Miami kickin’ it with some of the prostitutes from Taz Angels stable. It’s reported to be part of Kylie’s reported plan to “party in South Beach with her girlfriends,” during her current “break from Tyga.” Though we can’t confirm the exact details of the freaky activities Kylie is delving into with her homegirls, insiders say she’s keeping it a “females only” affair … Just ask Hailey!


  1. Those other two chicks are smokin' hot. Usually Kylie is the hot one, but she was upstaged in that photo.

    Are you implying that Kylie is down for the punany? ZI thought it was Kendall who is straight lez like her half sis Kourtney. And Hailey is Hailey Baldwin right? I have not heard that she was a baby dyke… I figured that she was into dudes and your basic starf*cker since she is homely and has no talent. Model? NI**A PLEASE.

  2. It's a damn shame that being in the same room as these non talented trips that you career goals can increase. Stop supporting these kardashians! They are taking credit for the sisters big butt.

  3. The two sista's is really up staging that fake bubble lip bytch, as they would, after all she's trying to look like them.

  4. Annabella and cat are so pretty it's sad that they are prostitutes when they could have been models smh yep Kylie's fake ass ain't got nothing on those two

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