Blac Chyna Denies Creepin’ On Tyga With Fat Trel


It didn’t take Blac Chyna long to respond to word of her smashin’ Fat Trel behind Tyga’s back. The porn personality is denying anything of the sort ever went down. That’s despite Fat Trel’s baby momma is believed to be the the source of the wretched information.

“She made multiple allegations against Fat Trel’s character, noting at one point that he slept with Blac Chyna in his home while the baby slept.”

Peep Blac Chyna’s tweets:

tyga-girl-creepin black-chyna-fat-trel-creepin


  1. U gotta treat a hoe like a hoe!!!
    U dont wife or impregnate or catch feelings for a porn star/hoe

  2. I pray that Erykah Badu was tweeting on a different subject. I guess from an old ho to a young one on some Woman 2 Woman ish

  3. I belive his baby momma trell already gotta pay niggas when he come to the hood he gonna have to pay double now,I hope he don’t get nobody put in a coffin the hood is already a ghost town and the old heads are connecting the dots, he neva sets foot on e st anyway him and rick ross are just alike as phony as they come..

  4. Black Chyna is a sex slave – nicki minaj mk-ultra sex slave clone..but then again so is Tyga…he Young money sex slave himself & just another doulja to Birdman. Why are they popular I have no clue, I guess since Chyna fukkin KimK they givin her ass a little shine…are u surprised she fukin this fat n^gga?? nooo b/c her man is a sex kitten anyway…dees hoes aint loyal nooo…lol & wasn’t Tyga in that song?? HAHAHA

  5. blac chyna is sexing for 2 kris jenner and tyga soon his music career is gonna be like dog food

    tyga needs to buy chyna a chasity belt when he goes on tour. she won’t cheat on him with this friends

  6. how you expect loyalty and honesty froma girl who does pthese dudes kill me when they meet girls from these strip clubs and expect them to be faithful impregnating these porn stars these idiots deserve to be played

  7. Pretty Much Kris Jenner’s Her Manager
    Kim’s Blac Chyna’s Best Friend For Some Reason!!

  8. Excuse my French (No Montana), but who the hell are these people and why do they have followers?

  9. I used to buy my yea on E back in the day. That joint been a ghost town for years. I’m suprised someone lived there to get killed.

  10. I thought all the black Washingtonians were pushed to PG? with the few remaining located in pockets of Anacostia, northeast and bits of NW until the half a million dollar condos drive them away…

  11. E is in ne and white people do live on e but they in there house before dark they been pushing black people out of dc since 95 that is nothing new why you think pg be having more murders now, plus pg borders se. ne has turned into the old se or like over by the shrimp boat. Ne use to be the harlem of dc now its not even worth the time of day. In the daytime e is a tourist attraction at night thou u might see five dudes one night five hundred the next.

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