Can Someone Please Ask Iggy Azalea How Many Times She’s Said The Word ‘N*gger’ In Her Life?


“There is nothing kept secret that will not come to light.”

An IG post — suspected to have been made by Iggy Azalea, less than a month ago — has just surfaced. As you can see in the image above… Aussie ‘Slave-Master’ Azalea is posted up between Drake and Mr. Grand Hustle One and Two — alongside the caption: “Me And Ma Nigga’s”

*SIDE NOTE: Any one who hasn’t caught on to the pattern surrounding Black Culture yet, is out to lunch*

This begs the question, ‘Who’s Hustling Who?’ I mean the Tip she’s on with T.I. has been obvious. If you’ve seen any of Ms. Slave-Master’s radio interviews, and caught a glimpse of the consistent manner which she’s video documented to handle Tip, you know exactly what I’m talking about. But Ms. ‘First Thing’s First I’m The Realest’ Fancy-one could now be trying to hustle us all. Know why? Here comes word spreading that’s leading many to question the validity of the post. That alone, my friends, has COVER UP written ALL OVER IT. Don’t you agree?

So.. Could Aussie soon drop the ‘I’ve Been Hacked’ spiel? Time will tell. Time Reveals ALL Truths! But the truth that Aussie’s already self-revealed is her Slave-Master state of mind, has she not? Chuck D has weighed in saying pretty much just that!

Check it:


Q-Tip weighed in too.

Let’s go!


  1. Look at the fag hag with her 3 best gay boy friends.

    Chuck D is on it. These bitchazz kneegrows are surrounding these white celebs who will soon make it cool to call black folks niggers.

    It didn’t take much for this racist Australian penal colony descendant to take to the word. She had a lot of practice with the aborigines.

    These DL so-called “hard” rappers. On the stomach for some coins and the only thing hard about their hustle is how hard they are tryin’ to put us back into slavery.

  2. This human trash bag, fake body bitch is a head-to-toe fraud. She is racist and homophobic, which is unfathomable, considering her blind ass fan base is comprised primarily of people of color and gays.

    She has a longstanding history of making racially derogatory comments via Twitter, yet Black people support her and her f*ckery. I don’t support her, won’t support her, nor will I support anyone who supports to. Let her burn.

      • Who cares…?? She shouldn’t have any FANS & make no MONEY!!! She is a talent-less HACK and her corny ass song “fancy” is totally WACK!! Power 105.1 FM was not playing her stupid ass “fancy” song at first, but I guess DJ’s are still taking payola, because now that terrible ass song gets constant air play!! Her voice is annoying, her flow is trash, her delivery untimely; she just needs to go away!!! Hustle gang needs to drop this white trash no talent hack and let her dumb ass ride a Kangaroo all the way back to Aussie!! #IJS

        • It’s the #1 song on all charts. That’s why they’re playing it. Payola wasn’t needed.

          • holla back when she is consistently a number one hitter. until then please fall back talking about a hit song that have not sold millions on millions of units !!!

            • You must have not read the interview with Lord Jamar. He predicts she will be the biggest thing in hip hop because she is exactly what “they” have always wanted:a fat ass, pretty white rapper. And when someone prettier comes along, then Iggy will drop down just like she made Niki Minaj drop down.

              Of course here on HSK she is called smelly, ugly, diseased, and every other nasty adjective because we as women don’t have enough confidence in our own worth.
              Why the need to act like an uncouth fool because a random white chick has been put in the spotlight? She doesn’t even faze me a bit, because I know I what I am. We don’t need to hate others if we love ourselves.

              Or you can continue to go the CB route, scream epithets at every white or mixed woman which does nothing but make you look envious.

            • @Anonymous

              For Someone Who Doesn’t Like Me Your Surely Mentioning My Name A lot Lately Honey Boo!! Never Knew Coon/Sellout/Uncle Tom’s
              Like Talking About A Black Person!! I Must Be Lucky!!

              What A Pity I Do’t Date Coons

            • Speak of the devil! You called it a couple of weeks ago CB when you said something about your detractors being smart, but yet dumb too.

              That got me to thinking(I can’t speak for the others.) I started putting 2+2 together, along with some of the stranger occurrences here with screen name jacking, and I finally figured it out. I may be slow, but I am not without my wits and resources.

              I have no intention of revealing my findings. If your unique form of drama as performed on the HSK site is entertaining the loyal readers, who am I to interfere?
              Have a safe weekend CB.

            • @Anonymous

              “I have no intention of revealing my findings. If your unique form of drama as performed on the HSK site is entertaining the loyal readers,
              who am I to interfere?”

              Damn!!! Your Crazy Haven’t Got No Time For Shyt You Win!!!!!!! I Won’t Be On Here Get A Loony Tailing Me

        • Thank you, Candi. That Anon is Iggy or someone in her wack ass camp. Bitch has no Black fan base, yet she performed at the BET Awards. GTFOHWTBS. The gays love her Home Depot having ass. I don’t know what teen girls do because I don’t have kids, but I know my fair share of people who support her and they’re all Black.

  3. In about two years not one person will remember this phony smelly dirtbag! There is no need to get worked up over a piece of a shit with bad makeup! Peace!

  4. I’m really not feeling this bitch or the Justin bieber bitch either.They’re mocking our culture right in front of our faces and they’re getting paid for it.This generation is so f*cking stupid and confused that they can’t even tell when they’re being disrespected.smh

      • No but they need to wake they little ass up. They are falling for to much and so much.

        • I understand but perhaps we should be asking ourselves in some cases as parents why???…. kids (mostly) don’t raise themselves..

          • Ok and that is why to teach children at an early age in there life to know so they don’t have to walk in life with a blindfold on. If we don’t teach them know one else will about it.

            • I only play the oldies (r&b) and rock and roll around my 3 yr old. I haven’t listened to mainstream radio since 2009. Ain’t nothing good on the radio these days.

              When I’m alone, now, i play my Ho Programming .. old Jeezy, old Jay and old Trick Daddy!

              My child will not be programmed the way I let myself be programmed by rap and hip hop!!

            • @Willie I have respect for what you said. Parents allow toddlers to listen to this bullshit on the radio and they wonder why the kids are cussing and are colorist and hate BW. Hiphop!!

      • how can the kids be the blame? its the parents that’s not teaching yet giving them money to spend buying this garbage !!!

    • This has nothing to do with Iggy, but it does have to do with the kids today and how messed up they are and uninformed as to our role in music history.

      I was on a different message board/blog discussing popular music, and this kid who was probably in her early 20’s was bitching about “this old lady Patti La Belle” who she accused of butchering Christina Aguilera’s classic song Lady Marmalade. She said, “I hate when old people try to be young and copy other people’s shit.”

      That’s why they think Iggy is original and cool. They don’t have a clue about music.

  5. Tip is a snitch who is trying to sell out black culture. He disrespected the black chick azelia ebanks but loves this devil

    • he is sell out cause he have no choice cause of those guns. trust its TPTB that’s doing this. Black people,lets be smart and not buy into this.

    • She could care less about her heritage.. its much easier to rip off someone else’s.

  6. I wonder how long will she last for I think fancy will be her only hit I wish her and Justin would go away I don’t get why a lot of black people are taking up for this two what do they have over them.

    • the only people defending her are the people trying to make money off her and that’s the bigwigs of the industry and trust its not anyone black.

  7. Iggy Needs To Phuck Off Back To Her Racist Country. Bytch Needs To Him In A Kangaroo Pouch!!
    Can’t Stand The Bycth She Thinks She’s Special (Like Most White Do When Can Sing/Rap Like Black) But She’s Not. Bet That’s Not Her Real Voice When She’s Rapping

    • Why u care cb. She’s not in England. Stop caring like you give a toss about America when you don’t know shit about it.

        • Just so you know Inglewood, ca is really close to the WestSide/rich side, far from” south central” south la. Inglewood is VERY close to Venice Beach, Beverly Hills. Many ppl don’t know this. If you want that “hood” experience I live Vermont Ave and Imperial Hwy, we can meet at the shambles of Mom’s BBQ.

          • Inglewood is not “really close” to the Westside. It is really close to South L.A., literally adjacent depending upon which part of Inglewood you live in. Inglewood has good and bad parts as most cities in L.A. County have. Stop the shenanigans.

          • South Central and South L.A. aren’t the same. That’s some white people generalizing shit. South Central is the ghetto. South L.A. has nice homes that residents own outright. People have lived in the area for 30, 40, 50 years. They raised their kids and, in some cases, their grandkids. I despise when people paint false portraits of predominately Black neighborhoods. I’ve spoken to 77th Div. officers in South L.A. who don’t patrol the neighborhoods because the areas are low crime areas. Again, stop the shenanigans.

      • @Anonymous

        What’s Up Honey. Damn You Mentioning My Name Again!! Damn You Must Love My Name!!!
        There’s Nothing Like A Bytch Screaming Your Name Out Once In A While To Make You Feel Wanted

  8. How would they like if a black woman to a picture with some white guys and she put me and my crackers how would they take that.

  9. after a generation of abuse by rap culture,

    (some people like chuck have been warning of the consequences of it’s use for years.)

    are you guys really surprised that it’s also been adopted as a ‘term of endearment ‘ by white people in rap culture???

    is it only now we are beginning to understand the consequence of it’s use and it’s perception of african-americans by people exposed to rap culture in other countries?

  10. This is the sell out’s karma. Every black male rapper who ever dissed a bw this one is for you. And guess what the next generation of white boy rappers are going to be dogging black men. #whatgoesaround

  11. Black men in hip hop are mind controlled butt boys for these labels (not all but most). They own and control nothing but are willing to degrade themselves and women in exchange for a caddie and some jewelry. They have sucked dick and bent over for the Jewish slave owners to fulfill the void in their ego to make them feel like they’re boss. These men are enemies to the community. Turn off commercial hip hop and support underground and independent artists. These buffoons like T.I. are sick men who cares less about black women in children.

  12. Pimp Whitey/Sellout The Culture

    This insanity that we see is from the dope game…Check Itt! Whenever a white junkie would roll up in the trap, it was the Kentucky Derby. Meaning, white money is the right money. Gangsta Rap was marketed to white teens in the burbs because they could afford to buy $18 or $20 CDs from Best Buy. Donald Goines would be proud, his mindset is still relevant. Stupid negros assume Iggy is being pimped…Wrong! She has the power over these men, white p***y is a global commodity still. The most hypersexualized women on the planet wed to hip-hip and faux black militancy…Too Tempting For Some Blackmen!!!

      • @Anonymous

        You Still Stalking Me? Are you a brotha or a sista…I’m Confused? You claim to be a black female, but, i don’t buy it. Well, at least you have some sense in your body. Don’t go soft on me now “Sista.”

        • Tyrone, I’ll never go soft on you. Your brain is a righteous tool for good. I have said my peace as to your nom de plume enough at this point. If you have chosen to expound as a male, so be it. I think I get where you are coming from, re: being the man all BW wish was really there for us, so I will no longer flog that near dead horse. I agree that I am not your average “sista”, but you already know that. Keep on repping the cause Ty. You are kind of the anti-Tommy Sotomayor. lol

  13. This bitch had a lot of practice by callin’ the aborignes the N word.

    All the DL gay rappers who are I that picture are the one who destroyed rap. The most hardcore are nuthin but DL little queens.

    They are the ones who sold out and rap has been reduced to an ugly white Aussie screamin’ the N word at the top of her lungs.

  14. this white trash got nearly all hip hop of new fooled, the og of hip hop know the truth, Chuck D hit it on the head.WAKEUP FOLKS

  15. Yea she’s racist…her song “fancy” if u play it backwards she saying “u niggas” “slaves” u my slave” all types of sh^t & even when u watch the video she has black ppl in it so played backwards & watching the video backwards its even more racist b/c u understand what she is doing…

  16. How bout we ALL quit talkn bout it n b about it. Dont support radio stations that play this bullshit, dont buy ANY sellout artist music idc who it is n order to get any real outcome u gotta stand up for what u believe n. Every artist that support justin iggy whoever we ass blacks dont support them, we wont buy they shit n call radio stations n boycott the music bn played on black radio guarantee if we do that we’ll get more than this stupid no meaning souless music jus sayin.

    • Boycott. Make ppl lose jobs over this. Radios will take notice.
      I been boycotting radio for yrs …

      Ugh this Iggy got a Samsung cell phone commercial… its on right now.
      I’m going to throw my phone away!!!







    • Iman and Bowie, Mr. Star Wars and Wife, one of the South Park Dudes and White, the creator of the Norton Anti-Virus, Janet Jackson and husband …there are quite a few white men who marry bw including Bob Dylan but unlike BM who floss like the gigantic attention whores they are, some folks keep their swirl on the downlow.

    • Robert Dinero wife is black, Mr. Bigg from Sex & the City, wife is black. the white man who died from Cancer, who talked about movies was married to black woman. there is quite a few, white men married to black women in Hollywood and u know there is a slew of black men married to white women.

      • Robert DeNiro, Wolfgang Puck, the late film critic Robert Ebert, Dirk Nowtitzki,Justin Chambers, . And I don’t know their husbands names but Tamera Housley, Heather Headley, that black Broadway singer that stars in Pippen, Alfre Woodard Thandie Newton. Of course you can add Eve to the list now too…but um…why r we listing this again????

        • Cause that fool crazychris is spreading that tired lie that lame BM tell -white men don’t want bw, LOL. WM don’t have to floss their swirl like BM do – they have the power, remember that. Only BM and AW floss the swirl so shamelessly in attention whoring fashion and they are the 2 that swirl the most.

          • You are spot on THEE1. I have friends who are quietly with no fanfare married to WM who they met professionally, and, sad to say, they are in the most stable and successful marriages of anyone I know. I have been predicting, with a lot of criticism here, that in the next ten years we are going to see a huge upswing in BW-WM marriages. BW may well catch up to BM in that arena. And for those of y’all who say WM only want BW for sex, then why are they coming with a diamond engagement ring, a house and a future with children and family?
            BM only give a shit about BW when they think we might be looking elsewhere.

            • I think you are on to something.

              However, I just want my sistahs to date outside the race with their EYES OPEN. All men got some shit with them.

              But the girls gotta do what they gotta do and if the BM is erasing us from their future, then we gotta go and make our future somewhere else. That girl that won the Tony from the Broadway show Pippin got married last month to a white man, and she is quite a black and beautiful woman.

            • Yes, Patina Miller. And what is even more confounding is that WM seem to LOVE the dark skinned sistas which is completely the reverse of BM as a whole. Yes I realize that there are BM who are not color struck but still… I guess it’s because the WM have nothing to prove to anyone, so they don’t feel that light is better than dark.




  19. if we didn’t have Chuck D speaking up, we wouldn’t have nobody. Iggy is dating a black nba player and she treats him like crap, too. she was literally pushing him off of her on the red carpet at some event. once she gets popular enough, she will drop TI & her bf and all of these lil black girls running around singing fancy.

    idk what is up with the young black kids today, they don’t mind hearing white people say the n word, I was watching a show on ESPN and they didn’t feel the same pain or hurt that I or older generations felt. they say it is a generational thing.

    • Right, don’t believe us.. just look at Pink, J-lo, what’s the chick that was with the Black Eye Peas?? Yeah… once white people loved them, they NEVER looked back!

      • @K, you, too remember when they were trying to pass off Pink as a light skin BW and she was with Babyface or was that LA Reid and she was all hiphop mean mugging with Black boyfriends in her videos? How time has changed the only thing black in her life is her shoes.

      • I forgot about Fergie & Pink. Pink left black people after collaborating w/Lil Kim, Missy & Mya on Patti Labelle old hit song.

  20. Watch what she does, she is gonna be bigger than Rhianna (all based on the white people crossover, look at Eminem they love when thier own steal our originality and make it theirs) then she won’t be in no pics with N*gga’s once she is hit it BIG, betcha that!

  21. Karl Lagerfeld Is A Phucking Racist He Made Fun Of Seal (The Singer’s) Face!!!!

    • LOL…….It seems that anyone that clowns black people is racist.

      Black men spend more energy disrespecting our black women then ANY white person ever could.

      Focus your ‘outrage’ on that.

  22. She’s stolen NOTHING……. Hip hop is no longer exclusively a black domain.

    The instagram causing the controversy may be a FAKE….

    Some blacks are upset because they are no longer in control of what they consider is their OWN artform just ask Dame.

    We better get used to it.

    • The good ol days of hip hop are over.

      its all whites and robot /computerized music (autotune).
      I must be getting old cause it actually hurts my ears to hear that stuff today.

          • tired of your lame fat punk azzz you need to seek medical help you crazy freak
            apparantly sexing white person will calm you down. you should seek a white d*ck asap!! before stocks last

            you limp d*ck n1gga

  23. @Anonymous

    wants to suck iggy azalea fake white leathery ass. too bad she doesn’t f*ck with broke niggaz cuz you would be a shoe in

  24. I wish that fugly wack bitch would hop on the next kangaroo back to Australia! I can’t with her fake ass & fake accent! Smh…

  25. People need to check facts about Iggie. Whether you like her or not, whether she should never have said that slave master shit in her song, whatever, trashing her because she is Australian and therefore supposedly a racist because she is white is just hating as well as being lazy.

    This website’s not the only one. Lipstick alley has black people galore trashing Iggy as racist because she is a white Australian. Cut the laziness, get into the real world and not the net.

    Learn about Australian and Aboriginal people. Since the 70s many changes have been introduced in the way Aboriginal people have been treated to right the wrongs of the past. Aboriginal communities own large tracts of Australian land,land rights were introduced in the 70s, there are many special programs and special monies for Aboriginal people in addition to the big monies coming from mining royalties.

    Biggest fact that haters need to know is Iggy Azelea might even be Aboriginal herself. In Australia Aboriginal people are black to white skinned and it’s what they asked for – for Aboriginality to be based on how they identify with their ancestry and culture.

    There are Aboriginal people who are whiter than Iggy but they have some black Aboriginal ancestry. They are accepted as Aboriginal by their Aboriginal communities. Aboriginality in Australia is not defined by color.

    Before ignorant people say their shit about Iggy they also need to know that her generation are typically Australians who were educated about the white racist history of Australia in school, and came to age in an Australia where land rights are an accepted fact and a lot of monies given by govts at all level to recognise Aboriginal communities as well as more educational and job opportunities. Iggy’s generation are among the least racist white Australians.

    Iggy is not racist about Aboriginal people or other people in Australia not from her ethnic background. Yes, ethnicity includes Irish etc. Say what you like about her slave master lyrics but trash talking about what you never knew in the first place re her homeland is just ignorant.

    Stick to what you know about her in the USA.

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