Justin Bieber Collects Another Pass From Common!


“He obviously gravitated towards black culture. So, he has to have a certain amount of respect for it.” -Common

Common is the lasted rapper to excuse Justin Bieber and his despicable racist rhymes and remarks towards Black people. But this could be the weakest pass Bieber’s collected to date. That’s because Common appears to be pulling a pitiful attempt at playing both sides of the fence — with the Culture on one side and the Industry on the other.

Buss this… Common is actually claiming he hasn’t seen the footage of Bieber bangin’ on Black people.. ever! Really? Common says he’s basing his Bieber pass soley on “the feedback” he got from the tapes.

Here’s the spiel that Common’s spilling:

“Instead of lashing out on J. Biebs, Common gave the pop icon a pass for not knowing any better during his teenage years. I know how much Justin Bieber is–like he respects black culture. He surrounds himself with black people. So, I don’t think it was something that–To be honest I never even seen the tapes, but I got the feedback of it.

But I don’t think it’s something that he was saying wholeheartedly to demean a black person. From what I–I didn’t see the tape, but from what I pick up I don’t think he–And if he did, he was in a place where he just didn’t know. Like he must have been raised in a place where he just didn’t know. Cause he obviously gravitated towards black culture. So, he has to have a certain amount of respect for it. For you to be a part of it and want to be a part of it.”


  1. Can someone explain to me why Black people are so concerned with Justin Bieber and not be more concerned with Black people slaughtering each other. You all got bills to pay, relatives have died, live in fear but you worried about Justin Bieber. You think he’s worried about you while living in his condo, jet-setting around the world? No

  2. Ok now come on what the hell is going on you people did not show this much for travon Martin but you are showing out for this little shit what the hell for what’s up for real.

    • THANK YOU! Travon who was influence by the crap they put out! J.B is Canadian white trash and they hate trash. Canada has black people but I guess he doesn’t like their culture.

  3. Yo Jacky that CB4 pic is f*cking hilarious that was the first thing I noticed LMAO!!Justin bieber is the white trash Gusto.

  4. Justin must be breaking off some large checks for these blacks to be endorsing his ignorant az.

      • Yuk. And why for?
        What kind of sexual pleasure could Beebs actually provide.
        Ugh. Too much. Too early for this mess!!

  5. But what’s the surprise all of these negros that are cosigning him are boule so……

  6. White People Are…….Need Help!! Just Because They Got A Black/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Husband/Wife. They Think They Can Say The N Word

    These 21st Century Coon Can Go To Hell!!!! Hollywood Makes Black People Coon And Buffoon For Washed Up Crackly White Skin

    As For Justine Bieber Enjoy Your 15 Mins Of Fame. When You To A Black Neighborhood (Because You Think Your Special Cuz You Black Friends) A Real N1gga Who Doesn’t Coon
    Will Whoop Your Old Crackly White Skin!!!

    As For Common He’s A Coon He Also Dated That Pink Skinned Bytch Chelesa Handler!!!

  7. He still got 15 min of fame, I hope not the way he is going I think he is in his last seconds of fame. Let’s all start the count down like it’s new years eve.

  8. sheesh….

    the same rappers who have abused blacks with similar misogyny to achieve commercial success are now expected to come out and attack a white person for doing the same???

    Rap culture brought into the coonery and got rich off it….. we are now reaping was we sowed….

  9. I wish this would die its, 5 years old. I think the only solution for Beibz is therapy with Iylana and antiracist Tim Wise. Lonnie Lynn Jr has a new record to sell and hopefully Chiraq’s Dreezy will be featured and get her much deserved shine. The people speak for or against this the worst it gets with no resolution.

  10. This issue is about non-black people co-opting black culture for themselves under the guise of diversity…Colorblind Racism! He does not respect black people, he associates with the least of us. Another Point, we’re living in the age of obama, meaning, everybody can be black…Post-Racial! I don’t respect ass-kissers, other men should never obsess over another man’s culture excessively, Why? Bieber will be Me, Us, We…The Brothahood! He needs to understand this reality going forward. Common is still f**king with Kanye, so, he’s gonna behave more or less…The Suits Got Them Locked Down!!!

  11. it amazes me how many black fools suport this mnin paula dean and bet aka ebt supports this fool,is usher, common, young money eating his ass and licking it too and rick ross suck him up for all this damn support, black artists are not supporting one another yet there is unity when it comes to this cock racist lil rat

  12. how many whites defended trayvon martin.

    did white America defend oj.


  13. Black People Wake Up!!! Hollywood Was Always White. Black Actor/Actress Would Get Roles As Slave/Butler/Maid/Etc

    Black People Would Get Stereotypical Roles. Like Playing A Slow Person Who Dance’s When Life Get Rough!!
    Them Type Of Roles

  14. Black celebrities must always defend and uphold white supremacy! I have said this several times on this website! If you’re a black celebrity, and you want to keep getting paid six, seven or eight figures, you must defend white people on command! Common, Lil Wayne, Stacey Dash and others must always defend white people whenever they say something that is offensive toward black people. They will get a call from their handlers or agents ordering to do so. Common will now get another role on a tv show. He may even sign a new record deal. Stacey Dash defended Paula Deen, now she has a job on the Fox News Channel. See how it works. Black hollywood are the real sell outs; all of them! FUCK THE BOULES! FUCK THE PRINCE HALL MASONS!

  15. “See how it works. Black hollywood are the real sell outs; all of them!”


    life may be priceless, but race loyalty sure ain’t; when your BLACK.

  16. Honestly, Common should be looking for someone black to cosign him, with his wack ass stories about selling fake mjordan autographs during his youth.

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