Stacey Dash Says Kanye Should Be Raped At Rikers!


Battle Of The Bimbos?

Stacey Dash, aka The Black Ann Coulter, may have just showed her azz as Fox Snooze’s leading token negro. The fallen ‘Single Ladies’ star just let it be known that she’d gladly send yet another Black man — namely, Kanye West — to the tank! Correct me if I’m wrong, but do we not have one too many Brothers wrongfully locked-up already? Nonetheless, Stacey says Kanye “needs to spend some time on Rikers Island… and then maybe he’ll know what rape is.”

This one’s a toss up, ya’ll…. Stacy’s comment is in response to Kanye’s recent bizarre comparison that having his pic taken by paparazzi is like being raped. Not only is Kanye’s statement way out there… rather than setting off a ‘Stop the Violence’ movement — just days after 82-people were shot in ChiRaq — 14 of them fatally — during July 4th weekend… Chi-Town’s Very Own Kanye chose to b*tch over his problem with being photographed in public.

Check out what Kanye said to the crowd:

“Everybody out here likes sex, right. But if one of the people doesn’t want to do that, that’s called rape. That’s called a violation.”

Here’s Stacey Dash’s response to Ye’s statement:

“For Kanye to say ‘rape’… maybe he needs to spend some time on Rikers Island. You know, go to Rikers for a little while… and then maybe he’ll know what rape is.

I don’t get celebrities not understanding that the paparraizi are doing their job… I just think that they’re not understanding what the business is.

I found that if you’re nice… if you’re polite to them… they’ll leave you alone. It’s when you start to call them names… and act crazy… and put your hands up… and do all this drama that they make it a big deal.”


  1. Kayne started the Bs and she finished it, with a great response. Kuddos Stacey, This will probably be the only one she get from me. Never was a fan of hers. I get his point too but Kanye never knows what to say.

    • One brownee point for Clueless Stacy Dash. Coonyesus is always seeking attention the wrong way. I promise no one will care about him if he does not make anymore music. Stop expecting people to spend their money on your products if you want to be left alone. Stop touring and stay off of the television promoting your crap!

    • Agreed, Truth. I’m over males comparing their ideas of being noninvasively violated to rape. There is no comparison. People aren’t stealing Kanye’s power by taking his photograph when he doesn’t want it taken. They are helping him remain on the buying public’s radar, hence enabling him to continue to earn money for being a fcking moron masked as an “entertainer.” I’m glad Stacey Dash corrected his wrongs.

  2. Well, well. Should I tell my daughter to go to college or follow stacy dash’s career path to gain a job at FOX. The game is all messed up.

  3. Can’t rape the willing. He’d probably enjoy all the male attention.

    Hes an idiot and needs to engage his brain before opening his mouth.

    Sorry if it’s insensitive but overall tone of the topic is awful

  4. Somebody should have called out Kanye on his delusion. He wants to be worshiped but, he doesn’t want the cameras in his face or people speaking to him. WTH? Personally, I think all that ranting and raving is just part of his plot to move overseas to be with his REAL love, Riccardo Tisci. I don’t know why he is hiding. He wears and says what he wants so, why not be out and proud? I fail to understand his bi-polar/schizophrenic actions. Give me the “College Dropout” Kanye any day.

  5. Peanut gallery is all that is…nothing else better to talk about these days, especially on the Mainstream media…even though the dollar is about to collapse, yeah, what did Stacy say now?…lol she should know about getting ass-raped…how do u think she got a job @ fox news??

  6. bytch face is puff quit the botox shyt stacey


  7. I truly believe that Kanye would enjoy being raped at Rikers. He can practice his mic control/hand movements! Another thing hopefully he will dissapear into Kim K’s ass soon.

  8. Star Magazine Reported….Kanye And Kim’s Marriage Is In Trouble

    Apparently Their Sleeping In Separate Rooms!!! Their Arguing About Baby Number 2!! Kim’s not Happy It Serves Her Right!!

    • never believed in this joke of a marriage celebrity marriages are jokes.

      kanye and kim better renegotiate their plans of baby number 2.

    • Probably why her stepbro Brody didnt bother to waste paid time off work to show up to the fiasco yet with lovely girlfriend in tow attended Reggie Bush’s recent wedding. Talk about slap in the face.

      • I loved that. It was a birch move if I ever saw one. Brody has made it clear he hates Kim Kris and co.since they sided w Joe Francis after he physically assaulted Avril Levigne, Brosys then-fiancee

      • By “her,” are you referring to the Armenian semen receptacle now known as Mrs. Kanye West? Stacey hasn’t seen nearly as many miles or as much action as Kim, despite Stacey also having been married and divorced 3 times (if memory serves me correctly).

  9. She is not one of my favorite people……however what she is saying is absolutely TRUE in reference to paparazzi… All that bullshit these actress &actor would have you believe that they are sooooo upset about being photograph!!its bullshit!! There Agents,Managers,Family &Friends call the agency &tell you were they are going to be…when they are NOBODIES!! the pap is there BESTFRIEND!! Then they are the talk of the town &want to go out restaurant kitchen back doors trying to play the I’m STAR CARD!! Yes you have damn fools in any job..but for the most part very few actor receive harassment from TRUE PROFESSIONAL ENTERTAINMENT PHOTOGRAPHER!!

  10. These fools call the papps on themselves..
    If nobody paid attention to them they
    Would gocrazy.


  12. She should be working on the news not trying to make Kanye west dreams come true lol.


  14. Kanye Needs To Be Careful His Image And Career Is Ruined Thanks To The Trashdashian’s Being On His Balls!!
    Kris Jenner Is “Like A Dog With A Bone” And “A Bull In A China Shop” The Marriage Was Like A Adoption Procedures Kris Has Adoption

    She Did The Same Thing To Lamar She Befriended Him He Trusted Her. He Depended On Her He Probably Told Her His Secrets!! (Big Mistake)
    When BigFoot Tossed His Ass Out Kris Planted Fake Stories About Him

  15. Maybe his wife can make an appearance on Fox and try to articulately and clearly outline what her husband was trying to describe in his statement. SIKE

  16. So Stacey dont see the irony of her remarks. Suggesting rape for Kanye because he compared his situation to rape. I bet if she suggested the actresses who said the same thing( Gwyneth and Charlize), there would have been a whole lot of fire and brimstone for her suggesting rape as a lesson to be learned. She was all hurt and mournful and still talks about how folks told her to “kill herself”, when she suddenly had her republican conversion. No one should compare rape to anything but rape. Neither should you wish anyone, male or female, be raped.

    • Thank you very much!!!!! No matter how much crazy stuff Kanye say or does, there are crazier white celebs that FOX would never ever let her say this about.

      And why do people on FOX just say stuff and think you are too stupid to figure things out.

      ” I found that if you’re nice… if you’re polite to them… they’ll leave you alone. It’s when you start to call them names… and act crazy… and put your hands up… and do all this drama that they make it a big deal.”

      Anyone with half a brain can put 2 and 2 together and figure out that, if you are nice and polite the paps can take the 20 pictures in 30 seconds. So guess what, the didn’t leave you alone, they got what they wanted. Sort of like being raped, some prople dont fight being raped so it can be over faster….lol. I guess it’s all relative.

      All of her husbands must have been paps. She was nice and polite to them, so they left her ass all alone…

  17. Kanye was never a strong man, most italians
    mexicans, brazil can beat him up, but in prison
    he be protect as long as he got a man

  18. i would choke out kanye bust his face a little
    and Fu-k kim real good with my italian Di-k

  19. Wow it’s kinda strong on this thread. Wats wrong all of u are having a f*cked up day

  20. Right Now…Kanye is detached from reality. As Jacky stated, over 80 injured and 14 dead in Chi-Town this past weekend. Him being a native, it should have made him wax poetic in the other way. Stacey Dash is into whitemen, so, a blackman getting sodomized does not faze her one bit. She ain’t down with”The Brothas” in that way. However, wants to pop up in a video or movie from time to time…Carry On Stacy! Her politics don’t bother me, i’m not a bleeding heart either.

  21. Folks did come real strong on here, but it’s about kickin’ the real.

    Shit did that drugged out slore, Stacey Dash just say something intelligent???

    I guess now that her son is about to be of legal age (21), I guess she decided to dry out, clean out, sober up and grow up.

    • @Anonymous

      When blackmen say dumb s**t, there should be a boomerang coming for his neck. I just feel that everybody is wore out, as it relates to black male psychosis.

  22. Out of the “snide” comments on this story, not one person stopped to say, “I’ll pray for Kanye, he seems to have lost his way.” You know life can get a bit overwhelming with a world full of yes folks. Especially when the truest person you had is dead. Grow up.

  23. Wow, the first marginally intelligent thing Stacey Dash has ever said. We must really be in ‘The Last Days.’

  24. Stacey dask used to be very pretty in the 90s now she washed up has been an she looks old an dried up she used to be a hot comody back in the day she look weird now not attractive anymore

  25. Don’t care for this broad but she’s absolutely correct. As she puts it, a good visit to the prison system will help Kenya to recognize the true meaning of being rape. Why is bitch ass Kanye always whining about dumb shit? Not to long ago he admitted to selling out to the devil. He’s about that life, making millions, selling records, selling shoes, and selling clothes to fans and followers. He Married the biggest attention whore in the industry yet doesn’t like the paparazzi taking pictures of him. Ni gga just suck it, pretend it’s all good, make money and stfu. I guess he doesn’t realize being famous also comes with the paparazzi. I don’t understand why are these celebrities are always complaining about their privacy when they knew the deal. If they truly value their privacy than maybe they should consider working 9-5 like everyone else and stop relying on the working class population to keep up with their fancy lifestyle.

  26. Two things I’m getting sick and tired of. One, old has been black bitches talking shit. Two, black women dying their hair blonde! Too many black women are taking the black out of their hair. Some black women are trying to erase the black from their skin. This Sammy Sosa, Zoe Saldana self hating bullshit has got to stop! Black is beautiful but self hatred is ugly!

    • Australian aboriginal people are black and are born with blond hair. If you don’t believe it look it up.
      Stating this as boldly as possible. Everyone’s DNA traces back to the motherland of Africa and SINCE the original people are black it only makes sense they’re naturally going to have Blond, red, and Brown hair. Don’t believe me than travel to Africa and around the world.
      There is nothing wrong with a black women wearing blond wigs or weave. It doesn’t necessarily mean she’s trying to ambulate a White Women. White women as well as other races of women also dye their hair blond or wear blond wigs as well.

      • Blonde hair aboriginals with blonde hair have an empty bottle of peroxide in thier hands. No blonde aboriginals. Haha.

        • Not sure about that. I’ve seen some. I was told it was a calcium deficieny or something like that. Also lots of black skin/ blond hair Solomon Islanders. When black people are naturally blond due to genetics not environmental factors, it appears to be because we inherit different genes. On other words there is such a thing as black blondness but blacks get their bling hair from different genes than white people. Genetics is a lil hobby of mine. Google it. Interesting stuff.

          • Ok you might see one or two. But I have still to meet one face to face. It is that rare. The post made out it was the norm for aboriginals to have blonde hair.

    • The Aboriginals And The Native American Are The Same People But Different Race (Does That Make Sense??)
      They Both Help White People And White People Treated Them Like Shyt!! They Taught White People How To Live In Land
      And White People Stole Their Idea’s (Talk About Gratitude!!)

      They May Live In Difference Country But Their Same!!!!

  27. Please understand something about motherf*ckers with no talent or no education. These types of people rely on shock value for their means of liveing. In other words, they have to say and do shocking shit to pay their bills. Motherf*ckers like Stacey Dash, Elisabeth Hasslebeck, Sarah Silverman and Jenny McCarthy have to do this. These bitches are not smart, they just say and do stupid shit in front of the camera to get paid. The media loves these type of bitches, because they help to distract the public from the real shit that’s occuring! That’s why these old ignorant bitches keep getting the media headlines. Unless Stacey Dash is going to do a raunchy sex tape, ignore this soon to be 50 year old Fox News Hoe!

    • Stacey Trash Is A Self Hating Mammy..She Went On Wendy William’s Show Declaring Her Love For White Men!!!!!
      Black Women Are Looking Foolish Declaring Their Love For Their Slave Master!! White Men See Black Women As Sex Toys!!!

      • and white women view brother the same way. It’s a lose lose situation of self hate.

  28. funny How Stacey Dash And Donald Faison Betrayed A Black Couple In Clueless…Ironically Their Both Sellouts!!!

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